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What Is Ivanka Trump’s White House Salary

Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Made Millions In Washington But At What Cost

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s White House Run Ended With Sharp Income Drop

First things first: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump should never have been allowed to work in the White House. Anti-nepotism rules exist for a reason, namely so that unqualified relatives of the president are not given jobs in the most important office in the world.

Kushner, the son of a now-pardoned felon and real estate magnate, came to the White House from his previous position as an executive in the family business, often playing the role of slumlord. Yet, he was tasked with solving everything from the opioid crisis to modernizing the federal government to criminal justice reform to Middle East peaceto the coronavirus pandemic. He solved almost nothing, but he did reportedly help secure a pardon for his father.

First things first: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump should never have been allowed to work in the White House.

While we still dont know exactly what Trump did in the White House, she always seemed to find herself in a room of power. Often, scandal followed.

Yet, it was so important that these two serve in the administration that the Department of Justice dismissed its anti-nepotism guidelines and decades of precedent to let them work. They left their businesses behind, they said, divested from any potential conflicts of interest and refused to take a salary because they were not in Washington, D.C., for their own benefit.

Did Ivanka Trump Break The Law Touting Her Own Products

Donald Trump hadn’t yet set foot in the White House when Ivanka Trump began using her newfound spotlight to tout her various products. In July 2016, for example, while attending the Republican National Convention, her account unabashedly shared a link to shop the dress she had worn for the occasion . Then, during a November 2016 appearance on “60 Minutes” alongside her father, she wore an Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry bracelet, which was later sent out to reporters in an email, stating it was “her favorite bangle from the Metropolis Collection” and urging them to “please share” the bracelet, costing between $8,800 and $10,800, “with your clients.” Perhaps most bizarre, however, was her July 2020 endorsement of Goya on after Goya CEO Robert Unanue came under fire for supporting President Trump.

The Trump Organization Was Good For Ivanka Trump’s Bottom Line

While Donald Trump may not normally share any of his Trump Organization holdings with his children in fact, the siblings “own virtually none” of his assets, per Forbes Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. do own a portion of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. As Forbes reported, the three eldest Trump kids each hold “a 7.5% stake” in the property, valued at around $6 million each.

That being said, even though they don’t share ownership in most of their father’s portfolio and they don’t have trust funds, they have been paid “hefty salaries” by the Trump Organization for their work as execs. According to Forbes, they each earned $35 million in “pretax salary, commissions and bonuses” over the span of 20 years. When it comes to Ivanka, she was named executive vice president and pocketed around $25 million as she “scouted deals around the globe and headed up interior design for Trump hotels.”

Leaving the Trump Organization also turned out to be lucrative for the first daughter. Disclosure forms filed in July 2017 showed that she earned $2.5 million in salary and severance pay when she resigned that January in order to take on her advisor role in the White House, per CNN Money. What’s more, working for her dad on “The Apprentice” also paid off, as she now earns residual payments and holds a pension from the Screen Actors Guild, per Fortune.

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Ivanka Trump White House Eliminate Equal Pay Rule Data

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Did Ivanka Trump’s Controversial Book Deals Make Her Any Money

White House, With Support from Ivanka, Backs Scrapping ...

In 2017, Ivanka Trump once again raised ethical concerns when it was announced that she would be publishing a self-help book, “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success,” that May. As The Washington Post reported, she received half of her advance, worth around $425,000, before the election and was set to receive the other half after her father took office.

Criticism was swift and Ivanka took to to explain that “the manuscript was completed before the election last November” and to announce that “out of an abundance of caution and to avoid the appearance of using my official role to promote the book, I will not publicize the book.” She continued that “in order to extend the reach of those who will benefit from this book, I have established the Ivanka M. Trump Charitable Fund to receive the unpaid portion of my advance and future royalties … and to make grants to charitable organizations that support the economic empowerment for women and girls.”

She did however keep the first half of her advance: a great deal considering the book sold just 31,000 copies in its first five months on shelves, losing its publisher “at least $220,000,” per Forbes. Ivanka’s first book, “The Trump Card,” actually performed even worse, selling only 26,000 copies.

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Opinionthe Story Of How Trump Chose Children Over Country And The Men Who Tried To Stop Him

Cadre was a domestic company, but other ethical concerns stem from the couples overseas entanglements. Much has been made about foreign governments trying to curry favor with then-President Donald Trump by staying at his hotel a couple blocks from the White House. According to her financial disclosures, Ivanka Trump has made around $13 million from her ownership stake in that hotel since 2017. But she also did business in foreign countries. After much criticism, she shut down her fashion brand but continued to get dozens of trademarks in foreign countries like China, Japan and Canada, which will allow her to pick it back up again if she wants to. Interestingly, she still somehow managed to make up to $1 million in 2019 from a brand she claimed ceased business operations.

Outside of maybe Kellyanne Conway, youd be hard pressed to find someone with such a blatant disregard for White House ethics rules as Ivanka Trump.

Here’s How Much Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Earned As Trump’s Advisers

  • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher served as advisers to the president in the Trump administration
  • They were not paid a salary for their roles in the White House
  • Trump and Kushner made between $23.7 million and $120.6 million in combined outside income for 2020

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner ended their stint as White House advisers when President Donald Trump left office in January. But how much salary did they receive for their positions in the Trump administration?

Trump, who was officially appointed adviser to the president in 2017, and Kushner, who held the position of senior adviser, were not paid a salary for their work at the White House, according to an official document detailing White House staff salaries.

Unlike the couple, however, other aides and advisers in the Trump administration received generous paychecks. According to the document, the highest-paid staffer was senior policy adviser Mark House, who made $187,100 annually.

Those who earned the next highest salary, $179,700, included chief strategist Steve Bannon, chief of staff Reince Priebus, press secretary Sean Spicer, senior counselor Kellyanne Conway and senior adviser for policy Stephen Miller.

This figure was $3,000 higher than the salary of the highest-paid White House employees during the Obama administration, which included Susan E. Rice and Valerie B. Jarrett. They earned $176,461 in 2016, CNBC noted.

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Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Report Income Of At Least $36 Million In 2019

The couples investments, mostly in real estate, were worth at least $204 million and as much as $783 million.

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By Jesse Drucker and Robert Gebeloff

Three years into their new careers as White House officials, Ivanka Trump, the presidents eldest daughter, and her husband, Jared Kushner, reported income of at least $36 million in 2019, according to financial disclosure reports made public on Friday.

The couples investments, mostly in real estate, were worth at least $204 million and as much as $783 million, roughly the same as their maximum value of $786 million in 2018.

The documents, like other federal disclosure reports, show ranges of income and asset values. In some cases, they require only a minimum figure, making it impossible to discern a precise maximum figure for income.

During 2019, the couples income could have been as much as $157 million, and possibly more. That compares with a range in 2018 of $29 million to $135 million.

Mr. Kushners continued stake in his family real estate firm, Kushner Companies, has drawn criticism, as the company has sought investments from around the world, despite his government position, including his role as an unofficial diplomat in the Middle East.

Overall, the couples income was also down compared with 2017, when they reported at least $82 million.

While In The White House Jared And Ivanka Made Up To $640 Million

What exactly does Ivanka Trump do at White House? BBC News

According to a CREW review of financial disclosures, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump posted between $172 million and $640 million in outside income while serving in the White House. The exact sum is difficult to determine since income is often measured in wide ranges and covers four months of income before Ivanka Trump officially joined her fathers administration and almost one month before Jared Kushner joined.

In an effort to quell fears about nepotism, both Kushner and Trump declared that they would not take a salary when working for the government. Although their supporters portrayed this as a public contribution, the vast sums of money they made on the side refute this argument, as government wages would have accounted for less than 1% of their total income.

Ivanka Trumps revenue from the hotel was far from her only source of controversy while serving in the White House. Ivanka Trump announced the closing of her namesake brand in 2018, and she later released a government filing stating that ll activities of the firm ended on July 31, 2018. Despite the fact that she said it no longer existed, we found that she made up to $1 million from it in 2019.


Hed be worth between $25 million and $50 million. Initially, Kushner refused to reveal his stake in Cadre. Despite the fact that the top White House ethics official decided at one point that divesting from Cadre was reasonably appropriate for him to do his job, he never did so.

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White House Releases Salary Info For Trump’s Aides

Priebus, Bannon, Spicer and Conway all pull in annual salaries of $179,700.

Donald Trump’s White House is stocked with 25 staffers who hold the title of “assistant to the president,” according to a disclosure released Friday, which also revealed that nearly two dozen aides all earn an annual salary of roughly $180,000.

The White House posted the salaries of its executive office staff in a 16-page document detailing the earnings of nearly 400 individuals 18 are detailees, a distinction for people who were pulled from other agencies or organizations to temporarily serve in a White House role. The document was also shared with Congress, an annual requirement of administrations since 1995.

The presidents core West Wing staff dominate the top tier of earners, with chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon, press secretary Sean Spicer, counselor Kellyanne Conway, spokeswoman Hope Hicks and social media director Dan Scavino all earning $179,700.

The West Wing has always been a competitive place, but Trumps White House has been especially intense as aides are often forced to respond in real time to the presidents erratic tweets and frequently compete for the presidents ear. Trumps communications shop has also struggled to contain the sprawling Russia investigations examining possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

But Ivanka Trump Did Still Make Bank While In The White House

Ivanka Trump may not have been paid for her White House role, but she and husband Jared Kushner still managed to earn at least $147 million during their first three years in the White House thanks to their other ventures. According to financial statements analyzed by The Washington Post, Ivanka and her hubby earned “at least $82 million” in income in 2017, with Ivanka bringing in “at least $12 million,” including a $3.9 million haul from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. She also cashed in on over $2 million in severance pay from the Trump Organization and an additional $5 million plus from the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust.

Their earnings dipped down to between $29 million and $135 million in 2018, per The New York Times, with Ivanka’s income for that year listed as being between $6.7 million and $10.7 million, including “just under $4 million from the Trump International Hotel.” The downward trend stopped in 2019, however, when the couple reported earnings of between $36 million and $157 million, per The New York Times, with Ivanka once again getting $3.95 million from the Trump International Hotel.

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Happy On Her Own Everything Jennifer Aniston Has Said About Not Having Kids

The Trump name may be synonymous with obscene wealth, but working in the West Wing doesnt seem to be a profitable activity for Ivanka Trump. The 36-year-old is working as a White House advisor for her father, President Donald Trump, but her annual salary in that position is a big fat zero.

According to The Associated Press, Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner chose not to take a salary in the White House. Presidential assistant Reed Cornish, another real estate heir, has also forgone pay and Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive, is only taking a salary of $30,000 for his work as a White House aide.

A post shared by Ivanka Trump on Feb 6, 2018 at 8:40am PST

The White House is required to report its salaries and titles of its staff to Congress every year, which is how we know some people are earning six-figure salaries at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, as of July 2017, 40 percent of White House staffers were earning $100,000 or more. Additionally, 22 aides were earning $179,000 including Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, and former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault.

Of course, neither Ivanka nor her father needs White House money to be filthy rich. Ivanka, for example, earned at least $13.5 million in income over a recent 17-month period, according to CNN. After all, that designer wardrobe of hers certainly isnt paying for itself!

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