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How Old Is Trump Biden And Sanders

John Lewis Endorses Biden For President

Biden is ‘part of the old political establishment,’: Sanders

WASHINGTON Rep. John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement, endorsed Joe Biden for president Tuesday, saying the former vice president will inspire another generation “to speak up, to speak out, to be brave, to be bold.”

“It is my belief that we need Joe Biden now more than ever before,” Lewis, D-Ga., told reporters. “He will be a great president. He will lead our country to a better place. He will inspire another generation to stand up, to speak up and to speak out. Be brave, to be bold. That’s why I’m committed to supporting him.”

In an interview with NBC News’ Craig Melvin airing later this morning on “Today,” Biden calls Lewis “one of my heroes,” praising his courage and sacrifice in the fight for civil rights, especially as part of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Alabama, in 1965.

Biden said: “The fact that he would endorse me is just it makes me even more certain that I should be doing what I’m doing. I’m a great, great admirer of John Lewis. He’s a man of enormous integrity.”

Georgia has delayed its primary until May 19 because of the coronavirus outbreak. Although he was diagnosed December with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, Lewis said he was committed to traveling across the country to rally support for Biden.

“We need his voice. We need his leadership, now more than ever before. We need someone who will get our country on the right side of history and help save our planet,” he said

Trump & Biden Might Be Super Agers

Forbes reported that both Biden and Trump are likely to be in good health during their term if either is elected, positing that both might be super agers. The term refers to men who live significantly longer than other men in their peer demographic group, according to the Journal of Active Aging.

The doctors who wrote the report said that Trump and Biden both came from families with longevity, which might allow both men to maintain high mental and physical functioning much longer than average.

Interestingly, Forbes reported that Biden was expected to outlive Trump according to the paper. He had a projected lifespan of 96.8 years compared to Trumps of 88.6 years. One of the main differences, Forbes noted, was Trumps obesity compares to Bidens health for a man his age.

Who Is Older: Donald Trump Or Joe Biden

GettyJoe Biden and Donald Trump faced off in dueling town halls.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are facing off for the first time in the 2020 Presidential Debate tonight. But which candidate is older: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? They seem to be pretty close in age to each other, and in fact they are. Theyre separated in age by just about three years.

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Column: With Sanders Biden And Trump Competing The Presidency Is An Old Boys Club

So sorry, Democratic millennials. Youve got to drop the idea that baby boomers control everything. When it comes to the Democratic presidential nomination, the finalists are too old to qualify.

Bernie Sanders, 78, and Joe Biden, 77, were both born during World War II. Is that a problem? Ive always had a theory that as people get older, if theyre lucky, they get better and better at a more limited set of skills.

If its true, wed really have an argument for Biden, who has endless experience working with Congress and dealing with foreign leaders. Sanders, on the other hand, is very, very, very good at giving his one basic speech. I believe he could deliver it while being swung from a crane over the Statue of Liberty.

Whoever wins, of course, will run against Donald Trump, 73, who has never made any attempt to actually learn how to run a country but has super-perfected his genius for bragging and insulting people on television

Trump is already making a big deal about Bidens tendency to garble his words when hes talking in public. WATCH: Joe Biden confuses his wife with his sister, tweeted the presidents campaign.

That was when Biden was making introductions during his victory speech Tuesday, and it was actually sort of funny. But I hope the Democrats are stockpiling video for the final campaign of, say, Trumps speech at the Lincoln Memorial praising Americas revolutionary army for the time it rammed the ramparts and took over the airports.

Biden Sweeps With ‘joementum’ But Sanders Shows He Isn’t Done Yet

Sanders, Biden, and President Trump are the winners of ...

The former vice-president staged a comeback as Democrats fear a repeat of the 2016 struggle between Sanders and Clinton

Joe Biden has staged one of the greatest comebacks in modern political history to become the front runner of the Democratic presidential race after winning a majority of the crucial Super Tuesday primary elections.

A week ago the former vice-president, who first ran for the White House in 1988, had never finished first in a state primary or caucus. Now he has won 10 and is the favourite to clinch the Democratic nomination, setting up a battle with Donald Trump in Novembers US election.

People are talking about a revolution. We started a movement, Biden said in his victory speech in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, knocking one of his rival Bernie Sanders signature lines.

The path forward, however, remains rocky and uneven, with Sanders determined to fight to the bitter end. Democrats fear a replay of the bruising struggle between the Vermont senator and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

But for now, Biden, 77, has the most important political superpower: momentum . After setbacks in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada left him looking out of sorts and out of cash, Biden bounced back last Saturday by winning South Carolina by nearly 30 percentage points, including 61% of the black vote.

My best guess is Mr Biden will end the month with the most delegates. If this turns out to be a war of attrition, he can win it.

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Biden Sanders Aren’t That Old

As the Super Tuesday dust settles, observers keep talking about the ages of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, who have amassed the most delegates, as though this should be a matter of serious concern.

I’d like to dissent, for two reasons. First and most obviously, we’re suffering from recency bias. Before President Donald Trump, we had three consecutive two-term presidents who were relatively young: Bill Clinton, who was 46 on Election Day of 1992 George W. Bush, aged 54 in 2000 and Barack Obama, who was 47 in 2008. Before that, presidents tended to be older.

More to the point, when analysts tell us that Sanders or Biden, if elected in November, would be the oldest president in U.S. history, they’re omitting relevant data. Age isn’t an absolute. We live longer than we used to, and that’s as true of presidential candidates as it is for anyone else. The more useful comparison is life expectancy adjusted for age at the time of election in simple terms, how much longer the median person of the candidate’s age would be expected to live.

For example, life expectancy for a person born today in the U.S. is 78.7 years. But a 65-year-old can expect to live about 18 more years, to age 83. We can call this second figure age-dependent life expectancy. If we’re thinking about the age of a potential president, this is the number we should care about.

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Donald Trump Is Younger Than Sanders & Biden


Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. Hes 73 years old, so hes younger than both Sanders and Biden. However, hes older than Warren.

What about Hillary Clinton? Clinton was born on October 26, 1947. That makes her 71 years old and younger than Trump, Biden, or Sanders. But shes one year older than Elizabeth Warren, who was born on June 22, 1949 and is 70 years old.

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There Is Precedent For Electing Old Or Sick Presidents

Presidents impaired by age or infirmity are not uncommon. Assassination, which is not age-related, has taken the lives of four presidents but others have succumbed to serious ailments at an age younger than any of todays presidential hopefuls.

From William Henry Harrison who, in an effort to prove his vitality at the age of 68, gave his lengthy March 1841 inaugural address in a icy rainstorm and died a month after being sworn in, to Woodrow Wilson who suffered a stroke at age 63, to Ronald Reagan whose latter years in the White House were blighted by onset of dementia, the shadow of presidential fragility has always hovered over the White House.

We tend to project positive qualities on to those who we admire and politicians are acutely conscious of the need to display vitality and vigor. President Kennedy suffered from a variety of ailments from chronic back problems to Addisons disease but photos and footage of him never give any hint of the underlying pain and discomfort he experienced. A clean bill of health for presidential hopefuls is a document intrinsically more important than their tax returns.

Publicly betraying infirmity or incapacity is toxic for presidential vanity. Franklin Roosevelts challenge was not age but paralysis from polio and he went to considerable lengths to avoid exposing to public view the braces on his legs or his use of a wheelchair.

Talking about age is important when it comes to the president

Trump Shifts His Attention To Surging Biden Stokes Sanders Grievances

Rubio on Biden vs. Sanders: It’s either old Obama policies or Marxism

The Biden surge poses a threat to Trump in suburban areas where he’s struggling.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. | Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo

03/04/2020 03:38 AM EST

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President Donald Trumps political operation is shifting its focus to apparent Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden and ramping up its efforts to convince Bernie Sanders supporters he’s being robbed of the nomination.

With Biden suddenly vaulting to the front of the Democratic pack with his array of Super Tuesday wins, Republicans are intensifying their attacks on the 77-year-old former vice president. It represents a dramatic reversal: As late as last week, many in Trumps circle were certain that Sanders would be their general election opponent and had all but written off Biden.

The turnabout could have profound implications for Trumps political fortunes. Many of the presidents top advisers had been relishing the idea of a match-up against Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who threatens to alienate the affluent suburbanites who decisively swung to Democrats in 2018.

Not only has the last 96 hours brought a seismic shift in the Democrat primary but the trajectory of the general election is now completely different, said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump aide.

Throughout history, our presidents have delivered historic American speeches. Joe Biden just delivers gaffes.


On Monday, Trump tweeted out a Fox News-produced highlight reel of Biden’s gaffes.

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New Biden Super Pac Ad Highlights Democrat’s Coronavirus Plan

WASHINGTON The super PAC supporting Joe Biden is returning to the national airwaves with a new television ad, this time focusing on the Democrats plan for tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

The 30-second spot from Unite The Country pivots from the groups other recent paid messaging, which faults President Trump for how he has handled the pandemic.

Instead, the ad asks what Biden would do differently, before laying out elements of his previously announced plan, including ensuring all states had at least 10 mobile testing sites, greater availability of safety care, free vaccines, and an extended Obamacare enrollment period something the Trump administration recently ruled out.

The new ad will begin airing early this week on cable airwaves nationally as part of a six-figure buy, a spokesperson for Unite the Country told NBC News.

That new investment is in addition to the previous, seven-figure campaign behind the earlier ad, which made the point: “Crisis comes to every president. This one failed.

The Biden campaign itself has been largely off the airwaves during the pandemic. Ahead of todays Wisconsin primary, the campaign focused on text and phone outreach to voters there.

Last week, the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action, announced it will spend $10 million on ads criticizing Biden in swing states.

Who Are Bernie Sanders And Joe Biden Profiles Of The Veterans To Battle Trump

The 77-year-old ex-Vice President is up against the 78-year-old socialist firebrand. So who are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, and what do their surges in the US Presidential election Democratic Primaries mean?

  • 10:38, 5 Mar 2020

As the field jockeying for the Democrat nomination to challenge Donald Trump went into Super Tuesday, Joe Biden was trailing after gaffe-filled campaigning and lookedtotally out of the running.

But in a result that stunned pundits, the former Vice President emerged as the frontrunner in what is now a two-horse race with Bernie Sanders. Sanders also won big, taking his home state of Vermont as well as Utah, Colorado and California.

But Biden won southern and midwest states while scoring a dramatic upset in Texas. He even took rival Elizabeth Warrens home state of Massachusetts where he did not appear in person and where Sanders had campaigned aggressively.

The results ended the presidential hopes of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who dropped out yesterday.

It is a remarkable turnaround for Biden, 77, who said: We were told, well, when you got to Super Tuesday, itd be over. Well, it may be over for the other guy. Make no mistake, this campaign will send Donald Trump packing.

Mr Sanders, 78, echoed him, saying: We are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country.

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Vote For Biden Sanders Supporters Say Its Up In The Air

In interviews, some of Bernie Sanderss primary voters saw Joe Biden as a weaker candidate than Hillary Clinton. Others didnt think he could win. Nearly all were unenthusiastic.

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By Trip Gabriel

Now that Mr. Sanders has dropped out and endorsed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Ms. Shippee is torn over whether to once again cast a vote for a moderate Democrat in November, after grudgingly supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016 and President Barack Obama in 2012.

What it feels like is the Democratic Party relies on guilting progressives into voting for them, and they dont want to have any meaningful changes, said Ms. Shippee, 31, a nursing student in Milwaukee. For the third election in a row, to have a candidate youre not excited about makes me a little more interested in voting third party.

Despite Mr. Sanderss call to unite behind Mr. Biden to defeat President Trump whom the Vermont senator described as the most dangerous president of modern times and despite Mr. Obamas assurance that the party had moved left since he left office, the youthful and impassioned army of Sanders supporters is far from ready to embrace a nominee so unlike the one they pinned their dreams on.

Some Sanders supporters, to be sure, will be voting for Mr. Biden without hesitation.

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