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Where Are Trumps Maga Hats Made

Some Maga Hats Made In China May Increase In Price Because Of Tariffs

Inside The Trump MAGA Hat Factory

A California-based company that sells “Make America Great Again” hats similar to the official hats sold by the Trump campaign says its prices may rise in response to trade tensions with China prompted by President TrumpDonald Trump Trump urges GOP senators to vote against McConnell debt dealOn The Money Presented by NRHC Senate slowly walks back from debt disasterAdministration confirms it will restore national monuments to pre-Trump boundariesMORE‘s tariffs.

David Lassoff, who runs the company IncredibleGifts, told ABC News that prices of the hat could double from between $9 and $12 to at least $20 if he is forced to abandon his Chinese manufacturers and make the hats in the United States.

The hat, Lassoff said, is his website’s best-selling item. He claims to have sold hundreds of thousands of the hat.

“We usually sell the MAGA hats for around $9 to $12. But it could go up to $20 if we had to make them in the U.S. and embroider them here,” Lassoff said.

“There might be a limited quantity in the future. Were trying to make sure we have enough hats in stock now, so if things change, were prepared,” he added.

Lassoff’s company is not involved with the official Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat, which, according to the campaign store’s website, is manufactured entirely in the U.S.

The package’s size is roughly equal to China’s total exports to the United States, according to White House officials.

Where Are Trumps Maga Hats Made Online 2020

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Inside The Trump ‘maga’ Hat Factory

We got a chance to go inside the factory where Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hats are made. Also known as “MAGA” hats, the caps have become a symbol of Trump’s campaign, and inspired myriad memes and parodies.

Each MAGA hat purchased through the Trump campaign’s official website counts as a campaign contribution. According to the campaign, hundreds of thousands of the hats have been sold since Trump began his first presidential run.

The hats are produced by a California-based company called Cali-Fame. According to a 2015 Los Angeles Times interview with the company’s president, Brian Kennedy, about 80% of the company’s employees are Latino. When asked to comment for this video, a Trump campaign representative responded:

“As with so many manufacturers in America, Cali-Fame is enjoying the benefits of the Trump economy while also playing a unique and important role in the production of MAGA hats, the iconic symbol of President Trump’s historic campaign and pledge to Make America Great Again. The facility employs dozens of American citizens from diverse backgrounds, all dedicated and committed to their specialty craft producing a growing count of MAGA hats, totaling hundreds of thousands produced to date.”

The campaign did not respond to our question about how much the workers at Cali-Fame were paid.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Cali-Fame employee: Well, more work for us.

Cali-Fame employee: I just try to ignore it.

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Tweets Say Donald Trump’s ‘make America Great Again’ Hats Are Made In China

Donald Trumps presidential campaign was forced to address a widespread allegation of hypocrisy this week, and it had nothing to do with his former liberal ways or his companys overseas investments.

Much worse. Social media posts claimed his unmistakable, sometimes ironically worn “Make America Great Again” hats are not made in the USA.

Heres an example from , which was picked up by Occupy Democrats on Facebook:

Made in China?! Say it aint so, Donald.

Hold onto your plastic snap enclosure. Its not true.

The hat that launched a barrage of snarky social media posts after its July debut at a Texas campaign event has also launched a host of imitations.

“The image you shared is not an official campaign product,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told PunditFact in an email. “All product for sale on DonaldJTrump.com is made in the USA.”

Hicks confirmed a couple of other facts about the authentic Trump campaign hat, sold for $25-$30 in patriotic and camouflage shades at the campaign store.

The hats are made by Cali Fame of Los Angeles, which makes the Cali Headwear brand. Trumps hat is based on the Patriot 5 model, and no surprise, its been a bestseller this year, though not a bestseller of all time. Cali Headwear co-owner Brian Kennedy told us that hats his company made for Von Dutch and Ed Hardy sold better.

Oh, and they are made in the USA.

Featured Fact-check

“But theres news every day on the hat,” he added.

Our ruling

We rate the claim Pants on Fire!

Trumps Bid To Subvert The Election

Replay Lincoln Park bans MAGA hats

A monthslong campaign.During his last days in office, President Donald J. Trump and his allies undertook an increasingly urgent effort to undermine the election results. That wide-ranging campaign included perpetuating false and thoroughly debunked claims of election fraud as well as pressing government officials for help.

Baseless claims of voter fraud.Although Mr. Trumps allegations of a stolen election have died in the courts and election officials of both parties from every state have said there is no evidence of fraud, Republicans across the country continued to spread conspiracy theories. Those include 147 House Republicans who voted against certifying the election.

Intervention at the Justice Department.Rebuffed by ranking Republicans and cabinet officials like Attorney General William P. Barr, who stepped down weeks before his tenure was to end, Mr. Trump sought other avenues to peddle his unfounded claims. In a bid to advance his personal agenda, Mr. Trump plotted to oust the acting attorney general and pressed top officials to declare that the election was corrupt. His chief of staff pushed the department to investigate an array of outlandish and unfounded conspiracy theories that held that Mr. Trump had been the victor.

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Use By Alexander Wiley

The phrase was first used by Republican senator Alexander Wiley in a speech at the third session of the 76th United States Congress in anticipation of the 1940 United States presidential election: “What is the way? Here is America. There are 130,000,000 of us. America needs a leader who can coordinate labor, capital, and management who can give the man of enterprise encouragement, who can give them the spirit which will beget vision. That will make America great again.”

Donald Trump Campaign Manager Says Nearly 1 Million Maga Hats Sold And $45 Million Made

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said that the campaign had sold almost a million MAGA hats, citing the milestone as evidence that Trump had redefined the art of electioneering.

Speaking on CBS News’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Parscale said the key to Trump’s appeal was that his supporters felt directly involved in his campaign.

Parscale discussed the Trump campaign tactics with host Margaret Brennan, and said that voters “want to be part of an activitythey want to be involved.” One example was the campaign to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi foam brickslabeled with donors’ namesduring the partial federal government shutdown at the start of the year over funding for Trump’s long-promised border wall.

Parscale said a tactic like that could earn the campaign between $3 million and $4 million. “It’s a way for them, somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, who is so far from the system but wants to be involved. This is a way for them to put $25, $40 dollars and say, ‘Look, I want to make a difference.'”

Trump merchandise has become a key manifestation of this strategy, Parscale explained. “We do that with T-shirts, we do that with hats,” he said, noting that the controversial MAGA hats that have become synonymous with Trump’s base have brought in millions of dollars.

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Official Trump Maga Hats Are Made In The Us

CLAIM: Trumps Make America Great Again caps are made in China, not the U.S.

APS ASSESSMENT: False. The hats are made by a manufacturer in California.

THE FACTS: A post circulating on Facebook with a picture of a red MAGA hat that bears a Made in China label falsely claims President Donald Trumps official caps are not made in the U.S. Such claims have circulated for years on social media and have re-surfaced in recent months as the president engages in a tariff war with China.

Brian Kennedy, president of Cali Fame of Los Angeles, a California-based company that makes the official hats, confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday that the hats are produced entirely in Carson, Calif.

Some third-party retailers carry knock-off MAGA caps that are made in China and are labeled as such. Trumps official campaign store website states that All of our products are 100% proudly made in the USA.

However, another official Trump website, Trump Store, sells apparel and other merchandise with labels such as decorated in the U.S. The store also carries wine glasses by Riedel, a manufacturer based in Austria.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that items labeled Made in USA, be all or virtually all produced in the U.S.

This is part of The Associated Press ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on the platform.

President Trump 2020 Coin: Gold Silver Maga Collectors

Kanye Tells Trump MAGA Hat Made Him Feel Like ‘Superman’

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