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Is Trump A Good Leader

Trust Was Never Formed

The U.S. Presidential Election: Can Donald Trump once again defy the polls? | Four Corners

As stated before, Donald Trump never had the experience prior to his position. Along with this, Trump did not form a bond of trust with the citizens of the U.S. In any relationship there needs to be a bond of trust in order to move forward, and that is a lacking factor between Trump and his citizens.

Trump has not proved that he can handle his positon and is looking for what’s best for everyone and not just for himself. How are followers suppose to feel like there is level of understanding if there isn’t anything there at all? Trump needs to take the time to find a way to show he is trustworthy and that when he makes a decision we can ensure it is what is for the best.

If Trump can prove he is ready and willing to be the President this country needs, we as a country can start to believe in him and his abilities. There will be more peace and less violence among us all. But if Trump continues to just do whatever he wants, there will be a huge storm for the entire country.

Being an effective leader is important for any and all leaders, but especially the President of The United States. Donald Trump needs to seriously take some time on his leadership skills and work on his work ethic with this country if he wants to stay in his position. Because I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing as my President.

What Sort Of Leadership Role Model Is President Trump

As a psychologist, and a parent, I am always concerned about the lessons that young people learn from observing our nations and worlds leaders. Leaders who are ethical, honest, inspirational, and accomplish great things are positive role models. Leaders who are self-serving, dishonest, lack empathy and blame others for failure send a negative message to young people.

Ive actually been thinking about the lessons that Donald Trump teaches young people for some time. Although I was vaguely aware of the Donald from news about his real estate dealings and seeing him on TV and in movie cameos, he first got my serious attention with his television show, The Apprentice. Students in my class seemed to be taken with the show and his catchphrase, Youre fired! Having never seen the show, I decided to watch it. As an organizational psychologist, I was worried about the message it was sending, and that led me to the first of the nine terrible lessons that Donald Trump has taught young people.

1. Competition and Elimination of Opponents Lead to Business Success. The reason I was concerned about my students watching The Apprentice was that it emphasized competition over collaboration, which ended in the elimination of team members. Although I understand that this was a competitive game show, I was concerned that it promoted lots of bad behaviorsfinger-pointing, scapegoating, backstabbingand ended with team members being fired for relatively minor problems/issues.

Good leaders:

Qualities Of Donald Trump That Make Him A Great Leader

In a landmark election result, Republican Party nominee Donald Trump swept the highest votes to be elected the 45th President of the United States.

Joseph Sohm | Shutterstock

Having won key battleground states of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, Trump has beaten Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, who was backed by incumbent President Barack Obama, in one of the most exciting elections in the United States.

Here are the top 8 qualities that make Donald Trump a great leader.


Love him or hate him but you cant ignore him. Donald Trumps confidence in what he believes in makes him a perfect leader.

Even after being saddled by allegations ranging from mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings to racial discrimination in the last four decades, Trump has confidently steered towards a landslide victory in the Presidential Elections.

Trumps authority over his subject matter is one of the qualities one must possess as a leader.

Donald Trump made it evidently clear in the run up to the elections that his foreign policy will be singularly focused on Making America Safe Again by destroying radical Islamic terrorist groups, end the nuclear deal with Iran and the ransom payments to the worlds number one state sponsor of terrorism.

He said he will end the practice of apologizing to US enemies and will only stand by the countrys allies. This shows authority and makes him a great leader.



Prudent With Resources

Self-interest First

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Is Trump A Weak President

The combination of Trump’s political inexperience, temper tantrums, poor impulse control and short attention span has impaired his presidency. These psychological traits help to explain why numerous political scientists claim that Trump’s policy accomplishments have been meagre compared to those of past presidents.

Despite Republican control over both houses of Congress during the first two years of his presidency, Trump was able during this period to secure the passage of only one significant piece of legislation: the tax bill. He failed in his efforts to get Congress to provide appreciable funding for his border wall with Mexico. Federal bureaucrats resisted the president’s ethically dubious orders by using leaks, delays, memos, dissent channels, whistleblowing, official complaints and congressional testimony. Even on policies where the Trump administration has been perceived as doing something, it has been ineffective.

In foreign affairs, Trump’s biggest success has been the defeat of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria but that was achieved only through continuation of a strategy mapped out under the Obama administration. His fitful efforts to withdraw US forces from Syria led to sufficient pushback from the military to allow for a residual force to remain. A US official likened the Defense Department’s effort to persuade Trump to keep some US troops in Syria to feeding a baby its medicine in yogurt or applesauce.

Is Donald Trump Really A Strongman Leader

Donald Trump, Cult Leader

15:57 TU Dublin

Opinion: like many authoritarian politician, the US president has tried to present himself as a leader with charismatic strength

Modern American leaders have generally sought to portray themselves as active, healthy citizens and fitting embodiments of the state of the nation. Evidence for their vigour has often been located, deliberately, in their public commitment to sport.

Founding father Benjamin Franklin was a dedicated 18th century swimmer and wrote informatively on the subject. US president Theodore Roosevelt’s personal transformation from wan youth to muscular endurance athlete and big game hunter led him to instigate a broader public movement centred on the pursuit of athletic excellence through self-discipline. His 1899 speech on the value to the individual and to the international standing of the US, of a “strenuous life”, framed physical effort within the context of national supremacy.

In the early 20th century to satisfy a new mass media eager for content, sporting heroes became metaphors for the health, discipline and valour of the nation. Individual sporting excellence became aligned with shared patriotic glory and with the principles of the American Dream. Presidents have played along with these ideals to a greater or lesser extent, availing themselves of photo opportunities to pose variously, as supremely energetic, or as an everyman enjoying his leisure time just like ordinary citizens.

From PGA Tour, the Top 10 US presidents in golf

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Courage Grit And Stamina

The one thing you have to admire Donald Trump for is his courage to say and do what he believes in that no one else dares to say. Whether you agree with his beliefs and policies or not, you have to hand this to the man. It’s one of the things that people admire most about him.

His grit and ‘never give up’ attitude have even the most vehement detractors in awe. Where does this man get the stamina, grit and courage to go on, day after day, fighting everything thrown at him? At 74, he would campaign non stop for 16 hours a day, a gruelling schedule for anyone half his age. Can you imagine the stress of not just the Presidency but the challenges against him personally, the lawsuits, and the impeachments, even though all the challenges may be valid and brought about by his own foibles? He appears to be able to brush is all off as ‘fake news’ and soldier on.

Donald Trump has all ‘3 Es’, according to Jack Welsh, that every leader needs.

Energy, the ability to Energise, and Edge, all in full supply.

Donald Trump Thinks Hes A Strong Leader But Thats An Illusion

Archie Brown is author of The Myth of the Strong Leader: Political Leadership in the Modern Age and emeritus professor of politics at Oxford University.

President Trumps electoral success owes a great deal to the high value voters placed on having a strong leader and to their perception that Trump looked the part. Survey data, based on Morning Consult/Politico exit polls, showed the importance of the presidential candidate appearing to be strong. This was twice as salient a factor in the 2016 election as it was in 2012, with 36 percent last November as against 18 percent four years earlier, saying that what they wanted, above all, was a strong leader.

We should, of course, never forget that but for the vagaries of an electoral system in which the candidate who won almost 3 million more votes than the new president was deemed to be the loser, Trump would not be in the White House. Nevertheless, he had substantial support, and that included backing from people in social groups who might have been expected to look to the Democrats for succor rather than to a billionaire property developer. The image Trump projected of nationalist strongman, regurgitated in his inaugural address, resonated with those who had been left behind by globalization.

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Donald Trump Is The Perfect Leader Of The Worst Generation

The point of politics is no longer to settle arguments its to keep them going endlessly.

President Donald Trump listens during an event on Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden of the White House on Nov. 13, 2020. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

01/14/2021 08:36 AM EST

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Altitude is a column by POLITICO founding editor John Harris, offering weekly perspective on politics in a moment of radical disruption.

During the floor debate Wednesday over the second and possibly final impeachment of President Donald Trump, there were references to him being the worst president in American history.

Could be. It is worth recalling, however, that there are many ways to be a bad president, and at least a few of his predecessors offer intense competition for the title.

At a minimum, Trump seems secure in his bid to be the worst character ever to inhabit the presidency.

Here is the uncomfortable truth, highlighted by yet another impeachment: These are good things, if the goal is to ensure that supporters and enemies alike are obsessing about you in the final hours of a defeated presidency, and even after that presidency ends, while a successor is wanly trying to command attention for a new one.

And they are good things if the goal is to be the emblematic figure of a generation guided by the ethos that the point of politics is not to illuminate and resolve big argumentsit is instead to continue the arguments endlessly, no matter the circumstances.

Donald Trump Is The Greatest World Leader Since Churchill

A Look Back At Donald Trumps Awkward Moments With World Leaders | NBC News

By Brad Macdonald May 14, 2020

At the end of May 1940, with British troops in full-scale retreat to Dunkirk, and France about to fall, Winston Churchill, British prime minister for only two weeks at this point, faced the biggest decision of the war and of his life: Should he negotiate a peace settlement with that man?

This decision was made considerably more difficult by the fact that colleagues, led by esteemed Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax, believed Britain must sue for peace. The pressure on Churchill was immense. Halifax and his supporters were men of prodigious knowledge, experience and eloquence. Their arguments were persuasive. These men were experts.

Thankfully for us all, Churchill rejected the advice of these experts. In a speech to members of the outer cabinet on May 28, he laid out his view on surrender, concluding the message with these now-immortal words: If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.

Rejecting the counsel of Halifax and his panel of experts was one of the greatest acts of leadership Winston Churchill ever displayed.

Ultimately, leadership isnt about IQ or eloquence. It isnt about being great at managing a committee or leading like-minded people. Its not being the loudest or toughest guy in the room, or the most creative, talented or sophisticated.

And so does United States President Donald Trump.

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Abuse Disrespect And Fear

He abused and disrespected anyone and everyone, including women and his own family, that did not do what he wanted, did not support him, or did not agree with him.

He decapitated decency!

He was shocked when Biden won more votes than him without campaigning as much and I wonder if he realizes, that it could just be that he offended a lot of decent Americans.

Respect is at the heart of any great team and since there was no respect the one thing that Donald Trump did not have was a reliable, effective team behind him. He is the only President to have changed 4 Chiefs of Staff, 4 Press Secretaries and 4 Communication Directors in 4 years, to name just a few of the people that left him, one way or the other.

He even had no respect for the servicemen and women of the armed forces for whom he was their Commander-in-Chief. Men and women who gave their lives so he could live a life of freedom. With 10 women referred to as ‘nasty’ and 185 compliments to Kim Jung un over the 4 year period, it does make you wonder what he truely respects.

The only alternative way to get any team working without respect is to use fear. He ruled with fear. It can be seen in the people he fawned over and admired, other foreign leaders like Putin, MBS, and Erdogan, who also rule with fear.

You will lose the advantage of the wisdom of the crowd.

You will need to demand loyalty not command it through your behavior. Trust will be non-existent and you will be obsessed with fears of betrayal.

An Authentic Leader With A Strong Vision

In a recent Forbes article, Sally Percy looked at Trumps leadership style through the lens of the Institute of Leadership & Managements Five Dimensions of Leadership: achievement, authenticity, collaboration, ownership and vision.

On the achievement side, its hard to argue with the accomplishments of a man who has gone from property tycoon to reality TV star to President of the United States. Hes also certainly authentic, in the sense that he means what he says and he will say what he means, even if it is utterly unpalatable to the people who are listening to him. Percy argues that we all have a pretty good idea of what his vision is too.

When it comes to collaboration, Percy doesnt give him the greatest of reviews, Aside from his apparent friendship with Emmanuel Macron and his attempts to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program, his record as a collaborator is pretty poor. On ownership, she posits that while he clearly takes ownership, he fails to let anyone else in and will even distance himself from people who dont share his point of view. Thats not exactly the collaborative, open-minded approach you want in someone leading a business, let alone a country.

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He Has Not Always Stepped Up To The Plate

In 2017 we suffered among the world with hurricanes, shootings, and other tragedies that killed the spirits of the citizens everywhere. Although this was a depressing time for Americans, we all came together to help one another. Whether it was giving a hand or donating money and items, people supported each other.

A big part of being a leader is lifting your followers when they fall down. It seemed that Trump had a different idea on how to handle these tragedies. Trump seemed no where to be found when these tragedies were affecting those who needed him. And when he did arrive his attitude did not seem appropriate. For example, a video was leaked of Donald Trump throwing items in Puerto Rico after the extreme loss the community was facing.

It seems in a time of need Trump has not made his best efforts to be the leader people need him to be. Because when tragedy hits, it doesn’t matter who you are, all that matters is that as a country we can recover together.

Politics Aside Was Trump Even An Effective Leader

A very good guy: What Trump has said about key UK leaders since ...

George C. Edwards III is University Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Jordan Chair in Presidential Studies Emeritus at Texas A& M University. He is also Distinguished Fellow at the University of Oxford, editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly, and general editor of the Oxford Handbook of American Politics series. His most recent book is Changing Their Minds? Donald Trump and Presidential Leadership .

One of the most intriguing aspects of current politics is the fealty of the Republican Party to Donald Trump. Central to this loyalty is the view that Trump was an effective leader. As a candidate in 2016, the future president claimed that he was uniquely qualified to lead the country, unite the public, and overcome gridlock in Congress. To accomplish these goals would require successful persuasion. Was this talented self-promoter able to win public support for his initiatives? Was this experienced negotiator able to overcome polarization in Congress and obtain agreement on his proposals? Was Donald Trump an effective leader?

Did the public follow the presidents lead?

Capping Trumps failure to win public support was his earning the lowest average level of general job approval of any president in the history of polling. Moreover, thisapproval was also the most polarized, with the difference among members of the two major parties averaging 81 percentage points.

Abandoning Leadership

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