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Why Is Donald Trump Bad

When He Attacked Former Prisoner Of War John Mccain As A Loser

These new poll numbers are bad news for President Trump

There was no love lost between late Republican Senator John McCain and Donald Trump.

But Trump certainly got in some low blows against his rival.

Upon McCains death in 2018, from a brain tumour, it was reported by witnesses that Trump was angered by his funeral being officially commemorated.

“Were not going to support that losers funeral, witnesses claimed the president said.

However, Trump then denied hed ever called McCain a loser.

Only problem was, footage from Trumps 2015 campaign run show him clearly slamming McCain as just that.

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UPMultiple Anonymous sources: “Trump called John McCain a loser.”Trump last night: “I never Heidi Krassenstein 1599224443

“He lost, he let us down… I never liked him as much after that because I don’t like losers, Trump says during the clip.

He follows it up by denying McCain deserves the epithet of war hero.

“He is not a war hero Trump said.

He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.

When He Accused Democrats Of Treason For Not Applauding His 2018 State Of The Union Address

We all know by now that Trump is a very, very sensitive man and cant take the slightest criticism against him. However, to accuse Democrats of treason for not applauding his 2018 State of the Union address is a bit of a stretch.

Yet thats exactly what he did during a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio in February 2018:

When He Appointed Jeff Sessions Attorney General

Donald Trump might be slamming Jeff Sessions now but when he appointed him his first official attorney general, he seemed like a big fan.

Which was despite large protests against giving Sessions the role, thanks to his past record, which included opposition to LGBTQ rights and protecting voting rights for marginalised groups.

While in office, Sessions immediately began undercutting federal rights for LGBTQ people, especially trans individuals.

Did Trump care, before or after? Absolutely not.

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Liv Golf Ceo Greg Norman Shared More Details On The Controversial New Business In An Interview With Fox News Tucker Carlson

Fox News Tucker Carlson, left, talks to LIV CEO Greg Norman during the final round of the Bedminster Invitational LIV Golf tournament in Bedminster, N.J., Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Seth Wenig, Associated Press

Golf legend Greg Norman, CEO of the controversial new LIV Golf series, believes LIV is the future of golf. But he admits itll be awhile before many golf fans see it that way.

In a new interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, Norman shared his perspective on where LIV Golf stands today and where its headed. He also offered some details on its ties to Tiger Woods and former President Donald Trump.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Drinks Cabinet: The Aberlour Abunadh

Donald Trump

Today, Donald Trump will become President of America and one of the most powerful men in the world. Having destroyed conventional political strategy and won an election against the predictions of almost everybody, the concept of President Donald J. Trump is causing some concern. But dont panic just yet, because it may be that a Trump Presidency wont be as bad as you think

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New Concerns Over American Democracy

Throughout his tenure, Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of democratic institutions, from the free press to the federal judiciary and the electoral process itself. In surveys conducted between 2016 and 2019, more than half of Americans said Trump had little or no respect for the nations democratic institutions and traditions, though these views, too, split sharply along partisan lines.

The 2020 election brought concerns about democracy into much starker relief. Even before the election, Trump had cast doubt on the security of mail-in voting and refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the event that he lost. When he did lose, he refused to publicly concede defeat, his campaign and allies filed dozens of unsuccessful lawsuits to challenge the results and Trump personally pressured state government officials to retroactively tilt the outcome in his favor.

Most Americans placed at least some blame on Trump for the riot at the Capitol, including 52% who said he bore a lot of responsibility for it. Again, however, partisans views differed widely: 81% of Democrats said Trump bore a lot of responsibility, compared with just 18% of Republicans.

Feehery: 6 Positive Things About The Trump Years And 6 Bad Things

The media cant stop fixating on Donald Trump or congressional Republicans, who currently have little influence on the bad decisions being made by Joe Biden and the Democrats. In that spirit, here is an honest appraisal of what Donald Trump did right in his four years of office and what he did wrong.

What he did right

1) He expressed unambiguous love for America and its history. After eight years of the Obama apology tour, this optimistic view of the American people was sorely needed and it exposed the leftists who we now know have a dim view of our country and its rich history.

2) He unshackled the economy from burdensome taxes and oppressive regulations and the economy exploded as a result.

3) He refrained from getting us into any more foreign wars and tried hard to get us out of the wars we are already hopelessly mired in.

4) He spoke directly to the hopes and fears of the forgotten working class of all races, creeds and colors. He understood that Washington and its economic policies had hollowed out the middle of America and he took positive action to return power, capital and jobs back to the heartland.

5) He was a true outsider who smashed the political globalist consensus of America as the worlds piggy bank, reestablished the idea of enforceable borders and made our allies pay their fair share for their own security.

6) He made inroads with Black voters: He signed criminal justice reform. And he played the Kanye-Kardashian card very effectively.

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When He Falsely Accused Barack Obama Of Spying On The Trump Campaign

Trump has accused predecessor Barack Obama of many things without providing a lick of evidence.

And he started as he meant to go on by bizarrely claiming Obama had wire-tapped the phones in the Trump Tower.

To achieve what end? So he could listen to the sound of Fox News and crinkling fast food packets for 24 hours a day? Sure.

When He Ignored Evidence Of Michael Flynns Meetings With Russia

Kinzinger: Trump was the ‘worst president America has ever had’

One of the highest-profile falls from grace of Trumps administration was Michael Flynn. Formerly Trumps national security advisor, Flynn now faces criminal charges for accusations that he lied about contact with Russia before being appointed to the role.

But Trump was apparently warned about Flynn weeks before the adviser was forced to resign and only told vice president Mike Pence about the allegations facing Flynn when a Washington Post exposé on the matter the next day.

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When He Oversaw The Longest Government Shutdown In Us History

Between December 22 2018 and January 25 2019 almost nothing happened in the US government due to the longest shutdown in United States history.

The reason for this? Because Republicans and Democrats failed to agree on the federal budget, mostly over disputes about Trumps immigration policy and his border wall, which still hasnt been completed.

To show you how hypocritical this whole situation was here is a Trump tweet from less than 12 months before complaining how bad a shutdown would be for the military:

Failure: Family Separations And The Deaths Of Migrant Children

Trump in 2016 campaigned on reducing undocumented immigration, pledging to take a hardline approach.

He made good on that promise when coming into office, but was accused of human-rights abuses and violating international law by the UN.

The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings led to the separations of at least 5,500 families and saw children placed in cages.

The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics at the time described the practice as “nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse.”

After widespread backlash, Trump issued an executive order in June 2018 to halt the family separations, and a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite all those it had separated. But the fallout from the separations is ongoing.

Trump falsely blamed his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, for the policy that saw thousands of children separated from their parents.

At least six migrant children died in US custody, leading to widespread condemnation of conditions in detention facilities.

The UN human-rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, in July 2019 said she was “shocked” by the US government’s treatment of migrant children and the conditions they faced in detention facilities after crossing the border from Mexico.

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When He Stopped Funding For The Un Population Fund Which Supports Family Planning Across The Globe

In a Trump-led crusade against the health and rights of women and girls globally, the US ended all funding for the United Nations Population Fund in 2017.

The fund supports reproductive and sexual health programmes for vulnerable women in over 150 countries, like Venezuela and Syria.

At the time, Trump cited false claims of programmes requiring coercive abortion.

In response, womens rights activists said he had signed a global death warrant for women.

When He Appointed An Anti

Donald Trump Is Giving Business a Bad Name

Who is the best person to head up family planning funding allocations for low-income communities, aka ensuring people with wombs have a right to choose whether they give birth or not?

According to Donald Trump, its Teresa Manning, a loud anti-abortion advocate and birth control sceptic.

Manning was appointed deputy assistant secretary for population affairs in 2017, where she oversaw Title X funding — money for contraceptive and sexul health services.

Her previous experience in the field came from stints at two large anti-abortion groups.

Eventually Manning resigned in 2018, with her successor Valerie Huber being a a staunch advocate of abstinence-only programs.

Just the person for the job then.

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When He Told A Sheriff To Destroy The Career Of A Senator Who Opposed Police Officers Being Able To Seize Assets

In 2017, Trump joked about destroying the career of a Texas senator who wanted to crack down on asset forfeiture.

Asset forfeiture is a controversial practice that allows police departments to seize suspicious assets and keep them even if the person theyre seized from is never convicted or charged with a crime.

According to experts, the practice disproportionately affects people without means. Police can auction off the assets and the funds go back into their budgets.

However, Trumps response to hearing about a senator who wished to reform the concept was pretty telling.

Who is the state senator?, he said, on being informed about proposed legislation to require conviction before asset forfeiture could be practiced.

Want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.

When He Mocked The Testimony Of Dr Christine Blasey Ford Who Accused Brett Kavanaugh Of Sexual Assault

When Trumps supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of historical sexual assault by Dr Christine Blasey Ford at a college party in 1982, Trump did what any decent president would do he mocked her.

Speaking at a rally in Mississippi in October 2018, Trump appeared to suggest that Ford was drunk on that date as an excuse to pour scorn on her claims. Kavanaugh denies her allegations.

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Asked Georgia Officials To Fix The Election For Him

Trumps mad start to 2021 saw him caught on a phonecall to officials in Georgia, including the aforementioned Brad Raffensperger, asking them to basically fix the election for him. At one point he asked them to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than the Democrats have which would swing the election in his favour. It was almost so unbelievable that it was inevitably turned into a song.

full 11,780 Votes songwith more begging, harmonies, and gruff “No”s The Gregory Brothers 1609867233

When He Cut A Pandemic Early Warning Program In 2019

Donald Trump: We need to get out ‘bad hombres’

1. Trump fired the pandemic response unit created by Obama after Ebola.2. Trump cut CDC funding3. During H1N1, Dan Pfeiffer 1584107262

Now the president doesnt have to be Mystic Meg but it does seem to show a worrying lack of forethought that Trump cut a program that would issue early warnings of pandemics in September 2019.

The first known reported case of coronavirus occurred just two months later.

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When He Doubled Fees At His Resort Hotel After Becoming President

Whats the first thing you do when you become the leader of the free world? Jack up the membership fees at your beach resort.

After Trumps election, Mar-a-Lago, the shining jewel in his gilt-coated crown, doubled its initiation fee to $200,000.

At the time, Norm Eisen, Barack Obamas top ethics lawyer, called it not very subtle exploitation of the fact that the clubs figurehead is now president of the U.S.

This type of naked profiteering off of a government office is what I would expect from King Louis XVI or his modern kleptocratic equivalents, not an American president, Eisen said.


When He Suggested Vaccines Cause Autism

While on the campaign trail, Trump met with anti-vaxxers, including Andrew Wakefield whose now-disproved study into the MMR vaccine and autism helped renew an anti-vaccine movement in 1998.

This followed over 20 occasions where Trump tweeted about links between vaccines and autism, for which there is no evidence.

Once elected, Trump had plans to establish an advisory commission to look at federal vaccine policies, reportedly because he had some doubts and questions.

Funnily enough, with coronavirus floating about, hes now a big fan of vaccines.

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Tried To Take Credit For The Covid Vaccine

Just days after he lost the election, news of a successful coronavirus vaccine was announced. The Trump administration was quick to claim a victory over the pandemic and falsely attributed Operation Warp Speed with being instrumental with the vaccination. In a similar move, on 11th November Trump did a tone-deaf tweet about how well the stock market was doing and that the ‘vaccine coming soon.’ In comparison to the more reserved statement from the incoming Biden administration, Trump’s tweet looked insincere at best.

Four Seasons vs. Four Seasons Total Landscaping The Daily Show 1604932802

A Real President In The White House

Trump to Woodward: âSounds Like This Is Going to Be a Bad Oneâ

This might come as a surprise, but I am not a Biden fan. I hate his 1994 crime bill. I don’t like his pushback on forgiving student loans. And I am ashamed at how he pulled out of Afghanistan, taking all the keys to economic and social stability for Afghans, along with our occupying military forces.

Even so, as we inch closer to and then pass Biden’s one-year anniversary in office, I was pleasantly reminded that this year again we will have a real president in the White House.

Certainly, not every head of state will have the charisma of Barack Obama, panache of Franklin D. Roosevelt or negotiation skills of Jimmy Carter. But surely anyone is better than Trump.

And Biden is a man who has studied the science of government. He has dedicated his life to public service. He has also experienced significant personal tragedy. Just weeks before he was to be sworn in as a U.S. senator, his wife and 1-year-old daughter died in a car accident in 1972. In 2015, Biden’s son Beau, Delaware’s attorney general, died of brain cancer.

Unlike Trump, Biden is a statesman. And also unlike Trump, Biden truly cares about this country. He isn’t capitulating to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin or urging treason. He isn’t calling Mexicans terrorists between rounds of golf or banning an entire religion from traveling to the country, like Trump’s Muslim ban.

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Phil Mickelson 10 Others File Lawsuit Against Pga Tour

Donald Trump was off and running, or at least driving, Thursday morning in the pro-am at LIV Golfs latest tournament, which will begin Friday at his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. Not far behind him were Charles Barkley and Caitlyn Jenner.

LIV Golfs slogan is Golf but louder, and it certainly felt that way, at least by the size of the personalities on hand for the controversial Saudi-backed circuit that has shaken up the golf world.

Playing with his youngest son, Eric, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson on the eve of the first round, the former president teed off to a smattering of applause from the two major champions and a group of volunteers and staff in the event that was closed to the public. Following his drive, Trump turned to the group, which included his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, former White House adviser Jared Kushner, and said he was glad that was over with.

One hole later, after his approach came up short of the green on the par 4, Trump sped ahead of the rest of the group in his golf cart which featured a presidential seal and a red, white and blue TaylorMade staff bag and parked just in front of the putting surface. The only problem was that the rest of the group had yet to hit. Johnson shouted and waved to Trump, who then moved his cart to clear the way.

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