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What Kind Of Pen Does Trump Use

What Pen Does Biden Use To Sign Executive Orders

JUST IN: New Filings Reveal How Much Cash Donald Trump Has On Hand

Senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson has covered everything from stocking a medicine cabinet to adopting a pet. Shes especially passionate about running and cat furniture

Senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson has covered everything from stocking a medicine cabinet to adopting a pet. Shes especially passionate about running and cat furniture

After a refreshingly stylish inauguration ceremony , newly sworn-in President Biden wasted little time getting down to work, signing 17 executive orders in the Oval Office on his first day. Neatly stacked in a pile of leather-bound folders, the orders addressed an array of critical issues facing the country, from the pandemic and climate change to immigration and racial justice. My detail-obsessed Strategist mind, though, couldnt help but focus on another item on the Resolute desk: a little wooden box displaying a lineup of identical black-barreled pens with shiny gold accents. Obviously I had to find out: What is Bidens pen of choice?

When Trump took office, his administration initially ordered a stock of Century IIs, but, as Trump told Axios, he soon rejected the official pen in favor of a chunky Sharpie. He says he asked the brand to design a custom one for him and to make it look rich. Trumps Sharpie was perhaps most infamously used to adapt the projected course of Hurricane Dorian on a White House map in 2019 to support his inaccurate tweet that the storm would impact Alabama.

Hotel And Gift Shop Goods

Many of the products used in Trump hotels are from overseas.

The Trump-branded bedding is a mixed-bag. Take this comforter, for instance: The shell is made in China, while the filling and assembly is completed domestically. The matching pillows are begun in China and finished in the U.S.

USA Today reported that his new Washington hotel has chandeliers are from Austria, hallway lamps from China, phones from Malaysia, televisions from South Korea, towels from India, plush robes from China and glasses from Italy. The mattress and pillows, it was noted, are American-made.

Many Trump-branded products sold in the gift shop of the Washington hotel are made overseas, too. The Daily Beast reports that a $32 golf hat is made in Bangladesh, a $50 Trump-branded fleece is made in Pakistan, and an $80 pullover is made in Vietnam. A $15 Trump conditioner and a $15 Trump body butter both listed Canada as its country of origin.

Notes On A Scandal: Why Trump Loves To Scrawl In Marker Pen

Trumps remarks about Russian election interference were covered in marker pen scrawls its been his favoured mode of communication for decades

In January 2017, with the world wondering just how radical a departure the Trump presidency was going to be, people were grasping at any signs of continuity in the Oval Office. The president, who made his mark bucking tradition during the election, is sticking with a long-standing White House pen supplier, said one CNN article, breathing a sigh of relief that Trump had ordered 150 Century II black lacquer and gold roller ball pens from AT Cross, the same manufacturer used by former presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton.

Yet as the presidency progressed it became clear even the hallowed ballpoint could not be protected. The pen Trump is far more comfortable with is a big black Sharpie.

Yesterday, as he attempted to row back his statements made during his Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, Trumps prepared notes were covered in annotations in marker.

Over typed-up remarks, Trump had written there was no colusion in large capital letters. He also crossed out a line that read anyone involved in that meddling to justice, suggesting he didnt want to go as far as to say the US would take action against Russian interference.

Another paragraph that said some in Washington dont want diplomacy and are in the same mindset that dragged us into Iraq and Libya was also crossed out.

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What Mike Pence Really Thinks Of Donald Trump Today

While much has been speculated over the state of ex-President Donald Trump’s relationship with his vice president and two-time running mate Mike Pence following the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol Building, in which only hours before Trump lambasted Pence for failing to aide him in overturning the November 2020 election results due to Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, it seems like the waters, for the time being, have settled. Despite the fact that Pence has lain low following his exit from the White House possibly over concerns for his personal safety after right-wing rioters at the Capitol threatened to hang Pence following Trump’s comments the former secondhand man to Trump has since confided to those within his inner circle that his attitude towards the twice-impeached president is more positive than not.

So what exactly does Pence think about Trump over two months out from their first White House term? And does it serve as a litmus test for what Pence is planning to do next in politics, or even the future of the Republican party as we know it? Keep on scrolling to find out.

The Ceremonial Use Of Pens

What kind of pen is used by President Trump to sign executive orders ...

Pens are also used in a somewhat ceremonial capacity to sign bills into law by the President. Because of the historical nature of the event, several pens are used and then donated to those who have helped create the bill. This is a White House tradition that dates back many years. Barrack Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act with 22 pens and Bill Clinton used 40 pens in 1997 for the Taxpayers Relief Act, all the pens then being passed on as gifts.

Astonishingly though Lyndon Johnson was said to have used as many as 75 pens to sign in the Civil Rights Act in 1964, all for one signature! Lucky recipients of the barely used writing instruments included Rosa Parks, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Unsurprisingly perhaps, JFK would write out his name in full, to make the task of using all those pens a little easier. George W Bush however preferred to use just the one pen for signing, hanging on to it and then sharing the unused pens as souvenirs.

Lately though the Parker has been dropped as the go-to pen. German manufacturers Montblanc were said to be very unhappy when Bill Clinton not only used a fake Montblanc to sign in a bill, but then gave out other fakes as souvenirs. American brand Cross has been the presidential pen of choice for a while now which brings us neatly back to the 46th President.

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Michael Cohen Says Trump Would Start A War To Stay In Office

While Cohen’s book is filled with such stark warnings, he doesn’t offer any major new revelations about alleged Russia ties, sexual assaults or racism. He said he doesn’t know whether Russia has financial leverage over Trump, has never heard Trump use the N-word and isn’t in a position to know for sure whether the sexual assault allegations against Trump are true or false.

Cohen, who served prison time for lying to Congress and doesn’t expect readers to like him, paints a more subtle portrait of moral decrepitude.

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern responded in a statement to NBC News: “Michael Cohen’s book is fan fiction. He readily admits to lying routinely but expects people to believe him now so that he can make money from book sales. It’s unfortunate that the media is exploiting this sad and desperate man to attack President Trump.”

Cohen said Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2016 campaign because he assumed he would lose and wanted to make sure he could borrow money from Russian sources for his real estate empire.

As previously detailed in court records, Trump also had dispatched Cohen to try to build a Trump Tower Moscow, a 120-story building in Red Square with a free penthouse apartment for Putin.

“The whole idea of patriotism and treason became irrelevant in his mind,” Cohen writes. “Trump was using the campaign to make money for himself: of course he was.”

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Why Does The Us President Use A New Pen For Each Order

This photo shows President Biden at his desk in the Oval Office. He is holding a pen and signing an executive order. On his right is a pile of further executive orders. In front is a box with approximately 12 pens, apparently one for each order.

It’s a tradition and the pens are given out later as souvenirs. From this TIME article:

The rationale is fairly simple. The pen used to sign historic legislation itself becomes a historical artifact. The more pens a President uses, the more thank-you gifts he can offer to those who helped create that piece of history. The White House often engraves the pens, which are then given as keepsakes to key proponents or supporters of the newly signed legislation.

During President Trump’s first signing ceremony, he used multiple pens too, later given to the Members of Congress who had attended.

President Obama famously used 22 pens to sign Obamacare into law. The White House released a video then explaining the tradition.

Obama used 22 pens to sign health care reform legislation into law in March of 2010. He used a different pen for each letter or half letter of his name. “This is gonna take a little while,” Obama said.


Recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi also used multiple pens when signing the articles of impeachment during Trump’s first impeachment.

The pens are usually given to people attending the “Signing Ceremony.”

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Trump And Sharpies Maker Land In Different Kind Of Storm

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WASHINGTON The pen has never been mightier. President Donald Trumps Sharpie pen, that is.

Mr. Trumps suspected use of a signature black Sharpie to alter a hurricane map has prompted thousands of mocking tweets, late-night comedy jokes and a viral internet meme. It has also further fused a staple of American homes and offices with the image of a highly divisive president, showing that even a humdrum marker maker can be swept up in the constant furor surrounding the Trump White House.

Mr. Trump is a longtime user of the Sharpie pen, whose thick, bold imprint is a visual reflection of Mr. Trumps blunt some might say crude style. Well before he was president, he regularly used the pens to sign autographs, write notes and mark up printed news articles before sending them back to their authors.

As president, Mr. Trump appears more enamored of the pens than ever, using them to sign his name to proclamations and legislation in his distinctive EKG-style signature. He has even had the company custom design a presidential version of its iconic pen, emblazoned with his signature, for his official use.

In public, at least, the brand has not exactly reveled in the presidents embrace: The official has not mentioned Mr. Trump since his election. Representatives for the company and the White House did not offer comment.

And What Kind Of Pen Does The President Use

Trump says US needs to get off the sidelines in Ukraines fight for survival

Presidential writing pens are a thing. Typically, presidents have a beloved pen brand they use to sign bills, and those pens are then gifted to people involved in working on the bill. Have you ever seen a president use multiple pens to sign one document? Thats again for souvenirsthe more pens, the more people the president can gift them to.

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Trump: ‘we Have So Much Potential In This Country’

But many of his own products wouldn’t fit that bill. The president and his daughter largely manufacture Trump-branded products in countries like China, Indonesia, Turkey and Canada.

Here’s where Trump products are made.

“Unfortunately, my ties are made in China,” Trump admitted in June 2016.

Trump suits sold on are listed as imported. Buzzfeed ordered two they were made in Indonesia.

Trump rectangular shaped eyeglasses are made in China, according to retailer

However, Trump’s cologne line, ‘Success,’ is made in the U.S.A., according to the labeling.

Whats Behind The Multiple Pens At Signing Ceremonies

Its a classic political photo-op: A leader uses multiple pens to sign a key piece of legislation or historic executive order. Last week, for example, Mayor Martin J. Walsh followed the obscure tradition by using several pens to ink his John Hancock on Bostons $3.15 billion budget for the next fiscal year.

Where does this quirky ritual come from?

It dates at least to the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The idea is that presidents, governors, and mayors reward supporters of the measures with mementos often engraved to acknowledge their efforts to gain passage.

The tradition gained wider attention when President Lyndon Johnson used 75 pens to sign the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy received six, apparently to reward high-ranking Justice Department officials who had worked for the measures passage. Martin Luther King Jr. also received a pen.

When President Gerald Ford signed the pardon for President Nixon, he used only one pen to sign the formal document.

George W. Bush did not follow the tradition. He used only one pen to sign all legislation.

President Barack Obama used 22 pens to sign the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010.

To ensure the pens are actually used, presidents employ various methods. Obama used a different pen for each letter or half letter of his name. John F. Kennedy was known to keep the ink flowing by signing his middle name.

Roy Greene can be reached at . Follow him on Twitter .

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Michael Cohen Explains Why Trump Likes Putin And What Trump Really Thinks Of His Supporters

WASHINGTON Donald Trump is an authoritarian, racist sexual predator, according to a new book by his former lawyer and confidant, who says Trump admires ruthless dictators and openly mocks the working-class Americans he has duped into supporting him.

In “Disloyal: A Memoir,” the lawyer, Michael Cohen, writes that he believes his longtime client won’t leave office willingly if he is defeated in the November election.

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