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Did Ivanka Trump Ever Pose Nude

With Every Chance I Get

Melania Trumps Historic GOP Convention Debut

When the host of the Dr Oz Show remarked that “Its nice to see a dad kiss his daughter”, Trump reportedly responded:

with every chance I get.

The moment never made it to air but multiple witnesses claim they heard it.

ON KISSING: Ivanka kissed Dr. Oz & her dad. Oz commented on kiss. Trump said he kisses her “as often as I can,” audience tells @FayCortez. Jennifer Jacobs 1473873204

Ivanka Trump: See Her Life In Pictures

Ivanka Trumps Life in Pictures

Long before she took a job in the White House, Ivanka Trump became used to the spotlight.

When she was in elementary school, paparazzi followed her in an effort to get a comment on her parents very public divorce. She co-hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant as a teenager, appeared with her father on The Apprentice as an adult and even made a cameo on the teen drama Gossip Girl with her husband Jared Kushner.

In a way, Trump was able to use her spot in the public eye her advantage: growing her career, first as a model then as a female executive in the family business and an entrepreneur for her own fashion line.

Before her father announced his run for President, Trump was never really the object of the criticism and derision she is experiencing now her professional roles required no clarifying explanations. And, she remained largely removed from the political scene.

After my father declared his candidacy, it became that all the things that I was doing that I was praised for, the same people, the critics, viewed them through this different lens. Somehow, all the same things they applauded me for as a millennial, as a female entrepreneur, were now viewed very cynically as opportunistic, she told the New York Times.

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Racy Pics Show Donald Trumps Wife Melania Posing Fully Naked In Steamy Photoshoot For Max Magazine

Snaps were taken when the Slovenian model and wannabe First Lady was 25 years old

  • Danny Collins
  • 14:00 ET, Jan 20 2020

STEAMY pictures of the new First Lady Melania Trump posing NAKED emerged in the run up to the US .

The wife of President Donald Trump stripped off for the revealing snaps in Max Magazine back in 1995.

To view the saucy photoshoot in full, click here.

But racy evidence of the shoot only emerged in August 2016 – and her husband couldn’t be prouder.

Mr Trump said: “Melania was one of the most successful models and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines.

“This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.

Slovenian-born Melania posed for the pictures in 1995 when she was an international model.

The raunchy set – published by the New York Post – saw her go completely starkers for French photographer Ale de Basseville.

One saucy snap captures her locked in an embrace with another naked female model.

Now 46, she married entrepreneur Trump in 2005 – becoming his third wife.

De Basseville praised his subject, saying: “I think it is important to show the beauty and the freedom of the woman, and I am very proud of these pictures because they celebrate Melanias beauty.”

She also posed in the buff for British mag GQ when she was still known as Melania Knauss.

Intelligent Melania can speak five languages including French, Serbian and German.


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Which Of These Girls Are Yours And Which Ones Are Mine

Surya Yalamanchili is a former contestant on The Apprentice. Writing for Politico in April, Yalamanchili recounted one of his experiences with Trump.

As a “reward” for doing well in the show’s competition one week, Trump took Yalamanchili’s team on a trip to the Playboy Mansion. At one point, Trump, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Yalamanchili’s group went outside, where a surprise pool party had been staged. The party featured “dozens of women â some wearing bikinis, others sporting bunny ears and bowties.”

We’ll let Yalamanchili take it from here.

“Toward the end of the evening, I found myself in a small circle, conversing with Trump, Hefner and another contestant,” he writes. “With a wry smile, Trump looked at Hefner and said, ‘Itâs hard for me to tell which of these girls are yours, and which ones are mine.’

“The women on my team were well-credentialed business executives, people Trump had supposedly hand-picked for their skills. In that moment, the only real difference to Trump between them and the scantily clad Playmates who were there for his entertainment was that some of the women were ‘his,’ and some weren’t.”

Presidential? We’ll let you decide.

Ivanka Trump Nude White House Bath Video

How nude photos and bad fact

When one thinks of trustworthy journalism a few names like CNN, The Washington Post, and of course Buzzfeed immediately come to mind. However a new media outlet threatens to surpass all others in the hallowed halls of journalistic integrity Of course I am referring to none other than this holy Islamic website, and our Pulitzer ..

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Iran Releases Ivanka Trump Sex Tape Video

Tensions between the glorious Muslim nation of Iran and the great Satan US of A are at an all-time high after Iran shot down one of Americas pussy unmanned drones. In response the US and its cowardly orange leader have not done shit, for they know that any military conflict with Iran would end extremely ..

Donald Trump’s Wife Melania Naked Shoot For Gq Magazine As Girl

The future FLOTUS’ raunchy modelling career dragged into the spotlight as husband claims presidency

Donald Trump’s glamorous other half isn’t exactly your usual potential First Lady.

This week pictures of the wife of the Republican Presidential candidate in a naked photoshoot with another woman, taken three years before she met the US businessman emerged, but that isn’t her only brush with nude shoots.

The now 48-year-old model posed completely naked again in 2001 for the cover of British GQ magazine when she was then the girlfriend of the billionaire.

Shot on Trump’s customised Boeing 727, the cover features Melania handcuffed to a briefcase while laying naked on a fur blanket, wearing just a diamond encrusted chocker and matching cuffs.

The photo slightly shows her nipple, but as we’ve seen from her previous modelling pictures, this was no problem for the Slovenian born beauty.

The full spread, showing off the wealth of the Donald saw Melania don an array of scantily-clad outfits, as she posed around the luxury private plane.

While the shoot might not have been a problem at the time, as a future First Lady the racy content has been brought back into the spotlight as her husband’s battle for the White House continues.

The New York post recently revealed a naked shoot by photographer Jarl Alé Alexandre de Basseville reportedly taken in 1996 for French publication Maz Magazine.

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Melania Trump’s Nude Photos Resurfaced Online Flotus Lambasted After Celebrating Hanukkah In White House

Melania Trump is known for her #BeBest campaign, which focuses on some of the major issues children are facing today such as bullying and opioid abuse. It also aims to teach kids the importance of physical, social and emotional health. While the FLOTUS continues her rally against bullying, Melania herself is considered as one of the worlds most high-profile victims of such a wrongful act. In fact, the wife of President Donald Trump is, frequently, criticized and attacked even on social media.

Recently, Melania shared photos of herself, alongside the POTUS and some cabinet members, on Twitter. Today we celebrated the miracle of #Hanukkah at the @WhiteHouse. Wishing everyone a blessed and happy holiday! the mom of one wrote in the caption. Though Melanias intention was to share about the event, her critics were quick to condemn her and the current administration.

Phony, Phony, Phony!!! Joe Walt on Melania Trumps tweet. All I want for Xmas is your husband to be impeached, another netizen stated. #pornstar #EinsteinVisa, John Robinson said. But we decided to keep the children locked up at the border, Carol Jean Mclaughli responded.

Some detractors even posted Melania Trumps racy photos from her modeling past. One netizen published an old snap of the FLOTUS posing naked while on the bed. A second knocker tweeted a series of raunchy pictures that featured Melania and another model.

Ivanka Trump Topless Photo Leaked

Trump’s lookalike gets photo op with Ivanka

This extremely rare Ivanka Trump topless photo above has just been leaked online. Reportedly this picture was taken many years ago by a photographer who goes by the name of Donald T, and he was able capture Ivanka topless while she was out sunning herself by his the Trump family pool. Of course this wasnt ..

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Ivanka Trump’s Wardrobe Malfunction At The Un Gets Chilly Reaction

Maybe Ivanka Trump should have been talking about climate change!

President Donald Trump‘s daughter made headlines this week while speaking at a meeting on religious freedom at the United Nations headquarters in NYC.

At the same time, hundreds of world leaders had gathered for the climate summit during the UN General Assembly.


Ivanka first stirred up controversy after she praised President Trump for becoming, “the 1st President of the United States to host a meeting at the United Nations on religious freedom.”

Many social media users, including Mia Farrow, responded by reminding Ivanka of the “Muslim Ban,” and the travel restrictions the president has put on Middle Eastern countries.

The big dust up, however, was caused by Ivanka’s outfit … and the fact that her nipples could be seen through her thin blouse.

Twitter users immediately began goofing on the First Daughter for her unfortunate situation.

“Not sure how she expects to be taken seriously when her nipples could cut glass through her shirt and her dad is…well…The Donald. Enough said,” one person wrote.

Another commented that, “Ivanka Trump looked disgusting–nipples protruding–in her blue shirt before the UN. Very very disrespectful.”

However, most people defended Ivanka and slammed those who criticized a woman for something she has no control of. Even those who dislike Ivanka for her political ideology took her side when it came to the unfortunate fashion flub.

Ivanka Trump Shares Clip Of Adorable Daughter Arabella Singing The ‘pen Pineapple’ Song And Everyone’s Loving It

Hes really a laid-back, mellow guy, but people have a level of anxiety prior to meeting him. I dont think hes much different from any other father.

Hes protective, but Im sure there are fathers who are much worse. He hasnt threatened bodily harm to any of the people Ive dated. Well, as far as I know, Ivanka said.

Now married to businessman Jared Kushner since 2009 , she was then single and very much the eligible bachelorette.

The soon-to-be First Daughter of the US also revealed to the magazine who her celebrity crushes were at the time.

I love Joaquin Phoenix. He has a very sexy thing going. I dont go for the typically handsome guy. Although I love Christian Bale I think hes sort of an Adonis.

Despite being a regular on the NYC social scene, her work ethic has been obvious and she was rarely pictured with other hard partying socialites of her time, and only a few times with a drink in her hand.

I like to have fun with my friends and go out at night, but youre not going to find me dancing on top of tables or see me trashed outside of Bungalow 8.

Ivanka swiftly hung up the modelling career after she married Kushner, and is now a mother of three children daughter five-year-old Arabella, three-year-old Joseph and eight-month-old baby Theodore.

Once married, her regular style evolved from an adventurous and daring Sex and the Citys Carrie to refined and conservative Sex and the Citys Charlotte within the space of a year.

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Revealed: ‘nude’ Tiffany Trump Pouts For The Camera In Risqu ‘confessional’ She Filmed With Mother Marla Maples Just Two Months After Her Father Announced His Presidential Bid

  • Project was filmed two months after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was announced and one year before election day at RED Digital Cinema NYC
  • 100+ women appeared in clips by Scott Nathan featuring Miles Davis soundtrack
  • Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter and aristocrat Lady Victoria Hervey took part, as well as porn legend Jenna Haze and body positivity model Tess Halliday
  • Exclusive image shared with DailyMail.com shows Tiffany was keen to attach her father’s name to the work as she sent Nathan a Make America Great Again hat
  • Tiffany wrote ‘wear in joy!’ on the gift package containing the campaign item

Ivanka Trump Nip Slip Causes Surge In Polls

Donald Trump Is Now Claiming the Capitol Riots Posed

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a few tricks up his sleeve, or rather up his daughter Ivanka Trumps top, as the leaking of her full nip slip photo above has caused his poll numbers to surge. Yes Donalds trump card in this election is clearly his daughter Ivankas tit meat. Now that the American ..

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Um Thanks For Sharing

From the Washington Post earlier this year:

When asked by Playboy magazine in 2004 about Viagra, Trump boasted: “I just have never needed it.”

He went on to say that what he really needed was an “anti-Viagra, something with the opposite effect.”

“Iâm not bragging,” he bragged. “Iâm just lucky.”

The “anti-Viagra,” LOL.

Ivanka Trump Nude Photos Scandal

Just hours after giving a rousing speech introducing her father Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President of the United States, the photos above and below of Ivanka Trump nude were released online. Of course this nude photo scandal will only end up helping the Trump campaign, as the hopelessly depraved American populace will ..

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Tiffany Poses In Playboy

The former teen sensation is hoping her 10-page Playboy pictorial will shatter her squeaky-clean image and get her back on TV and the radio.

“I did it to break down those barriers so people couldn’t say, ‘Aww, she’s still 14,’ and I also did it because I couldn’t get booked on shows and it was a chance for me to say, ‘Hey, if that phone rings, yes, it’ll be because of Playboy, but I can talk about my music,'” she told ABCNEWS Radio.

“If they’ll give me a shot, I can go out and do my thing, and I think it’ll work.”

‘It Was Because of My Name’

The April issue of the men’s magazine confirms that Tiffany has come a long way since 1987, when she sang to teenage girls in malls across the country and had a smash hit with a remake of “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

Now 30, Tiffany is a married mom. Her latest album, The Color of Silence, released in 2000, got fine reviews. But she says she couldn’t get airplay because she’s still thought of as a little kid singing silly pop songs.

“It was because of my name,” says Tiffany, whose last name, by the way, is Darwish.

So, how do you tell your 9-year-old son that you’re in Playboy?

“I tried to handle it the best that I could, which was kind of hard,” Tiffany says. “But I did pull other magazines like Vogue and Elle and frankly there’s semi-nudity in those magazines.

‘Yes, I Had Breast Implants’

Tiffany admits that it was hard even for her to get used to seeing herself naked.

ABCNEWS Radio and Buck Wolf contributed to this report.

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