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Why Should I Vote For Donald Trump

I Dont Want The Clinton Legacy Continued In The White House

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on why he’s voting for Donald Trump

Trump is a self-made man. Regardless of getting a hefty loan from his father, he used that money to make a name and legacy for himself. I hope that Trumps experience as a businessman will enable our country to operate more effectively when it comes to managing our money.

I want to change America to serve the people instead of a political system that wants to serve itself. My life wont change much, except I will have more hope that my government is trying to make our country strong instead of pandering to its own liberal interests. My main hope is that he will help balance our budget, and secondly that he will help our economy to remain strong.

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I dont want the Clinton legacy continued in the White House. We impeached one Clinton, and there is too much scandal that revolves around the other. Why would I want that legacy in my government?

He may say controversial things, but at least he tells you what he thinks. I certainly disagree with anyone that has behaved in a racist or sexist way. However, I feel like I know where I stand with Trump. He says what he thinks, right or wrong, and I know what Im dealing with.

Rachael, 34, Indiana, small business owner

Trump Declares Victory On Election Night

With Trump ahead but giving up ground in a number of states he would ultimately lose, he made his long-awaited play. At around 3 a.m. on November 4, he concluded his remarks to his supporters by saying:

This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election. We did win this election. So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation. This is a very big moment. This is a major fraud in our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So well be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We dont want them to find any ballots at four oclock in the morning and add them to the list. Okay? Its a very sad moment. To me, this is a very sad moment, and we will win this. And as far as Im concerned, we already have won it.

It seems plausible that Trump delayed his premature victory claim by a few hours because it initially appeared that he might win legitimately. An insider account of Trumps Election Night activities published in the Washington Post aired the theory that his declaration might have been spurred by a spontaneous suggestion from an inebriated Rudy Giuliani. But the many times Trump himself predicted he would do exactly this would indicate otherwise.

Reason #: He Will Not Help The Unemployed

Trump has also done everything he could to oppose and deny extension of unemployment benefits to the people who need them. Republicans have even opposed extending unemployment benefits to the 99ers, those who have been without work for 99 weeks or longer.

How can the Republicans be so uncaring about those that need help the most? If you want to see the unemployed of this country get help, dont vote for the Republican Party, especially Donald Trump.

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I Want Conservative Laws

I cried when I left the polling location because I dont like Trump at all. I was deeply saddened to vote for him. His personality, his mannerisms and his inexperience repulse me. I wish there had been another conservative choice without simply throwing away my vote. I know if I travel outside of the US I will be deeply disliked because of him.

However, he is only a four-year investment and I am trusting in the checks and balances of our country to prevent him and his poor-judgment from damaging the country too much. Hopefully Trump will not affect my daily life.

I personally do not have a gun but I strongly support the right to bear arms recognising it as a right that ensures protection from government tyranny. I am also against abortions.

Trump has the opportunity to elect a supreme court member, maybe even two or three members considering the current health and age of some justices. Justices serve for a lifetime and I do not want the justices to be liberal. I want conservative laws therefore conservative justices.

I can deal with a somewhat low four years, but I couldnt deal with a supreme court that swings liberal and I couldnt deal with losing gun rights. I hope the years fly by and that he will do as little damage as possible. I am deeply saddened by these options and I am not proud of our president in the least.

Andrea, Florida

Reason #: Trump Hates The Affordable Care Act And Has No Plan To Replace It

Why you should vote for Donald trump

The Republicans are still hoping to show that Obama failed as president. Republicans have done everything they can to repeal Obamas healthcare plan. Still, far too many people in this country have no health insurance coverage. Healthcare that is affordable is a huge priority for the millions of people that dont have it.

If you want to have a chance of getting healthcare in the future, do not vote for the Republican Party. There has been a heated debate about healthcare reform since the Bill Clinton years. The passage of the healthcare legislation known as the Affordable Care Act was a huge step in the right direction. Healthcare is a basic human right and there is no reason why the US should not have healthcare that is affordable and can help in times where people really need it .

Trump is critical of just about everything that Obama tried to do, including the Affordable Care Act, but he has no plan for what to replace it with.

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The Professor Who Was Already Ready For The Virtual Transition

This was the professor who, two or three weeks before your university shut down, casually let you know that they “would be prepared if we ever have to take this class completely online.” With more foresight than most world governments, they were probably developing contingency plans as soon as COVID-19 made its first confirmed appearance in Washington state. Their transition to online instruction may not have been without its challenges, but their comparatively calm response to the news that there would be no in-person classes was something of a bright spot in the initial chaos of the transition – that, or you were one of the students who was hoping the pandemic would guarantee you an automatic ‘A’.

Trump Keeps The Big Lie Alive

Theres been a lot of media derision about Trumps postpresidential efforts to wave the bloody shirt of the stolen election. Its easy to assume the 45th president is just trying to stay in the news or stay relevant or give vent to his natural mood of narcissistic grievance and vengeance. However, the damage he is doing to the credibility of democratic institutions among Republican rank-and-file voters and conservative activists is not fading but is being compounded daily.

Its entirely plausible that Trump or some authorized successor will build on the lies he deployed so regularly during the 2020 election cycle and plan a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose response to whatever happens on November 5, 2024, as I argued in April 2021:

If you begin not with the assumption that Trumps entire effort to steal the election was absurd but regard it as an audacious plan that wasnt executed with the necessary precision, then reverse engineering it to fix the broken parts makes sense

And the really heady thing for Trump is knowing how easy it was to convince the GOP rank-and-file base that his lies were the gospel truth.

Put together shrewd vote suppressors, audacious state legislators, emboldened conservative media, a better slate of lawyers, a new generation of compliant judges, and quite possibly a Republican-controlled Congress, and the insurrection plot could finally succeed.

This post has been updated.

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Trump Is An Egomaniac

I think Trump is a ego-maniac. And on his resume he would like to add the moniker of the man who gave America a shove back toward being number one again. It has nothing to do with liking his personality, his way of doing things or NOT DOING them. Because he is crazy impulsive he has no qualms to step on toes when he is on a roll, and correctness enters in his objective. So in my opinion, Trump is the only person in the playing field who could chop off heads, feet, or other current government extremities, which get in the way of what most Americans see as a path to make America over for Americans and strong again! An egotist who will not take no as an answer Trumps objective is to prove what he has said publicly is true.

Continue Trumps Great Relationship With Blacks

Gravitas: Here’s why Donald Trump could win the 2024 Presidential Race

As Trump has stated clearly, he has great relationships with blacks. In order to support the black community, Trump will make sure all White House janitors, gardeners, housekeeping, and any other service-oriented position in the White House hires blacks to fill at least 50% of these service positions.

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The Insurrection Was A Complex Yearslong Plot Not A One

In the year and a half since the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021, the House select committee investigation and various media reports on what Donald Trump and his allies were doing during the attack have cast new light on an important threat to American democracy. But the intense focus on a few wild days in Washington can be misleading as well. Trumps campaign to steal the 2020 presidential election began shortly after the 2016 election, and arguably the moment of peak peril for Joe Bidens inauguration had already passed by the time Trump addressed the Stop the Steal rally on January 6.

A full timeline of the attempted insurrection is helpful in putting Trumps frantic, last-minute schemes into the proper context and countering the false impression that January 6 was an improvised, impossible-to-replicate event, rather than one part of an ongoing campaign. If Congress fails to seize its brief opportunity to reform our system for finalizing presidential election results, the danger could recur in future elections perhaps with a different, catastrophic outcome.

Reason No : Make Catholicism Great Again

A major factor in Ronald Reagans victory over the incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980 was a widespread sense that the United States had entered a period of malaise, what President Carter himself called a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation.

That a brutal economic recession accompanied by inflation and high unemployment followed soon after Reagan took office did not affect his optics, and he won the presidency again in 1984 in a landslide after declaring Its morning again in America. More important than his policies, it seemed, was his optimism and his take-charge persona. It is a persona we have seen in spades over the past four years with Mr. Trump, for better or for worse, and it may appeal to a restless, dissatisfied population in the pews and at the polls.

More than a few want to Make Catholicism Great Again, and they are largely not fans of Joe Biden.

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Trump Pressures Georgia Officials To Find 11000 Votes

Trump continued his attempt to find state politicians willing to help him reverse the election results even after passing every deadline established by Congress over more than a century to cut off presidential-election disputes.

On , he called Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who had backed the certification of Bidens win, to ask him to convene the state legislature to overturn the results and appoint pro-Trump electors . On December 23, Trump Bonnie Watson, a lowly election investigator for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, urging her to find fault with mail ballots since I won by hundreds of thousands of votes. It wasnt close.

On January 2, 2021, he concluded this particular line of election tampering by appealing directly to Raffensperger to find him some more votes. So look. All I want to do is this, the president said in a recorded conversation. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.

A Georgia prosecutor has convened a grand jury to consider criminal charges against the former president in connection with this incident.

The Professor Who Is Just As Angry As You Are

A former Democrat explains why centrists, moderates, and sane liberals ...

This is the professor equivalent of the student who goes on Reddit and rages over the fact that their instructors wouldn’t just give them an “A” for the rest of the semester. They weren’t prepared to make the virtual transition and are furious that they’re being forced to convert to an entirely new platform for learning on such short notice. Some of them may make this very clear during your virtual class sessions others may just quietly simmer or direct their misgivings towards their higher-ups. This can definitely be uncomfortable for you as a student – especially if they go so far as to imply that such measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have been gross overreactions – but you can at least appreciate where they’re coming from. You definitely would prefer to be taking classes in person, too, and working online can be genuinely frustrating. You may even be afraid that this sort of virtual instruction could become the new normal, but at least you know this professor won’t take that sort of change sitting down!

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Why I Will Vote For Trump

As the election impends, I feel an irresistible need to explain why I am going to vote for President Donald Trump. It is considered suicidal for an academic today to be upfront about this. Indeed, it is said that 95 percent of all U.S. academics hold Trump in contemptand most of the remaining 5 percent, who may agree with me, would never dare to admit it in public.

So why do it? As a former refugee from totalitarian, communist Romania, I feel a moral obligation to speak out and prove that academics don’t need to think and act in lockstep.

Like many of my colleagues, I find much of what Trump says and tweets on impulse distasteful, though his prepared speeches can be inspiring. I didn’t vote for him in 2016. Though a registered independent, I find myself almost always opposed to the Democratic candidate. I am opposed to many of the things Democrats push for: big-government programs, heavy regulations, higher taxes, weak foreign policy with an over-reliance on ineffective and often corrupt international institutions and, worst of all, raw identity politics.

Trump may be a highly flawed human being, but unlike many other politicians, he is at least readily transparent. Trump’s awfulness is “in your face,” while the awfulness of a typical politician is hidden behind a carefully crafted façade and a veil of “credible deniability.”

Sergiu Klainerman is professor of mathematics at Princeton University.

Trump Claims Millions Voted Illegally In 2016

Epitomizing the rare phenomenon of the sore winner, Trump insisted in late November 2016 that he would have won the popular vote as well as the Electoral College if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. He repeated the lie for years and even claimed falsely in a June 2019 interview with Meet the Press that California admitted it had counted a million illegal votes.

This wasnt just a tossed-off random Trumpian fabrication. His insistence that Democrats had deployed ineligible voters led to his appointment of a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in May 2017. The commission was ostensibly led by Vice-President Mike Pence but was more closely identified with its co-chairman Kris Kobach, the immigrant-bashing, vote-suppressing secretary of State of Kansas. As David Daley explains, it was a wide-ranging fishing expedition that caught exactly zero fish:

Kobachs plan was easy to discern: The commission was to be the front through which a cabal of shadowy Republican activists and oft-debunked academics, backed by misleading studies, laundered their phony voting-fraud theories into a justification for real-world suppression tactics such as national voter ID and massive coast-to-coast electoral-roll purges.

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The Professor Who Gives Their Students A Lot Of Leeway

This professor fully recognizes that the current global and academic situation may prevent their students from getting work done – on time or at all – and tries to make as many adjustments as possible to accommodate them. Towards the middle of this spectrum lie the instructors that are simply providing more extra credit and flexible deadlines than they might have if you were still at school, but at the far end, you have the professors who have declared you can keep whatever grade you had before spring break . Perhaps they’ve extended deadlines to the point where you’re no longer sure when anything is due or made so many alterations to final projects that you can’t be completely certain if you’re doing the “easier” version correctly. All the same, you have to appreciate their willingness to make so many adjustments on your behalf and their empathy for what you might be going through – we need that kind of understanding in these trying times, even if it may sometimes produce mixed results.

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