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When Are The Next Trump Rallies

Breaking: Trump To Relaunch Rallies Next Month

Trump campaign announces two Arizona rallies next week, Donald Trump Jr. in Mesa Thursday

Former President Donald Trump will relaunch his popular rallies next month at two venues in an effort to take political advantage of a series of crises that have already engulfed the fledgling Biden regime.

The UKs Daily Mail reported that Trumps team is currently in the process of selecting the two venues. Another one is expected around Independence Day.

The outlet reports:

Former President Trump will hold two rallies in June as he looks to capitalize on a series of crises engulfing President Joe Biden and lay down a marker for 2024, according to an adviser familiar with planning.

Those will be followed by a third event around July 3 and are expected to take the form of the airport rallies that dominated the closing months of last years election campaign.

The president is anxious to get back out on the trail and we are getting a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas, an adviser to the former president told the outlet.

Pm: Trump Supporters: Were Not What People Say We Are

For him, this was a fun event.

Salas said hes always been a big fan of Charlie Kirk and that seeing him was the highlight of the rally in addition to Trump.

Salas said Kari Lake was his favorite Arizona candidate because she gave everyone such good energy.

All Trump supporters arent like what people say they are, never have been. And theyre not all only white people, Salas said.

Jessica Valero, 22, and Elizabeth Valero, 26, attended the rally with their mom and younger brother. The sisters said they came to the event from east Mesa to see Trump speak and enjoyed the rally.

Trumps speech was great, Jessica Valero said, adding that she was also exhausted.

The sisters said they support Trump because they do not want the U.S. to become a communist country.

I want to keep my rights, said Elizabeth Valero. I dont want anything getting in the way of that, because little by little it will be communist America is the land of opportunity.

Audrey Jensen and Lacey Latch

Trump Seeking To Maintain Gop Sway Holds First Rally Since Jan 6

The former presidents speech in Ohio, made on behalf of a challenger to a Republican congressman who voted to impeach Mr. Trump, reflected both his power over the party and his diminished status.

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By Jeremy W. Peters

WELLINGTON, Ohio Former President Donald J. Trump returned to the rally stage on Saturday evening after a nearly six-month absence, his first large public gathering since his Save America event on Jan. 6 that resulted in a deadly riot at the Capitol.

On Saturday, the same words Save America appeared behind Mr. Trump as he addressed a crowd of several thousand at a county fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio, about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland.

He repeated familiar falsehoods about fraudulent 2020 votes. He attacked Republican officials for refusing to back his effort to overturn the election results including Representative Anthony E. Gonzalez of Ohio, who voted to impeach Mr. Trump, and whose primary challenger, Max Miller, was the reason for Mr. Trumps visit. The former president praised Mr. Miller as they appeared onstage together.

Mr. Trump remains the most powerful figure in the Republican Party, with large numbers of G.O.P. lawmakers parroting his lies about a stolen 2020 election and fearful of crossing him, and many in the party waiting to see whether he will run again for the White House in 2024.

Do you miss me? Mr. Trump asked in one of his biggest applause lines. They miss me, he declared.

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Schumer Slams Republicans: They Played A Risky And Partisan Game

Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio’s daily program “The Dean Obeidallah Show” and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Follow him . The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion articles on CNN.

While Donald Trump has held several rallies since the January 6 Capitol insurrection, his rally in Iowa Saturday was the most alarming by far.

What We Dont Know

extraordinarily dangerous trump rally draws grave

Whether Trump will focus on 2020, 2022 or 2024 at his rallies. Trump has continued to baselessly discount the results of the 2020 election, announcing in a statement earlier this month he plans to refer to the election as the Big Lie. During his CPAC speech in February, he mostly focused on criticizing President Joe Biden, while teasing a 2024 run. Its not clear whether Trump, during these upcoming rallies, will look to help drum up support for Republicans running for office in 2022, or continue to harp on red-meat issues like the 2020 election.

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Am: Former President Rips State Senator

In advance of his scheduled Phoenix rally on Saturday, Donald Trump took aim at an Arizona senator who has been critical of the election audit that Trump inspired.

The former president issued a news release on Thursday criticizing Sen. Paul Boyer, R-Glendale, for doing “everything in his power to hold up the damning forensic audit of Maricopa County.”

To which Boyer tweeted a reply, noting Trump’s failure to build the border wall and his role in instigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Boyer told The Arizona Republic he had no idea what inspired the former president’s comments.

Boyer is not holding up the audit, as Trump charged. The effort at the state fairgrounds is entering its fourth month, and the initial hand count of nearly 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots has been completed by the Senate’s contractor, the Cyber Ninjas.

Boyer said the audit is playing out as a misdirected, partisan effort.

Ive always been a supporter of a legitimate audit,” he told The Republic. “This is illegitimate.

Mary Jo Pitzl

Trump Has Held Multiple Rallies Since August

GettyFormer President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on October 9, 2021.

In August, Trump held two other rallies. One was in Wellington, Ohio, and the other was in Cullman, Alabama.

GettyFormer President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on October 9, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trump held a He also held a rally in Georgia on January 5, 2021. It was his first official rally of 2021 and took place at the Dalton Regional Airport.

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Pm: Trump Takes The Stage Attacks Gov Ducey

After a short introduction by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Donald Trump walked onstage with Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” playing.

Trump immediately nodded to the ongoing Maricopa County ballot review and hailed several Republican Arizona senators while taking shots at Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Were gathered here in Phoenix to show our support for election integrity and for the brave and unyielding conservative warriors in the Arizona State Senate thank you, Trump said. Theyve created a movement all over the country.

Trump said he has heard that even Texas now wants to do an election audit, which he said he supports despite having carried the state.

Trump lavished praise on several state senators, including Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Warren Petersen and Sens. J.D. Mesnard, Kelly Townsend, Nancy Barto, Sonny Borrelli, Vince Leach and Wendy Rogers.

She’s been brave. Shes been strong, Trump said of Fann. And I predict when the votes come in I think they are going to be so horrible that shes going to go three steps further than she ever thought shed have to. Because they will be, in my opinion, and again Im not involved, theyre involved, this is the Arizona State Senate, I think the results are going to be so outrageous that they are going to go many steps further than they would have.

Dan Nowicki

Republicans Are As Excited For Trumps Upcoming Rallies As They Are For Their Next Colonoscopy

Trump says he’ll restart 2020 campaign with Oklahoma rally next Friday

Earlier this month we learned that Donald Trump is expected to bring back his campaign-style rallies this summer, and, like a reboot of a show that no one asked for or wants, few people are thrilled about the development. Democrats obviously are unenthused about the trio of events the guy who tried to overturn the election has planned, but apparently some Republicans are equally unhappy about Trumps return to the stump.

Politico reports that Republicans in Washington are dreading the 45th presidents upcoming rallies, fearful that the new platformfrom which hell no doubt spew baseless election-fraud conspiracy theories, among other grievancescould derail their chances in the midterm elections, when theyre hoping to take back the Senate and House. If we win the majority back in 17 months, its going to be in spite of Trumpnot because of Trump, one senior House Republican aide, who works for a lawmaker considered to be one of Trumps top supporters, told Politico. He will totally take credit if we win the House backbut it wont be because of him. This guy is a disaster.

Of course hell also use the rallies to tease a 2024 run, which some members of the GOP are also not jazzed about:

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Pm: Mark Kelly’s 2022 Challengers Bash Senator

Three of the four Republicans hoping to challenge Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., took turns jabbing the former astronaut and praising former President Donald Trump.

The nearly 5,000 in attendance didnt show any clear preference for any of the three, all of whom are political newcomers.

Michael “Mick” McGuire, the retired adjutant general of the Arizona National Guard, said President Joe Biden has been derelict in his duty to protect the border.

He said Trump doesnt get credit for the expedited development of vaccines for the coronavirus and called for a return to prioritizing construction of a wall along the border with Mexico.

McGuire said the Big Lie in America is that the nations election system works properly.

Solar power company executive Jim Lamon said he plans to send Kelly back to his summer home in Beijing.

Lamon described his business as a billion-dollar enterprise with 1,600 workers, many of whom are veterans.

He promised to be an America-first senator.

Lamon said he was a Trump elector for Arizona last year and supports the ongoing ballot review and has since Day One.

Lamon promised that if elected to the Senate, he wouldnt take a salary or a pension.

Blake Masters, the financial aide to billionaire Peter Thiel, attacked Democrats as a party trying to bring about socialism, drawing howls from some that they are Communists.

Masters warned that the technology giants are a threat to democracy and said he would seek to break up Google and Facebook.

Donald Trump Coming To Alabama For Rally In Cullman On Aug 21

Trumps political organization, Save America, announced the event today.

The event at York Family Farms begins at 2 p.m. with music and speakers. The former president is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m.

Information about tickets is available on the Save America website.

Trumps visit to Cullman comes on the same day that the Alabama Republican Party will hold its summer meeting, also in Cullman.

The Alabama Republican Party is thrilled that President Trump is coming to Alabama and holding a rally in conjunction with our annual Summer Meeting, state GOP Chairman John Wahl said in a press release. We all know that there is a special relationship between President Trump and the people of Alabama, and I am incredibly excited to be part of bringing him back to our state. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Trump Team since the end of February to make this visit possible. August 21st is going to be an exciting and memorable night for the State of Alabama.

Earlier today, before the official announcements, State Auditor Jim Zeigler, who said he is considering a possible run for governor, issued a statement about what he said was Trumps likely visit to Cullman.

President Trump has a special relationship with Alabama, Zeigler said. This is where the Trump rallies started.

Trump carried Alabama by huge margins in the 2016 and 2020 elections and has made several appearances in the state. But he has not given a speech in Alabama in almost four years.

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World’s Greatest Deliberative Body

Trump Rallies Iowa Supporters Ahead of Next Week

Remember last week when we told you about how two moderate-Democratic senators could effectively block legislation backed by the rest of the party?

Here’s a great case study of how they get what they want.

In the wake of Trump’s election loss, a slew of red states are passing laws to tighten voting requirements in the name of fighting fraud. Democrats, generally, say those red states are trying to suppress the vote.

Members of Congress at the national level tried to counteract these state steps with a sweeping bill known as SB1 or the Voting Rights Act. Republicans were pretty uniformly against it so they used the filibuster to block it this week.

Democrats could counteract the filibuster with a fancy procedural move known as reconciliation, which lowers the passing threshold to 51 votes. But they can only get 51 votes if Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema are standing with the party.

Manchin and Sinema stood by the Democrats in a test vote , but the hoopla forced them to say definitively that they wouldn’t support the bill if it was passed using reconciliation .

The upshot? The voting rights bill is now effectively dead.

Naturally, the Democrats have vowed to not give up. They’ve proposed more hearings on voting laws and Biden has pledged to revisit negotiations. But, for now, the most viable option looks to be a different voting rights bill, one that’s more moderate and has only one name in its title.

That name is Joe Manchin.

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