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Trump Endorses Katie Britt In Alabama Gop Senate Race After Ditching Mo Brooks

What Donald Trump Jr. Might Have Revealed Under Oath | Zerlina.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. Donald Trump endorsed Katie Britt on Friday in an Alabama U.S. Senate race, doubling down on the former presidents in the Republican primary.

Trump called Britt an incredible fighter for the people of Alabama. The former president had originally backed U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks in the race, but rescinded that endorsement in March after their relationship soured.

Britt was chief of staff to retiring U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby before stepping down to lead a state business group, and is now running to fill Shelbys vacant seat. Britt and Brooks face off in the June 21 runoff that will decide the Republican nominee.

Above all, Katie Britt will never let you down, Trump wrote, adding, she has my complete and total endorsement!

The decision was another blow to Brooks, who had sought to regain Trumps support. Mo has been wanting it back ever since, Trump said Friday of his endorsement, but I cannot give it to him! Katie Britt, on the other hand, is a fearless America First Warrior.

Trump endorsed Brooks last year, rewarding the conservative firebrand who had been an ardent supporter of Trumps false 2020 election fraud claims. Brooks had whipped up a crowd of Trump supporters at the Jan. 6, 2021, rally that preceded the U.S. Capitol insurrection.

Britt led the primary field in the May primary, and has been seeking Trumps support since he backed away from Brooks.

Donald Trump Jr Celebrates Johnny Depps Trial Win

12:21 , Johanna Chisholm

Conservatives are celebrating Wednesdays verdict in the highly publicised defamation lawsuit between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in which Mr Depp won $15m in damages.

Believe all women… except Amber Heard, wrote Donald Trump Jr, on social media.

Believe all women… except Amber Heard.$15,000,000 in compensatory and punitive damages to Depp, and perhaps a case that could end the effective rabid femminist notion that all men are guilty before being proven innocent that we’ve seen as of late. She’s just that terrible!

Donald Trump Jr.

The former presidents son said he hoped the defamation verdict against the terrible actress would end the effective rabid femminist notion that all men are guilty before being proven innocent that weve seen as of late.

Continue reading the full story from The Independents Josh Marcus below.

Why Biden Is Deploying Trump’s Maga Brand Against The Gop

In the last several weeks, MAGA has become President Biden’s favorite epithet, his effort at Trump-style branding. When he first took office, he referred to President Donald Trump as the former guy, distinguishing him from congressional Republicans with whom Biden believed he could work, as he would have during his own decades in the Senate.

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    Don Trump Jr Suggests Uvalde Shooter Could Have Killed 19 Kids With A ‘bat’

    In an incredible display of utter tastelessness, Donald Trump Jr. insisted in a rage-fueled video on social media Saturday that the Uvalde mass shooter could have killed 19 children and two teachers with a bat.

    Assault rifles are being stigmatized when screwed up people are the real issue, he .

    The red-faced, nearly teary-eyed Trump Jr. shouted that the shooter was a sociopath who could wreak the same havoc with nearly any other weapon.

    Its the gun its not the sociopath wielding it, people are claiming, he complained. He wouldnt have done the exact same thing with a bat, or a bomb, or some sort of improvised device or a machete? he added.

    The real problem is that people are screwed up, and we have crazy teachers and indoctrination programs in our schools, he insisted.

    Thats whats going on right now, guys. Enough is enough, said Trump, who said hes looking for accountability. Never ends, man, he added.

    Junior went on a wild rant about Uvalde tonight, saying the AR-15 isnt the issue because he couldve done the exact same thing with a bat, bomb or machete. He says gun owners are unfairly stigmatatized, and the real problem is that crazy teachers are indoctrinating kids.

    Ron Filipkowski May 29, 2022

    In fact the gun is critical in the amount of destruction any shooter can deliver. Assault rifles cause extreme trauma to the human body, and bullets are spit out lightning fast, allowing a gunman to do maximum damage extremely quickly.

    Zelensky Rubbishes Claims Trump Could Have Prevented Russian War

    Donald Trump Latest News: Today in Trump, Mar. 13

    Wednesday 1 June 2022 13:00 , Gino Spocchia

    Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared to rubbish the suggestion that Donald Trump could have prevented Russias war on his country in an interview with a Newsmax.

    I am sorry if Ill be saying something that you dont like but for us as the country in war, it doesnt matter whether its Democrats or Republicans, Mr Zelensky told Rob Schmitt. Its the people of the United States that support us.

    He went on to say that anybody could become the president, some might like Ukraine more, some less. Some might have respect for Putin, and some might not but the values our country is fighting for are definitely the ones shared by the US.

    Mr Trump has praised Russia President Vladimir Putin in the past and on the day Ukraine was invaded claimed: If I were in Office, this deadly Ukraine situation would never have happened!

    The Republican was impeached by the House in 2019 following allegations he wrongfully sought political help and pressued Ukraine to get himself elected. He was later cleared.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on whether or not former President Donald Trump could have stopped Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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    Gop Planning Army Of Poll Watchers

    06:31 , Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

    Republican operatives are working to recruit an army of poll watchers, legal experts and other volunteers to flood Democratic-leaning communities in Michigan.

    The effort is centred in a major swing state where Joe Biden narrowly won over Donald Trump in 2020, prompting cries of fraud from the Trump campaign that were never backed up with any hard evidence.

    According to operatives who spoke to Politico, Republican organisations aligned with the national party are working to close what they see as a gap between election workers aligned with Democrats and those aligned with their own party.

    John Bowden reports.

    Voices: Trump Was Terrified Of The January 6 Hearings Tonight Proved He Was Justified

    Theres a reason Fox News didnt want to air this prime-time hearing. What we saw was the truth about January 6 showcased with captivating effectiveness.

    What happened on that day was not a tourist visit, as Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde claimed. It was not legitimate political discourse, as the RNC argued. It was not a love fest as Donald Trump delusionally declared. And the responsibility for this does not fall on “everybody in the country,” as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asserted just hours before tonights hearing. This was a violent, criminal conspiracy to overthrow American democracy perpetrated by Donald Trump, his allies, and domestic extremist groups. Or, to put it as simply as Chairman Bennie Thomson did, January 6 was “the culmination of an attempted coup” an attempted coup thats far from over.

    I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen… which I told the president was bulls**t, Donald Trumps former Attorney General William Barrs voice reverberated throughout the committee hearing chamber. “I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying,” said Ivanka Trump in a subsequent clip. We now know that even Donald Trumps own daughter doesnt believe the election was stolen.

    If any Trump allies did happen to tune in tonight, I hope they heard what Liz Cheney said to them: “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

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    Us Lifts Cuba Flight Ban Introduced By Trump Administration

    13:21 , Johanna Chisholm

    A series of Trump-era restrictions were lifted by US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, including a ban that prevented US airlines and chartered flights from going to Cuban cities, excluding Havana.

    The US transportation department issued the order after secretary of state Antony Blinken sent a letter asking it to revoke the restrictions.

    Scheduled and charter air services between the United States and Cuban airports may resume effective immediately, Mr Blinken said in a statement.

    Read more from The Independents Alisha Rahaman Sarkar below.

    Trump Ally Peter Navarro Subpoenaed By January 6 Grand Jury

    Why Is Donald Trumps Grip So Strong On The GOP? | TODAY

    Wednesday 1 June 2022 06:00 , Stuti Mishra

    Former Trump administration trade adviser Peter Navarro has been subpoenaed to give evidence to a federal grand jury that is investigating the events leading up to the 6 January 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

    As reported by Politico, the details of the subpoena were made public via a draft version of a lawsuit that Mr Navarro himself has been circulating.

    Read more:

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    Republicans Begin Backpedaling On Gun Control

    08:31 , Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

    Republican opposition to legislation combatting gun violence began in earnest on Wednesday, a week after an 18-year-old went on a shooting spree at an elementary school in Texas, killing 21.

    In Texas, governor Greg Abbott sent a letter asking the state legislature to form a committee to review steps and determine what actions could be taken to prevent another mass shooting. As leaders, we must come together at this time to provide solutions to protect all Texans, he said.

    But the letter did not list gun control measures, but rather school safety, mental health, social media, police training and firearm safety.

    Congressional Republicans also appear to be diverting rhetoric away from gun legislation. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell spoke to reporters in Kentucky on Wednesday and mentioned two major problems that cause school shootings without mentioning the weapons behind the attacks.

    It seems to me there are two broad categories that underscore the problem: mental illness and school safety, Mr McConnell said. So hopefully we can find a way to come together and make some progress.

    Eric Garcia reports.

    Herschel Walker Rebuts That Trump Drafted Him To Run For Senate

    04:49 , Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

    NFL legend and Republican senate nominee Herschel Walker has pushed back on claims that former president Donald Trump recruited him to run for senate in 2022.

    President Trump never asked me, he said. Rather, Mr Walker said that he heard the idea that Mr Trump persuaded him to run for senate on television.

    So, Im mad at him because he never asked, Mr Walker said. But hes taking credit that he asked.

    Rather, Mr Walker said that he and his wife consulted with his pastor and they prayed about it. And to be honest with you, I was praying that God would bring somebody else, he said, adding that he had a good life and a successful business career. But, I love the Lord Jesus.

    Eric Garcia reports.

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    Undocumented Polish Workers Helped Build Trump Tower

    The 2014 Axos investor presentation also shows the bank offered so-called cash recapture loans, made to individuals paying cash in full for a property who want to recoup some of their investment. The bank required no waiting period to cash out, the presentation noted, but said the source of the initial purchase funds must be sourced/seasoned. Bank analysts say such loans may raise the risk of money laundering.

    The Axos spokesman said the bank conducts a full, know-your-customer investigation of each cash-recapture loan applicant. The loans are subject to strict underwriting and program qualification parameters, he said, designed to ensure full compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act laws and all other legal or regulatory requirements.

    Axos has also teamed up with some aggressive non-bank lenders charging sky-high interest rates to small business borrowers, NBC News has previously reported. The bank conducted some of these arrangements through its unit in Nevada, a state with no interest rate limits, allowing downstream lenders to evade state usury caps on loans they made to borrowers operating in more restrictive jurisdictions. Predatory lending experts call these arrangements rent-a-bank schemes, and they were permitted under a Trump-era banking rule. Last year, President Joe Biden signed a resolution rescinding the rule.

    Steve Bannon Due Back In Court After Pleading Not Guilty To Contempt Of Congress

    Donald Trump

    One of Bannons lawyers, Robert Costello, told the Jan. 6 committee last fall that Bannon would not comply with the subpoena. In a letter, he said former President Donald Trump was choosing to assert executive privilege and encouraging his former aides not to reveal anything that might be covered by the privilege.

    On the day Bannon was indicted, another of his lawyers, David Schoen, said the advice-of-counsel issue would be important. Mr. Bannon acted as his lawyer counseled him to do by not appearing and by not turning over documents in this case. He didnt refuse to comply. He made quite clear that if a court ordered him to comply, he would do that.

    A layperson has to follow his attorneys advice, in my view at least, when hes faced with a subpoena he doesnt know anything about legal process otherwise. He relies on a lawyer, and the lawyer gave the advice, Schoen said.

    Obtaining a conviction for any crime requires proof of acting with improper intent, and some federal courts have ruled that good faith reliance on the advice of counsel is a complete defense in a criminal contempt action. But Nichols said the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., has ruled otherwise.

    In a 1961 case, the appeals court said that reliance upon advice of counsel is no defense to a charge of refusing to answer a question.

    All that is needed is a deliberate intention to do the act, it said. Advice of counsel does not immunize that simple intention.

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    Its Time To Confront The Trump

  • House committee tells John Eastman to prioritize terms linked with possible conspiracy in complying with documents subpoenaPublished: 10:00 AM
  • The panel is targeting documents and testimony from Cleta Mitchell, Kurt Olsen, Katherine Freiss, Phillip Kline, Kenneth Chesebro and Christina BobbPublished: 8:21 PM
  • Ex-president made remark to his attorney general, according to William Barrs forthcoming memoirPublished: 1:52 PM
  • Trump Jr Boasts Johnny Depp Win Is End To Rabid Feminist Metoo Movement

    05:06 , Alisha Rahaman Sarkar

    The eldest son of former president Donald Trump is celebrating Wednesdays verdict in the highly publicised defamation lawsuit between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, in which Mr Depp won $15m in damages.

    Believe all women… except Amber Heard, wrote Donald Trump Jr, on social media.

    The former presidents son said he hoped the defamation verdict against the terrible actress would end the effective rabid feminist notion that all men are guilty before being proven innocent that weve seen as of late.

    Josh Marcus has more.

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    Who Spoke To The Committee

    The committee has conducted more than 1,000 depositions and interviews, with most subjects not known. Those who’ve participated include Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, both former White House advisers, and attorney Rudy Giuliani, who in the election aftermath pushed claims of fraud.

    Trump’s attorney general William Barr also recently met with the committee, according to reports.

    The committee has issued at least 99 known subpoenas to compel testimony.

    Jeffrey Clark, a senior Justice Department official in Trump’s administration, eventually agreed to a deposition after threat of criminal prosecution. According to published reports and the Senate judiciary committee, Clark was more amenable than other Justice officials about plans to install alternate, Republican-friendly slates of electors in some states won by Biden.

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