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Can I Sell Something With Trump’s Name On It

‘no Blame’ Abc News Finds 54 Cases Invoking ‘trump’ In Connection With Violence Threats Alleged Assaults

Donald Trumps Stake In Truth Social Helped Push His Net Worth To $3 Billion | Forbes

President Donald Trump insists he deserves no blame for divisions in America.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly distanced himself from acts of violence in communities across America, dismissing critics who point to his rhetoric as a potential source of inspiration or comfort for anyone acting on even long-held beliefs of bigotry and hate.

“I think my rhetoric brings people together,” he said last year, four days after a 21-year-old allegedly posted an anti-immigrant screed online and then allegedly opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 22 and injuring dozens of others.

But a nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault.

After a Latino gas station attendant in Gainesville, Florida, was suddenly punched in the head by a white man, the victim could be heard on surveillance camera recounting the attackers own words: He said, This is for Trump.'” Charges were filed but the victim stopped pursuing them.

When police questioned a Washington state man about his threats to kill a local Syrian-born man, the suspect told police he wanted the victim to “get out of my country,” adding, “Thats why I like Trump.”

Donald Trump’s Real Secret To Riches: Create A Brand And License It

Last July, The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama City was struggling under $2.2 million in unauthorized debts run up by Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC. Additionally, the management company withheld financial information from the buildings owners and paid undisclosed bonuses to its executives.

Trumps name was on the building, but he didnt own it. It belonged to Roger Khafif, who owned prime oceanfront real estate but couldnt get financial backing for his 2011 construction project. He had licensed the Trump name, which costs him more than a third of the $220 million hed raised to fund the project.

Khafif went bankrupt, but Trump made money both from licensing and managing the property. After a lengthy dispute with condo tenants who the management company tried to squeeze for its $2.2 million in debts by levying a special assessment Trumps companies continue to manage the hotel but no longer manage the residential condos.

Despite the problems, the residents arent suing Trump. They dont want to take Trumps name off the property. The Trump name attracts buyers, and residents cant afford to lose it.

The New And Improved Trump Business Model

Trademarking The Trump Name

When To Trademark A Personal Name

Watch on Forbes:

How Rich Is Former President Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump lost roughly $600 million of his net worth during his time in office as President of the United States. He lost another $700 million following the Capital Hill riots and his impeachments after several organizations stopped doing business with Trump or any of his properties.

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In 2022, Trump made back roughly $430 million of those losses with his newest endeavor: Truth Social. Forbes reports that the social media platform, which Trump announced in October 2020 and launched in February 2022, has been downloaded more than 1.4 million times.

Forbes pegs Trumps current net worth at $3 billion, in total, which is just slightly less than his net worth during his first year in office. The Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns Truth Social platform, announced plans to merge with a SPAC. Since the announcement, Trump Media shares climbed from $10 to $50. Forbes estimated that Trump owns at least 50% of the shares. If the deal goes through, which Forbes says is not a sure thing, Trump could sell his shares for $10 each, if desired. None of this, however, plays into his newfound wealth, since the deal is not yet done.

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Sinkhole Of Corruption: Trump Organization Sells Washington Hotel

Ethics group and Democrats say questions remain, even as workers remove Trumps name from Old Post Office building

Workers took Donald Trumps name off his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC on Wednesday, after the completion of the $375m sale of the lease to investors from Florida.

House Democrats estimate the former president, under legal and financial pressure on multiple fronts, will reportedly gain $100m from the sale, once a loan for the renovations is paid off.

One ethics group the hotel a sinkhole of corruption. During Trumps four years in the White House, the hotel became a magnet for aides, supporters and foreign businesses seeking favour.

Critics and ethics groups were particularly concerned about the situation as Trump did not formally divest himself from the Trump Organization. The presidential historian Michael Beschlosspredicted that even after the sale political ghosts will linger.

The hotel lost more than $70m in the four years of Trumps presidency, including losses each year before pandemic shutdowns in 2020. Many hotel brokers, owners and consultants did not expect the 263-room hotel, located close to the White House, to fetch such a high price.

The price of the lease, equivalent to more than $1.4m a room, has drawn scrutiny from Democrats in Congress. The New York Times reported that JLL, a real estate firm, put the average sales price for hotels in Washington in 2020 at $354,000 per room.

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Donald Trumps Failed Businesses

Donald Trump has major business wins to his name, but he also has some big losses.

In 1988, Trump spent $365 million on a fleet of Boeing 727s, as well as landing facilities in Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. He also bought the rights to paint his name on a plane. His attempt to build a luxury flying experience under the Trump Shuttle name failed, however, and the company was decommissioned.

In 1990, the banks that backed Trumps investments provided him with a $65 million bailout in new loans and credit. Trumps famous Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, went bankrupt in 1991, and Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts went bankrupt in 2004. In 2009, the same company now called Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy again.

One of Trumps highest-profile business failures is Trump University. The unaccredited online college was launched in 2005 and closed down in 2010. Three Trump University lawsuits plagued his first presidential campaign, alleging that Trump University was a scam that cost students tens of thousands of dollars. Trump settled the lawsuits for $25 million, though he did not admit any wrongdoing.

Other Ventures And Investments

Trump owns a wide variety of other enterprises outside real estate . Other investments include a 17.2% stake in Parker Adnan, Inc. , a Bermuda-based financial services holdings company. He took in $1.1 million in men’s wear licensing royalties. Trump earns $15,000 to $100,000 in book royalties and $2.2 million for his involvement with Trump Model Management every year. Until 2015, Trump owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, collectively worth $15 million.

Trump has marketed his name on a large number of products and services achieving mixed success doing so. Some of his external entrepreneurial and investment ventures include or have included:

In 2005, Trump reportedly received $1.5 million for a one-hour lecture at The Learning Annex Real Estate World Expo, with another seven events scheduled for a total fee of $12 million. In a court deposition two years later, Trump admitted that he was paid $400,000. The Trump Organization also housed ventures started by Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, including Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and the Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection the ventures were discontinued in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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Donald Trumps Business Successes

Back in 1980, Trump landed a deal with Hyatt, the city of New York and the unprofitable Commodore Hotel beside the Grand Central Station, earning the right to renovate and rebrand the ailing hotel into the Grand Hyatt. The property became an instant success, making Trump one of the best-known real estate developers in the area.

In 1984, Trump completed construction on the 68-story Trump Tower, which serves as headquarters for The Trump Organization to this day. The building includes a 60-foot waterfall and, on opening day, had five levels of retail stores and restaurants.

Trump has owned a slew of successful businesses and properties, among them Trump Place, a luxury residential community spanning 92 acres. The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago has a hotel, condos and numerous restaurants and shops. The success of Wollman Rink, a Central Park staple, is arguably credited to Trump.

However, following the storming of the U.S. Capitol, New York City announced that it was severing its business ties with Trump. On Jan. 13, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would be terminating three contracts with The Trump Organization that would cease its operations of a carousel in Manhattans Central Park, skating rinks and a golf course in the Bronx, Reuters reported.

The Outsized Entrepreneurial World Of Trump Merchandise

Here’s How To Get Rich Selling Stuff On Amazon

On rally days, the Trump-merchandise sellers work begins before dawn. Ive been awake for twenty-four hours, David, a roadside flag vender, told me cheerfully on Saturday, January 15th. We drove all over, looking for the best spot. The Save America rally in Florence, Arizona, hadnt officially begun, but hed already sold sixty Trump-themed flags, most for $39.95.

David, a first-generation American whose family moved to the Southwest from Mexico when he was a child, has been in the flag business since he was fifteen. Back then, he helped his stepfather sell banners to people who wanted to proclaim their allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys or to the state of New Mexico, among other things. Three years ago, with the market for flags booming, David went into business for himself. Although his stock includes gay-pride, Tupac Shakur, and Antifa flags, the Trump campaign, Presidency, and post-Presidency have been particularly good for business.

Solomon, like many other venders I spoke with, told me that last year was rough, compared with 2020. Trumps election loss, followed by the embarrassment of January 6th, put a damper on sales. Some merchants branched into Stop the Steal gear, but didnt find much success. It was hard to move, Solomon said.

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Trademarks Publicity And The Presidency

Can U.S. presidents protect their names and faces with trademarks? And, on the flip side, is it okay to use the president’s name or image on a product? Find out how trademarks and other intellectual property rights apply to the Commander in Chief.

Spend a few minutes poking around online and you’ll find a treasure trove of Donald Trump products: Make America Great Again” ball caps, Trump’s Success” fragrance, Donald Trump toilet paper , and even a Trump Chia Pet.

As we prepare to celebrate President’s Day, you might wonder: Is it legal to put the president’s face on toilet paper? Are presidents considered fair game, so you can do whatever you want with their names and faces? Are the rules different for Trump, who is both the current president and a famous businessman? And what about former living presidents like Barack Obama, or dead ones like Abraham Lincoln?

Presidential Trademarks

For years before he entered politics, private citizen Trump and his companies took steps to protect the Trump name as a trademark for everything from hotels to men’s cologne. Those trademarks are still in effect, and there’s nothing to prevent him from registering additional trademarks while he is president.

However, federal trademark law makes it hard for anyone else to register a presidential trademark. Under the law, you aren’t allowed to register a trademark for any living person’s name, likeness, or signature without that person’s permissionand that includes a living president.

Understand The 2022 Midterm Elections

Why are these midterms so important?This years races could tip the balance of power in Congress to Republicans, hobbling President Bidens agenda for the second half of his term. They will also test former President Donald J. Trumps role as a G.O.P. kingmaker. Heres what to know:

What are the midterm elections?Midterms take place two years after a presidential election, at the midpoint of a presidential term hence the name. This year, a lot of seats are up for grabs, including all 435 House seats, 35 of the 100 Senate seats and 36 of 50 governorships.

What do the midterms mean for Biden?With slim majorities in Congress, Democrats have struggled to pass Mr. Bidens agenda. Republican control of the House or Senate would make the presidents legislative goals a near-impossibility.

What are the races to watch?Only a handful of seats will determine if Democrats maintain control of the House over Republicans, and a single state could shift power in the 50-50 Senate. Here are 10 races to watch in the House and Senate, as well as several key governors contests.

When are the key races taking place?The primary gauntlet is already underway. Closely watched races in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia were held in May, with more taking place through the summer. Primaries run until September before the general election on Nov. 8.

Others have used video with even greater precision.

Some catch Mr. Trumps eye on television in between the commercials.

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How To Block Donald Trump From Your Internet

If you’re suffering from overexposure to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Internet has a cure for that.

“Trump Filter,” a new Google Chrome extension created by self-described “punk rock technolologist” Rob Spectre, removes mentions of the GOP front-runner from any web page viewed on the browser, promising that “Donald simply disappears from your view.”

Available in Google’s Chrome Web Store, the feature allows the the user to “adjust your level of Trump filtration based on your mood or the website you are visiting.” It has three filter sensitivity levels — “mild,” “aggressive,” and “vindictive” — that a viewer can choose depending on just “how much you want to avoid the Donald.”

With the filter on, any news article — including anything from the CBS News website — with a mention of Trump simply appears as a blank web page.

The Brooklyn-based Spectre writes on his website that he is not affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic parties. Rather, Spectre created the open-source filter “out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty.”

Trump’s controversial presidential campaign has spawned a whole host of Internet memes and jokes, including some that similarly target the web-browsing experience in relation to the real estate mogul.

Developed by Fusion news site, one Chrome extension adds actual Donald Trump quotes to any mention of the billionaire’s name. The “Trumpweb” extension changes the web page text to look something like this:

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