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What Has President Trump Accomplished

Trump Arrested And Dismantled Sex And Human Trafficking Rings In Several Countries

What Has Trump Accomplished So Far?

USA TODAY previously reported that there have been 8,559 arrests related to human trafficking made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Immigration and Customers Enforcements Homeland Security Investigations.

Fact check:Over 8,000 US trafficking arrests since 2017 have not included members of Congress

Claims that human trafficking arrests have skyrocketed during Trumps presidency are false, an in-depth analysis by found.

Trump has, however, been a vocal advocate for ending trafficking. He has signed several laws intended to bolster efforts to eradicate the crime and gave more than $35 million in Justice Department grants to nonprofit organizations that provide housing for human trafficking victims this month.

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Attacked A Republican For Having A Brother That Doesn’t Exist

As his options for overturning the election started to run dry, Trump began lashing out at Republicans, specifically targeting Brad Raffensperger the secretary of state for Georgia. In a strange moment, Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory that Raffensperger’s brother “works for China” and that they “definitely don’t want ‘Trump.'” The only problem is that Raffensperger doesn’t have a brother at all.

@realDonaldTrump What if I told you Brad Raffensperger doesnt even have a brother? Brendan Keefe 1609307126

Deregulation On Environmental Policies And Programs

Then White House Chief of StaffReince Priebus signed an order on January 24, temporarily delaying the Environmental Protection Agency‘s 30 final regulations that were pending in the Federal Register until March 21, 2017. Employees in the EPA’s Office of Acquisition Management, received an email “within hours of President Trump’s swearing in”, from the new EPA administration, asking “that all contract and grant awards be temporarily suspended, effective immediately” which included “task orders and work assignments” until “further clarification”.

On February 1, the Trump administration published a Statement of Administration Policy to allow coal companies to dump mining waste in streams by nullifying the Department of the Interior regulation known as the “Stream Protection Rule”, established in the Obama administration. Under the Congressional Review Act Congress passed the resolution to repeal on February 1 and the Senate also approved it on February 2. The Statement nullified the Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation which limited venting, flaring, and leaks during oil and natural gas production. The Repeal of Stream Protection Rule was signed into law by Trump on February 16.

On March 29, 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt overturned the 2015 EPA revocation and denied the administrative petition by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pesticide Action Network North America to ban chlorpyrifos.

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Trump Applauded Australia And 116 Countries For Insisting On A China Probe Into The Spread Of Covid

A resolution that calls for scientific and collaborative field missions to trace COVID-19s transmission path, pushed by Australia and the European Union, was backed by 116 countries, Reuters reported.

Trump tweeted in support of the move on May 18, We are with them! That same day, China agreed to an independent investigation, but only after the pandemic has been brought under control, Chinese president Xi Jinping said at a virtual WHO meeting.

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Investing In Americas Workers And Families

Recapping President Trump

Affordable and high-quality Child Care for American workers and their families.

  • Doubled the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per child and expanded the eligibility for receiving the credit.
  • Nearly 40 million families benefitted from the child tax credit , receiving an average benefit of $2,200 totaling credits of approximately $88 billion.
  • Signed the largest-ever increase in Child Care and Development Block Grants expanding access to quality, affordable child care for more than 800,000 low-income families.
  • Secured an additional $3.5 billion in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act to help families and first responders with child care needs.
  • Signed into law 12-weeks of paid parental leave for Federal workers.
  • Signed into law a provision that enables new parents to withdraw up to $5,000 from their retirement accounts without penalty when they give birth to or adopt a child.

Advanced apprenticeship career pathways to good-paying jobs.

  • Expanded apprenticeships to more than 850,000 and established the new Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship programs in new and emerging fields.
  • Established the National Council for the American Worker and the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.
  • Over 460 companies have signed the Pledge to Americas Workers, committing to provide more than 16 million job and training opportunities.
  • Signed an executive order that directs the Federal government to replace outdated degree-based hiring with skills-based hiring.

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Hutchinson Says Trump Said Before Speech At Ellipse Rally: I Don’t Effing Care That They Have Weapons They’re Not Here To Hurt Me

Hutchinson detailed in both private and now public testimony a conversation Ornato had with Meadows the morning of Jan. 6, during which Ornato relayed the list of weapons found on attendees outside the rally at the Ellipse: knives, pistols, rifles, and spears on the end of flag poles.

But Hutchinson recalled that Meadows did not seem engaged in the discussion and was looking at his phone, asking Ornato only if he had spoken to the president, to which Ornato said he had.

In a text exchange obtained by the committee between Hutchinson and Ornato while Trump was at the rally before the Capitol assault, she said Trump was “f**king furious” that the area designated for the rally was not at full capacity.

“He doesn’t get it that the people on the monument side don’t want to come in. They can see from there and don’t have to go through mags,” Ornato replied, referring to the magnetometers attendees would have to pass through to enter the rally space, and that their weapons would set off.

Hutchinson said she was in the “vicinity of a conversation,” in which she overheard Trump say “something to the effect of, ‘I don’t effing care that they have weapons. They’re not here to hurt me. Take the effing mags away. Let my people in. They can march the Capitol from here. Let the people in. Take the effing mags away.”

Both Secret Service and White House aides knew security at the Capitol was not sufficient, Cheney continued.

Reviving The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

In his first 100 days, President Trump signed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017, which acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot said was vital for our nations space, aeronautics, science, and technology development programs to thrive.

While it garners little attention no doubt because we tend to view legislation in terms of partisan victories the authorization act will have longstanding impact on the nation and humankind. Mr. Lightfoot added that the bill ensures our nations space program will remain the worlds leader in pioneering new frontiers in exploration, innovation, and scientific achievement.

In December, President Trump signed White House Space Policy Directive 1, a public-private partnership for human missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The U.S.-led program represents the latest change in national space policy under the Trump Administration aimed at renewing U.S. engagement in space.

In July, President Trump revived the National Space Council and empowered them to help implement his space policy to make human exploration of the solar system a national priority. White House Space Policy Directive 1 was the result of a unanimous recommendation made by the new council, which is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, after its first meeting on October 5.

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Trump Declared Places Of Worship As Essential Services Some Mayors Are Fining People For Going To Church

Its true that Trump deemed places of worship as essential early on in the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, Im identifying houses of worship churches, synagogue, and mosques as essential places that provide essential services, Trump said at a May 22 press briefing. Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship. Its not right. So, Im correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.

Its also true that some mayors are fining churches or church-goers, like in Chicago and Greenville, Mississippi. The Mississippi fines have since been canceled.

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Resurgence Of Us Economy The American Spirit

Election 2020: What has President Trump done to America? | The Economist

In , Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris said that the Trump Administration is probably the most pro-business administration since the founding fathers. His remarks came after attending a meeting with President Trump, who hosted manufacturing leaders at the White House almost one month exactly after his inauguration.

Roughly 10 months later, forecast models project the U.S. economy to grow by 3% or higher in the fourth quarter 2017.

Under Mr. Obama, experts told us we just had to live with the new normal 2% annual economic growth.

Now, if the 4Q forecasts are matched or exceeded, itll mark the third straight quarter of economic growth at or above 3% for the first time since 2004. It also means the first year of economic growth under President Trump is all but certain to surpass the strongest under his predecessor Mr. Obama.

Under Mr. Obama, experts told us we just had to live with the new normal no manufacturing base.

Now, the National Association of Manufacturers said manufacturers optimism in the 4Q of 2017 is the highest in the 20-year history of the Manufacturers Outlook Survey. The NAM said the survey has risen to unprecedented heights as a result of the tax reform bill.

As with tax reform, this should be broken down into separate subcategories of accomplishments. But make no mistake, President Trumps policies have fueled historic levels of optimism among consumers and businesses.

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Stock Market Has Reached Record Highs

The highest closing record of the Dow Jones industrial average, the index of 30 top U.S. companies, was reached in February, after investors appeared to be encouraged that the trade wars initiated by Mr. Trump were being resolved. Recent interest-rate cuts in 2019 also contributed. This March, the Dow fell a record 2,013.76 points to 23,851.02, after it became clear that the U.S. economy would lock down because of the pandemic. That drop was followed by two more record-setting point drops.

Failure: The Us Economy

Trump often took credit for the robust US economy before the pandemic, ignoring that much of the growth began during the Obama administration.

The US faced one of the worst economic crises in its history under Trump, which was intrinsically linked to his disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus lockdowns in early 2020 and reduced consumer spending led to tens of millions of job losses as whole segments of the economy sputtered. The economy has since begun adding back jobs, but is far from a full recovery as the US struggles to contain the coronavirus and Biden takes over.

Roughly 22 million jobs were lost from February to April. Though nearly half of those jobs have been recovered, the unemployment rate is still at 7.9% . The pre-pandemic unemployment rate was 3.4%.

As Trump left office, the US national debt was at the highest levels since World War II. And US economic growth was set to average just above 0% for Trump’s first term because of the pandemic recession, according to The Washington Post.

Though the economy is still far from recovered, Trump also failed to bring Congress together to pass a second coronavirus stimulus package prior to Election Day as Americans across the country struggled to cover rent and other bills. The GOP-controlled Senate instead prioritized confirming Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, essentially placing the economy and the livelihoods of Americans on the back-burner.

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Top 20 Trump Accomplishments

Are you looking for Top 20 Trump Accomplishments? Now get all the access to your account in one-click using the official links provided below:

So it is with this caveat that we offer the following updated list of Obamas top accomplishments. 1. Passed Health Care Reform. After five presidents over the course of a century failed to …

Despite the many achievements of the Trump administration, Second Amendment advocates were perturbed by the president agreeing to a ban on bump stocks. As well, Trump went along with a massive omnibus spending bill to the tune of $1.3T which fueled a 17% growth of the deficit in FY 2018. And, of course, many supporters of the president …

As a result of our tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years. Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Helped win U.S.-Mexico-Canadas united bid for 2026 World Cup. Opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Record number of regulations eliminated.

Heres a look at Trumps biggest accomplishments of the year. 1. The tax-cut bill. Trump capped off 2017 with his first major legislative victory

A complete reversal of all those accomplishments I’ve listed above: a return to terrorist growth, a downgraded military, a gridlock government, constitutional prohibitions, staggeringly high taxes …

United States Federal Budget

Accomplishments Of President Trump

Trump submitted his first budgetrequest which recommends funding levels for the next fiscal year2018âcovering the period from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018âto the 115th Congress. Trump’s request including a $639 billion defense budget and corresponding major cuts to other federal departments.

To avert a possible government shutdown, the Trump administration face an April 28 deadlineâthe expiration of the December 10, 2016, continuing resolution . Discussion time on controversial issues such as funding for a border wall defunding Planned Parenthood, was limited by the two-week Easter recess that began on April 7. The government was shutdown during the Clinton and Obama administrations as a result of clashes between Republicans in Congress and Democrats in the White House. In late April 2017, Republicans have control of both Congress and the White House. A shutdown would result in “government agencies their doors, national parks visitors and federal workers told not to report to work”. The appropriations process cannot be accomplished without consulting the Democratsâunlike rolling back federal regulations with Congressional Review Acts and attempts to repeal Obamacare.

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Reduction In Food Stamps

A year into Trumps tenure in office, food stamps usage in America fell by 1.3 million. In February 2018, the food stamps used in America was less than 20 million. Trump also cracked down on nefarious activities in the food stamp market, bringing down the number of fraud incidences. It was estimated that Trumps successes in bringing down food stamps usage saved the American public more than $8 billion in the Fiscal Year 2018.

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