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How To Write To Trump

Memo From Trump Attorney Outlined How Pence Could Overturn Election Says New Book

How to Keep Writing even with Trump as the President-Elect | NaNoWriMo

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl covers the story in his new book on Trump’s presidency.

US Capitol riots: Tracking the insurrection

In a memo not made public until now, then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows emailed to Vice President Mike Pence’s top aide, on New Year’s Eve, a detailed plan for undoing President Joe Biden’s election victory, ABC News’ Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl reports.

The memo, written by former President Donald Trump’s campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, is reported for the first time in Karl’s upcoming book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show” — demonstrating how Pence was under even more pressure than previously known to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Ellis, in the memo, outlined a multi-step strategy: On Jan. 6, the day Congress was to certify the 2020 election results, Pence was to send back the electoral votes from six battleground states that Trump falsely claimed he had won.

The memo said that Pence would give the states a deadline of “7pm eastern standard time on January 15th” to send back a new set of votes, according to Karl.

Then, Ellis wrote, if any state legislature missed that deadline, “no electoral votes can be opened and counted from that state.”

The day after Meadows sent Ellis’ memo to Pence’s aide, on Jan. 1, Trump aide John McEntee sent another memo to Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, titled, “Jefferson used his position as VP to win.”

“I wouldn’t dispute it,” Trump said to Karl.

How Can I Contact Donald Trump

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When Biden Found Trump’s Letter To Him In Oval Office He ‘put It In His Pocket And Did Not Share’ It: Book

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden had his predecessor on his mind: Some of the historic number of executive actions he took in the hours after being sworn in on Jan. 20 reversed policies put in place by Donald Trump.

But when Biden found a letter from Trump in a drawer of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office in what appeared to be a rare acknowledgment by Trump of his defeat the new commander-in-chief tucked it away and went right back to work, according to a new book.

“He put it in his pocket and did not share it with his advisers,” Bob Woodward and Robert Costa write in Peril, which was released Tuesday. “His attention turned to the virus.”

Biden, 78, later confirmed the existence of the presidential epistle but gave away very little about its contents. “The president wrote a very generous letter,” he told reporters in the Oval Office later on Jan. 20. “Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him. But, uh, it was generous.”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

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The letter, which has been a tradition from one president to the next since Ronald Reagan, was notable given how Trump refused to concede his loss in the 2020 election, one of countless political norms he ignored since he announced his candidacy for president in 2015.

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty President Joe Biden

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Storming Of The Capitol

On January 6, 2021, while was taking place in the United States Capitol, Trump held a rally at , where he called for the election result to be overturned and urged his supporters to “take back our country” by marching to the Capitol to “show strength” and “fight like hell.” Trump’s speech started at noon. By 12:30 p.m., rally attendees had gathered outside the Capitol, and at 1 p.m, his supporters pushed past police barriers onto Capitol grounds. Trump’s speech ended at 1:10 p.m., the crowd grew larger as more supporters marched on the Capitol. Around 2:15 p.m. the mob broke into the building, disrupting certification and causing the evacuation of Congress. During the violence, Trump posted mixed messages on Twitter and Facebook, eventually tweeting to the rioters at 6 p.m, “go home with love & in peace”, but describing them as “great patriots” and “very special”, while still complaining that the election was stolen. After the mob was removed from the Capitol, Congress reconvened and confirmed the Biden election win in the early hours of the following morning. There were many injuries, and five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died.

Presidential Campaign And 2011 Hints At Presidential Run

Can you write the best letter from Donald Trump? Seattle ...

In 2000, Trump for nomination as the Reform Party candidate for the but withdrew from the race in February 2000. A July 1999 poll matching him against likely Republican nominee and likely Democratic nominee showed Trump with seven percent support.

In 2011, Trump against President Barack Obama in , making his first speaking appearance at the in February 2011 and giving speeches in early primary states. In May 2011, he announced he would not run, and he endorsed in February 2012. Trump’s presidential ambitions were generally not taken seriously at the time.

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Donald Trump Selling Washington Hotel To Investment Firm For Us$375m: Reports

Donald Trump’s opulent hotel near the White House that drew lobbyists and diplomats seeking favour with the ex-president as well as criticism as a symbol of his ethics conflicts is being sold to a Miami investment group, according to published reports citing anonymous sources.

CGI Merchant Group agreed to pay the Trump Organization US$375 million for the rights to the 263-room hotel and has plans to rebrand it as a Waldorf Astoria, according to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, citing sources with knowledge of the matter.

Neither the Trump Organization nor CGI responded to numerous requests for comment.

The deal is expected to close early next year after which the hotel will be managed by the Waldorf Astoria under a separate deal struck by CGI, according to the Journal. The Waldorf Astoria business is owned by Hilton Worldwide Holdings.

The hotel has been a big money loser for the Trump family since it won rights to convert a stately federal building called the Old Post Office from the federal government under a lease that, with extensions, can run nearly 100 years.

The federal agency that owns the property, the U.S. General Services Administration, must sign off on any sale.

Looming over all the din in his glittering lobby was the question: How much were decisions made by Trump a few blocks away in the Oval Office being shaped by his financial interests and, even if not at all, why risk tarnishing U.S. policy with even the appearance of conflict?

Hes Screwed Over So Many Publishers: Trump Confronts A Skeptical Book Industry

The former president insists he has offers from two of the most prestigious publishing houses. None of the major five said they extended one.

06/15/2021 04:31 AM EDT

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Almost five months after leaving office, major publishing houses still are wary of publishing a book by former President Donald Trump, even though a post-White House memoir would almost assuredly be a best-seller.

Their reluctance is driven by several factors, though the underlying fear is that whatever Trump would write wouldnt be truthful.

t would be too hard to get a book that was factually accurate, actually, said one major figure in the book publishing industry, explaining their reluctance to publish Trump. That would be the problem. If he cant even admit that he lost the election, then how do you publish that?

Its unheard of for a former U.S. president to struggle to score a major book deal after leaving office. And the absence of Trumps own words from the literary world is made even more pronounced by the fact that several of his top aides and former Cabinet officials are writing books of their own. Former Vice President Mike Pence scored a seven-figure deal for two books with Simon & Schuster a decision that sparked some employees of the company, well-known Simon & Schuster authors, and others to circulate a petition accusing the storied book house of promoting bigotry.

Somebody could have offered him 100 dollars, the person said. It doesnt mean anything.

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Misogyny And Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Steel tariffs prompts workers to write letters to President Trump

Trump has a history of insulting and belittling women when speaking to media and on social media. He made lewd comments, demeaned women’s looks, and called them names like ‘dog’, ‘crazed, ‘crying lowlife’, ‘face of a pig’, or ‘horseface’.

In October 2016, two days before the , a 2005 “” surfaced in which Trump was heard bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent, saying “when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab ’em by the .” The incident’s widespread media exposure led to Trump’s first public apology during the campaign and caused outrage across the political spectrum.

At least twenty-six women have publicly accused Trump of sexual misconduct as of September 2020, including his then-wife Ivana. There were allegations of rape, violence, being kissed and groped without consent, looking under women’s skirts, and walking in on naked women. In 2016, he denied all accusations, calling them “false smears,” and alleged there was a conspiracy against him.

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The Trump Administration Tried To Send 250000 Troops To Secure The Us Border With Mexico But The Pentagon Shut It Down Report Says

  • The Trump aide Stephen Miller wanted US troops to guard the entire Mexico border, The NYT reported.
  • The DHS and DOD discussed sending 250,000 troops to the border in spring 2020, The Times said.
  • But the idea was axed after Defense Secretary Mark Esper found out, according to the report.

The Trump administration discussed sending 250,000 US troops to secure the Mexico border until the Pentagon shut it down, according to The New York Times.

In the spring of 2020, Stephen Miller, then President Donald Trump’s senior advisor, contacted the Department of Homeland Security and asked how many US troops it would take to secure the 2,000-mile border, the Times said.

“What’s the number you would really need?” Miller asked DHS officials.

Officials at the DHS then informed their counterparts at the Pentagon’s Northern Command, the Times said, who then began discussing the issue internally.

At the time, the Trump administration was grappling with the early stages of the US coronavirus outbreak and trying to secure the US’ borders to prevent imported cases.

However, when Defense Secretary Mark Esper discovered that his staff was discussing the idea, he was enraged, the Times said, saying it would undermine US military capabilities outside the continent.

The US Army has around 481,000 active troops, many thousands of whom are deployed abroad.

Insider contacted the Pentagon for comment.

Relationship With The Press

Throughout his career, Trump has sought media attention, with a “lovehate” relationship with the press. Trump began promoting himself in the press in the 1970s. Fox News anchor and former House speaker have characterized Trump as a “” who makes controversial statements to see people’s “heads explode.”

In the 2016 campaign, Trump benefited from a record amount of free media coverage, elevating his standing in the Republican primaries.New York Times writer wrote in 2018 that Trump’s media dominance, which enthralls the public and creates “can’t miss” reality television-type coverage, was politically beneficial for him.

As a candidate and as president, Trump frequently accused the press of bias, calling it the “fake news media” and “the .” In 2018, journalist recounted Trump’s saying he intentionally demeaned and discredited the media “so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”

As president, Trump deployed the legal system to intimidate the press. In early 2020, the Trump campaign sued The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN for alleged defamation in opinion pieces about Russian election interference. Legal experts said that the lawsuits lacked merit and were not likely to succeed. By March 2021, the lawsuits against The New York Times and CNN had been dismissed.

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A False Positive Scare

CNNs Oliver Darcy was all over this story from last week. Before Vice President Kamala Harris interview on Fridays The View, co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were asked to leave the set because both had tested positive for COVID-19. Well, turns out, the results appear to have been false positives. They have subsequently taken three more tests and the results have been negative.

Navarro told CNNs Anderson Cooper on Friday that she is doing great. Meanwhile, Harris was supposed to be interviewed in person on The View set, but instead was interviewed remotely as she sat in a room isolated from hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines.

It takes so much work to do an interview like this and its something that we were excited about, Navarro told Cooper. We were prepared to ask some tough questions. We were very proud to have the vice president come on The View and all of a sudden it turned into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was just surreal.

The 45th President Of The United States

IBM CEO Rometty in letter to Trump: Help secure

Donald J. Trump launched the most extraordinary political movement in history, dethroning political dynasties, defeating the Washington Establishment, and becoming the first true outsider elected as President of the United States. His inspiring, groundbreaking campaign proved pollsters, pundits, prognosticators, and the corporate media spectacularly wrong. He mobilized voters with massive rallies, reached America’s hearts and minds with his vision for national rejuvenation, and overcame virtually every entrenched power structurepolitical and financialand achieved a decisive victory, winning states no Republican presidential candidate had won in decades.

The forgotten men and women of America were forgotten no more because we finally had a President who put America First.

Through his pro-American policies on trade, taxes, energy, regulation, immigration, and healthcare, President Trump ushered in a period of unprecedented economic growth, job creation, soaring wages, and booming incomes. Median household income reached its highest level ever recorded. Middle-class family income increased more than five times from the previous administration. Unemployment reached its lowest rate in half a century. African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment reached their lowest levels ever recorded. And more Americans were employed than ever before.

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