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How To Contact Trump Administration

Contact The White House By Phone

Trump sends prayers to next administration in farewell address

If you wish to call the President, or the White House, use the following phone numbers:

  • For general comments, call 202-456-1111
  • To reach the switchboard, call 202-456-1414
  • For TTY/TTD, use Comments: 202-456-6213 or the Visitors Office: 202-456-2121

Lets face it, it is highly unlikely that you will get to speak with any sitting POTUS directly on the phone.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit focused on advocacy surrounding civil rights. The SPLC is especially well-known for defeating white supremacist groups in court, something particularly relevant now that Trump has appointed Steve Bannon, who is associated with white nationalism, as his chief strategist. Here’s how to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This list is just a start there are plenty of other ways to get politically involved and oppose unjust or discriminatory policies proposed by the Trump administration, whether on a local or national level. Here’s to making a difference!

Send A Letter To The White House

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your correspondence gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

  • If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to reach the White House.
  • If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.
  • If you hand-write your letter, please write as neatly as possible with an ink pen.
  • Include your return address on your letter as well as on your envelope. If you have an email address, please share it with us too.
  • And finally, please be sure to write on the outside of your mailing envelope the complete address for the White House to make sure your letter gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:

The White HouseWashington, DC 20500

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Border Detentions Spike To 21

While the number of migrants at the border had been steadily increasing since April 2020, the numbers spiked sharply after Mr Biden took office.

Migrants continue to cross the border in one of two ways. Those who “have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution” in their home country are eligible for asylum when they present themselves at a port of entry for admission into the US.

Others may evade immigration inspectors and border patrol by hiding in vehicles or travelling undetected across unprotected and often treacherous sections of the US-Mexico border.

According to the Pew Research Center, at least 40% of unauthorised migrants in the country entered legally on short-term visas and overstayed.

While Mr Biden has avoided the harsh rhetoric of Donald Trump, his predecessor, he has still repeatedly called on migrants to not attempt the journey to the US.

In August, over 208,800 people were detained crossing the border. The figure marked a reduction from July, when 212,672 people were taken into custody – a 21-year high.

Despite the August slight decline, the number of migrant encounters still represents about a 45% increase from the 144,000 recorded in May 2019 – the highest total during the Trump administration.

There’s also been a sharp increase in the number of children crossing the border. Of August’s total, 18,847 were teens and children not travelling with a legal guardian, about in line with figures from the previous month.

Assessment Of The Transition

Washington Monthly

The Trump transition has been assessed by some as having been a troubled transition, with many calling it “chaotic”. The chaotic nature of the transition has been largely attributed to Trump’s decision making, including his firing of Chris Christie and scrapping of the pre-election planning which Christie had undertaken for the transition, which meant that the transition had to start their planning from scratch.

In 2020, Tom Wheeler wrote for the Brookings Institution that “the Trump presidential transition in 2016-17 proved that a transition delayed is a transition denied”, arguing that the Trump transition’s delay in placing transition teams at federal agencies was ultimately damaging to the Trump administration.

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Was Biden Handcuffed By Trumps Taliban Deal In Doha

WASHINGTON As President Donald Trumps administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020, he optimistically proclaimed that we think well be successful in the end. His secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, asserted that the administration was seizing the best opportunity for peace in a generation.

Eighteen months later, President Joe Biden is pointing to the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, as he tries to deflect blame for the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan in a blitz. He says it bound him to withdraw U.S. troops, setting the stage for the chaos engulfing the country.

But Biden can go only so far in claiming the agreement boxed him in. It had an escape clause: The U.S. could have withdrawn from the accord if Afghan peace talks failed. They did, but Biden chose to stay in it, although he delayed the complete pullout from May to September.

Chris Miller, acting defense secretary in the final months of the Trump administration, chafed at the idea that Biden was handcuffed by the agreement.

If he thought the deal was bad, he could have renegotiated. He had plenty of opportunity to do that if he so desired, Miller, a top Pentagon counterterrorism official at the time the Doha deal was signed, said in an interview.

Renegotiating, though, would have been difficult. Biden would have had little leverage. He, like Trump, wanted U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. Pulling out of the agreement might have forced him to send thousands more back in.

Look What People Are Saying

CNN– Tim Ferriss, ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ & ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’– Entrepreneur Magazine – Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent – Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter Out – Sandra Sims, Step by Step Fundraising – John Kremer, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books– Steve Purcell, LookToTheStars.org – Paul Hartunian, Free Publicity Information Center – Dan Janal, PR LEADS– Anthony Record, Autograph Magazine– Robert Skrob, Information Marketing Association – Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

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Notice: To Contact Your Perfect Potus About Keeping America Great Click Here For All Other Issues Read Every Word Below Carefully Ok

Dear Poorly Educated Voter,

Congrats on wanting to send your cute little opinion to WHITEHOUSE.ORG, where lets be honest, nobody gives a fuck what you think, loser. And even if I did, my staff is jumping ship way too fast to waste MANpower reading bitchy emails from morons so piss-poor and unimportant, they have time to scribble their lousy brain farts on the internets. Anyway, Ive really got America bent over a barrel now, and Im so busy deep-dicking her tight little shitter like one of my creamy-assed porn sluts, I dont listen to anyone let alone some nobody sucker like you. But tell you what: if you ever bank a few billion, you can pay full price for a Mar-a-Lago membership and come whisper fabulous treason stuff my ear any time, OK?

Donald J. Trump®Your Horse-Cocked POTUS

: , , , , 33- , .

Ivanka Trumps Email Address

Trump Opens Office to âCarry Onâ His Administrationâs Agenda

Email Ivanka Trumps agent, manager, & publicist using our online database.

Ivanka wasnt playing by the rules, but she never, ever got in trouble. On January 24, Suzie Mills, Ivankas assistant at the Trump Organization, sent an email to her entire mailing list that said, Hi Everyone, Hope you all are well. On behalf of Ivanka Trump, I will like to share her new email address. Effective immediately Ivanka will no longer be using her Trump Organization email address. The new email used a family domain. Not a government one. Can you say private server? Ivanka was asking her work contacts at the White House to write to her at her private emailthe exact offense the Trumps had lambasted Hillary Clinton for during the general election. Would anyone chant Lock her up! about Ivankas private server? Doubtful. The email thing was hypocritical, to say the least. But the Trumps made their own rules.

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Who Should I Contact If Iam Interested In Vice President Mike Pences Official Records

Vice President Mike Pences Vice Presidential records arehoused at National Archives facilities in the National Capital Region. Theserecords are governed by the PresidentialRecords Act and will be available,subject to provisions of the Freedom ofInformation Act, beginning January 20,2026.

For more information on the records of Vice PresidentPence please contact:

National Archives and Records AdministrationArchival Operations Division – Vice Presidential Collections700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Room G-7Washington, DC 20408

Current And Former Trump Officials Privately Reach Out To President

Current and former Trump administration officials have privately reached out to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team even as President Donald Trump continues to refuse defeat and falsely claim victory, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Two Biden transition officials said Wednesday that it was only a few current and former Trump administration officials, and they described it as “not a big deal.” However, it suggests there are people in Trump’s orbit who believe Biden will be the next president even if Trump refuses to concede and his legal team mounts meritless lawsuits to challenge the results in several states.

The news was first reported by CNN.

The officials stressed that the outreach is not in any way a replacement for the national security and Covid-19 briefings the Trump administration refuses to provide Biden’s teams.

Trump’s refusal to concede has delayed the General Services Administration from certifying Biden’s transition, creating a delay that has blocked Biden’s team from starting the orderly process of taking over the expansive federal bureaucracy.

Kate Bedingfield, a spokesperson for the Biden transition team, said in a statement Wednesday that despite the outreach, the GSA still needs to certify the transition.

During a virtual town hall with front-line health care workers Wednesday, Biden said the lack of briefings could put his administration behind in distributing vaccines.

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After Announcing Its Decision To Withdraw From The Un Health Agency The United States Still Seeks To Shape The Organizations Reform It Is Struggling To Find Takers

Colum LynchForeign Policy

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The Trump administration still wants to tell the World Health Organization and its members how to run their affairs, even after it announced plans to withdraw from the agency in the midst of a pandemic, cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. funding.

Earlier this month, senior U.S. officials distributed a plan to reform the United Nations health agency to WHOs Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and members of the G-7 industrial powers. We are posting a copy of the draft here as FPs Document of the Week.

The draftwhich provides a roadmap of proposed short-, medium-, and long-term reformsincludes an array of sensible proposals, such as establishing an additional early warning system to detect emerging threats and granting the WHO greater authority to conduct on-the-ground investigations into outbreaks.

The Trump administration still wants to tell the World Health Organization and its members how to run their affairs, even after it announced plans to withdraw from the agency in the midst of a pandemic, cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. funding.

Earlier this month, senior U.S. officials distributed a plan to reform the United Nations health agency to WHOs Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and members of the G-7 industrial powers. We are posting a copy of the draft here as FPs Document of the Week.

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American Civil Liberties Union

How the Trump Administration Ambushed a Bipartisan Deal on ...

The ACLU is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that provides legal assistance to protect civil liberties. The organization has been involved in everything from freedom of speech to marriage equality, and its executive director, Anthony D. Romero, issued a statement on Trump’s election. “One thing is certain: we will be eternally vigilant every single day of your presidency and when you leave the Oval Office, we will do the same with your successor,” Romero wrote. Here’s how to help the ACLU in their fight for our rights.

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How To Send An E

Use the Online Form

If you want to email the President of the United States, Joe Biden, or the White House in general, use this online form. Use the same form to contact the Vice President, Kamala Harris.

In the past, the White House had a general email address for these types of messages. However, the White House disabled these addresses. Now, the only way to send a message is through the online form.

Use Social Media

  • Kamala Harris ,

Write a Letter

The online form is the fastest way to send a message, but if you prefer to write or type a letter, keep the following in mind:

  • Use 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper
  • Either type your message or handwrite it as neatly as possible
  • Include your return address on the letter and on the envelope
  • Mail the letter to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.

If you have any additional questions about how to email Donald Trump or Mike Pence, write, or send a message to the President, please post a comment below.

The Remain In Mexico Policy

On Mr Biden’s first day in office, the Department of Homeland Security suspended a controversial Trump-era policy that forced asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their US immigration hearings.

Efforts to end the policy – known as the Migrant Protection Protocols – are now bogged down in legal wrangling.

In August, the US Supreme Court ordered the president to revive it, rejecting a bid to block a Texas-based judge’s ruling requiring it be brought back.

DHS has appealed the decision. On Wednesday, it said it would uphold the order “in good faith” but still plans to issue a new memorandum terminating MPP in the coming weeks.

About 70,000 migrants were enrolled in the programme since it was introduced in January 2019.

Shortly after Mr Biden’s inauguration, his administration began to gradually process these tens of thousands of people waiting in Mexico, allowing them into the US while their cases are heard.

So far about 13,000 people enrolled in MPP have been allowed to enter the country to await the outcome of their cases.

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The President Could Use The Wake

ANALYSIS Ive instructed the military, whatever they need if they need additional force I will grant it.

That was President Joe Biden, speaking to reporters in the East Room of the White House, on Aug. 26, hours after violent extremists killed 170 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops outside Kabuls airport. It was his presidencys darkest moment to date.

Every day, when I talk to our commanders, I ask them what they need what more do they need, if anything, to get the job done, he said moments earlier during prepared remarks amid the chaotic withdrawal he ordered. As they will tell you, I granted every request.

Biden is famously loyal. But that can be a negative trait for any president and an allergy to firing Cabinet officials and senior aides can become a drag on any presidency.

He did set the stage early, entering office with a warning to his team.

Im not joking when I say this: If youre ever working with me and I hear you treat another with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot, Biden said during his first day in office. On the spot. No if, ands or buts.

Since, he has ordered what The Wall Street Journals editorial board in July dubbed a firing spree. But that is a reference to his ongoing purge of Donald Trump appointees from some plum federal government positions.

Nowhere along the way has anyone in the public eye gotten their walking papers.

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