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Does Donald Trump Have An Email Address

Do You Provide The Celebritys Personal Contact Information

CNN does not want Americans to have a âdirect lineâ of contact with Trump

When you Join Contact Any Celebrity, youll get each celebritys agent, manager, publicist, production company, attorney, & charitable cause.

We dont provide personal phone numbers or email addresses . We provide celebrity home addresses unless the celebrity or a representative asks us to remove it.

Trump Announces Social Media Platform Launch Plan Spac Deal

  • Former President Donald Trump is launching his very own social media network in order to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”
  • The app appears to be the first project of the Trump Media and Technology Group , which will list on the Nasdaq through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Group.
  • The transaction values TMTG at up to $1.7 billion, according to an announcement tweeted out by spokeswoman Liz Harrington.

Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will be launching his very own media network, including a social media platform called “TRUTH Social,” in order to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

The app appears to be the first project of the Trump Media and Technology Group , which will list on the Nasdaq through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Group, according to an announcement tweeted out by spokeswoman Liz Harrington. The transaction values TMTG at up to $1.7 billion, Harrington said.

The new company, which lists Trump’s private membership club Mar-A-Lago as its address, will be chaired by the former president, who says that this “group’s mission is to create a rival to the liberal media consortium.”

“We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced,” Trump claimed.

Trump was notoriously banned by major social media giants earlier this year, following his posts related to the January 6 riots at the United States Capitol Building.

Look What People Are Saying

CNN– Tim Ferriss, ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ & ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’– Entrepreneur Magazine – Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent – Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter Out – Sandra Sims, Step by Step Fundraising – John Kremer, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books– Steve Purcell, LookToTheStars.org – Paul Hartunian, Free Publicity Information Center – Dan Janal, PR LEADS– Anthony Record, Autograph Magazine– Robert Skrob, Information Marketing Association – Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

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Donald J Trump Education Background

Donald Trump was first enrolled in Kyiv Forest School. The school was established in 1918, and his father, Frederick Trump, was on the governing board.

The school was a private pre-kindergarten and was for the rich. Trumps father was a successful businessman and could maintain Trumps education. He attended the school until 7th grade.

Donald Trump Phone Number Email Address Fan Mail Address Mailing Address And More

Donald Trump Offers Final Message of Gratitude to the ...

Donald Trump is the former President of the United States. He is engaged in the business of golf-course to luxury hotels and resorts. He is one of the most searched personalities on Google. Previously, he also worked as a television personality. He lost the US Presidential Election of 2020 to Joe Biden.

He is affiliated with Republican Party in his political career. Ivana was his first wife, followed by Marla Maples as 2nd wife and the current one is Melania. So, lets see the contact details of Donald Trump, including his mailing address, and phone number.

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Contact The White House By Phone

If you wish to call the President, or the White House, use the following phone numbers:

  • For general comments, call 202-456-1111
  • To reach the switchboard, call 202-456-1414
  • For TTY/TTD, use Comments: 202-456-6213 or the Visitors Office: 202-456-2121

Lets face it, it is highly unlikely that you will get to speak with any sitting POTUS directly on the phone.

Does Trump Have Businesses In Turkey

Trump Towers Istanbul are two conjoined towers in ili, Istanbul, Turkey. One of the towers is an office tower, and the other a residential tower, consisting of over 200 residences. The property developer is Turkish billionaire Aydn Doan, in a license-partnership with American businessman Donald Trump.

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Ivanka Trump Used A Personal Email Account To Send Hundreds Of Emails About Government Business Last Year

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, according to people familiar with a White House examination of her correspondence.

White House ethics officials learned of Trumps repeated use of personal email when reviewing emails gathered last fall by five Cabinet agencies to respond to a public records lawsuit. That review revealed that throughout much of 2017, she often discussed or relayed official White House business using a private email account with a domain that she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner.

The discovery alarmed some advisers to President Trump, who feared that his daughters practices bore similarities to the personal email use of Hillary Clinton, an issue he made a focus of his 2016 campaign. He attacked his Democratic challenger as untrustworthy and dubbed her Crooked Hillary for using a personal email account as secretary of state.

Some aides were startled by the volume of Ivanka Trumps personal emails and taken aback by her response when questioned about the practice. She said she was not familiar with some details of the rules, according to people with knowledge of her reaction.

The White House referred requests for comment to Ivanka Trumps attorney and ethics counsel, Abbe Lowell.

Will Mr Trump And His Family Be Welcome In The Region

Maddow: Trump May Have Infected Others WH Should Alerts Contacts To Risk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

While Trump supporters lined the streets leading to Mar-a-Lago ahead of his arrival on Wednesday, not all residents are as enthusiastic about his arrival. According to The New York Times, neighbours of the estate have warned that Mr Trump cannot live at the club for more than 21 non-consecutive days in a year, following an agreement he made with the town in 1993.

Neighbours have sent a letter to the Town of Palm Beach and the US Secret Service complaining that Mr Trump has violated this agreement.

Per the use of the agreement of 1993, Mar-a-Lago is a social club, and no-one may reside on the property, reads the letter.

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He Was So Obsessed About Gpa

Then Donald was 72 years old. This made many wonder why a person so old was still obsessed with GPA. That was so childish of him.

Many public figures have built their wealth without a degree. The likes of Bill Gates, with the years Donald Trump, should have known this. Grades are far less important when it comes to future success.

The guy has also been so obsessed with his IQ. Its not factual but self-reported. Plus, it has no real way of fact-checking it.

Donald Trump claims to have a greater IQ. He uses this claim to dismiss other peoples facts without directly engaging with them.

Why Are People So Concerned About Trumps College Degree

In a year, there have been blog posts, articles, and forums talking about the academic achievements of various presidents.

People have been doing deep dives in the yearbooks and old honors policies. It was never a big deal.

However, Donald Trumps case was quite different. A lot of speculations about his academic achievements were raised by his claims.

The claims were about Obamas and his academic records. It made people more curious about his educational history.

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Five Reasons Donald Trump Will Be Pessimistic About Running In 2024

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly teased another run at the Oval Office since his defeat in the 2020 presidential election and he’s also continued to make unfounded claims that fraud deprived him of victory last year.

Trump has reasons to be optimistic about a 2024 run, including his continued widespread support among Republicans and President Joe Biden‘s recent difficulties and flagging approval rating.

However, the former president is still a candidate with a lot of baggage that could outweigh his advantages in three years’ time. Though at the moment it seems he might sail through the primary process, the general election could prove his undoing.

Here are five reasons why Trump may be pessimistic about another campaign.

Le Chteau Des Palmiers St Martin

What to do when you get an email from the IRS, Amazon ...

President Trump put this walled Caribbean compound on the market in the spring of 2017 with a reported listing price of $28 million, which was soon dropped to $16.9 million. Le Château des Palmiers, which Trump bought in 2013 and has used primarily as a rental property, includes nine bedrooms and 12 full bathrooms. There are two villas, in addition to pool cabanas and an estate manager’s house, on the five-acre estate.

The property also features “a huge heated pool, an open air and air conditioned fitness center, a tennis court, and covered outdoor bar, billiards and dining areas,” according to the original listing.

Rental prices reportedly start at $6,000 per night in the low season for the smaller of the two villas and go up to $28,000 during the winter holiday season.

There is no information on whether the property has since sold, but it is still on the Trump Organization’s website and Forbes estimated it to be worth $13 million in October 2019.

Where It All Began: Donald Trump’s Childhood Home in Queens, New York

The 2,500-square-foot house, which the president’s father built in 1940, was, for a short while, available to rent for $725 a night on Airbnb.

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What Are Trump Properties

  • The Trump Building, in New York City.
  • Trump Bay Street, in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Trump Hollywood, a 41-story condominium tower in Hollywood, Florida.
  • Trump Parc and Trump Parc East, Manhattan.
  • Trump Parc Stamford, Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Trump Park Avenue, Manhattan.
  • Trump Park Residences, Yorktown, New York.

Report: Donald Trump Should Start Panicking

During the four years that Donald Trump was in office, he and his lawyers made a regular habit of hiding behind the office of the presidency when it came to any investigations of wrongdoing on his part. Sued for defamation by writer E. Jean Carroll, whose rape accusations he claimed were a lie while simultaneously insulting her looks? According to then attorney general William Barr, Trump was acting in his official capacity as POTUS, and therefore should be defended by the Justice Department. Attempted to extort another country into digging up dirt on his political rival? He was just doing what presidents do. Suspected of committing fraud relating to hush-money payments to a porn star? In that instance, his personal attorneys boldly argued that it was unconstitutional for presidents to be investigated for any crimes whatsoever while in office, up to and including shooting a person on Fifth Avenue.

Per TheWashington Post:

Twitter content

For a guy who views himself as an Emperor King and would probably have tried to install himself as president for life if hed won a second term, that sort of smackdown has got to hurt. Possibly about as much as the fact that, according to The New York Times, people with relevant information about the events surrounding January 6 are coming out of the woodwork to testify against him.

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Facebook Oversight Board To Reveal Decision On Trump Ban On Wednesday

Twitter claimed it permanently banned Trump due to the risk of further incitement of violence after the Capitol riot. House Democrats impeached Trump for a second time for allegedly inciting the storming of the Capitol, but he was acquitted in the Senate when only seven Republicans voted to find him guilty.

As president, Trump unsuccessfully tried to force Congress to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which grants social media companies immunity for most third-party content.

Trump allies in Congress are still pushing for legal reforms. Sen. Bill Hagerty last week introduced a bill that seeks to stop censorship by companies like Facebook and Twitter by declaring the platforms common carriers, a term also used for companies like railroads that must transport goods without discrimination.

Send A Letter To The White House

Former US President Donald Trump to address a summit in Florida | World News | WION

Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your correspondence gets to the White House as quickly as possible.

  • If possible, email us! This is the fastest way to reach the White House.
  • If you write a letter, please consider typing it on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.
  • If you hand-write your letter, please write as neatly as possible with an ink pen.
  • Include your return address on your letter as well as on your envelope. If you have an email address, please share it with us too.
  • And finally, please be sure to write on the outside of your mailing envelope the complete address for the White House to make sure your letter gets to us as quickly and directly as possible:

The White HouseWashington, DC 20500

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Where Are Trump Properties Located

Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.: The Old Post Office Pavilion, historically known as the Old Post Office and Clock Tower, is a property located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. The Trump Organization developed the property into a luxury hotel, which opened in September 2016.

Trump Adviser Appointed To Panel On Us Elections

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has appointed to a federal election advisory board a prominent Republican attorney who assisted former President Donald Trump in his failed effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Cleta Mitchell was named to the Board of Advisors for the federal Election Assistance Commission. The advisory board does not have the ability to directly make policy but can recommend voluntary guidelines to the EAC. The EAC certifies voting systems and advises local election offices on compliance with federal election regulations.

Mitchell was nominated by the Republican-appointed members on the commission and approved by a majority this month.

Mitchell is a prominent Republican lawyer who joined Trump on a Jan. 2 phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. On the call, Trump implored Raffensperger to find him enough votes for him to be declared the winner in the battleground state, which was won by President Joe Biden. Mitchell claimed she had found possible examples of fraud in the state, but the secretary of states office told her that her data was incorrect.

Im honored to have been selected with bipartisan support to serve in this role, Mitchell said in a text message on Tuesday.

The U.S. Commission for Civil Rights said in a statement that it appoints two of the advisory boards 35 members one from Republican commissioners, the other from Democratic ones.

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