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Who Sells Ivanka Trump Merchandise

Sales Of Ivanka Trump Products Surged Last Month

Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump brand over poor sales

Managing Editor, Breaking News, HuffPost

Ivanka Trumps clothing and accessories brand saw a spike in sales in February, according to the companys president and market research data.

Abigail Klem, who took over as president of the brand after President Donald Trumps daughter stepped down in January, said the company has seen near-unprecedented success since last month.

Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand, Klem said in a statement. For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the best performance ever.

While the company does not publicly share sales figures, recent market research reports backed up Klems statement.

Lyst, a British e-commerce website that sells thousands of different brands, said sales of Ivanka Trump products increased 346 percent between January and February, while sales of the brand are up 557 percent over last year. Ivanka Trump was the sites 11th most popular brand in February, up from 550th in January.

To see such an extreme spike in one month is completely unheard of and came as a huge surprise to us, Lyst spokeswoman Sarah Tanner told the BBC earlier this week.

Market research firm Slice Intelligence, which tracks purchases from 4.4 million consumers who have allowed the firm to analyze their email receipts, saw a 207 percent increase in purchases of Ivanka Trump products between January and February.

Heres The Trump Merch That Is Made In America

Those Make America Great Again Hats

The Hillary Clinton campaign took aim at Trumps trademark campaign slogan hats in August 2016, but it turns out the hats themselves were at least partially produced here in the states. The hats are hand-stitched in California, reports AP. But a fabric analysis and a conversation with two of the manufacturers employees and a top sales agent determined that the hats fabric, bills and stiffeners were imported.

Trump water, one of the purest natural spring waters bottled in the world, according to Trumps website, is sourced in Vermont and New York.

Trump Bedding*

*The Washington Post reported Trumps bedding comforters are made in the U.S., but the link cited is no longer active. The bedding used in Trumps hotels is, according to the Downlite website, filled and finished in the USA of imported materials, while the shell is made in China. So these get half a point, we guess.

Dsw Has Ivanka Shoes In

But this felt like a particularly frustrating bargain-retail experience. Still, I felt compelled to continue on my retail adventure, and trekked back downtown to DSW , the hub for every kind of footwear imaginable. Im no noob to DSW, so I knew that the scattered setup would make it hard for associates to point me to a specific place. But what I didnt expect was for two different sales associates to tell me they had no idea if there were Ivanka Trump shoes in the main section and that there might be a few in clearance.

After perusing the aisles, I came across two different styles of Ivanka Trump shoes on the main floor. I also found a few pairs throughout the clearance section. And after returning from my shopping extravaganza, I found ample styles on DSWs website. In other words, DSW is your destination if youre looking for a brand that has not taken a public stance on the controversial line.

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The Business Of Ivanka Trump Could Still Live On

For her part, Trump said the decision to close her brand did not have to do with its performance, but was instead based on her desire to remain in Washington, DC, indefinitely. This could be further indication that the family has decided to make politics, not business, its long game.

It might be the end of the road for the current Ivanka Trump brand, but not for her business altogether: Her lawyers will continue to protect the Ivanka Trump name from exploitation, according to the Journal, by continuing to file trademark applications in certain instances.

Although the company would not acknowledge any connection between its closure and #GrabYourWallet, the brand was certainly beleaguered, whether because of all of the negative press or the fact that it was constantly under scrutiny. Supporters are interpreting the news as a sign that such collective action can work on a broad scale, and could signal change on a political level as well.

This is people power at work. This is you using your voices and your hard earned money to push back on extremism. This is you saying no to the hate that the Trump administration embodies. You are #GrabYourWallet and this is your win.

Shannon Coulter

So even if the Ivanka Trump brand name does live on in some other form, there are a whole lot of people watching.

Ivanka Trumps Brand Existed For More Than A Decade

Ivanka Trump Clothing Sold at Stein Mart with Changed Labels

Trumps foray into fashion started in 2007 with her fine jewelry line . The current Ivanka Trump label started in 2010 with shoes. It quickly took off in the retail world, with stores like Nordstrom lining up to carry the label. The fashion brand expanded into handbags in 2011, and in 2013 it signed an agreement with the licensing company G-III to launch clothes. By 2015, the Ivanka Trump label was a staple at department stores.

At one point, according to WWD, the label was worth $100 million. Part of the companys DNA was a lifestyle campaign promoting working women, Women Who Work, which spotlighted working moms and was a celebration of the multifaceted nature of the working woman, as Trump described it to Racked in 2015.

Once her father took to the campaign trail in 2016, though, the situation got more complicated for Ivanka the person, and by extension, Ivanka the brand. Trump campaigned for her father, gaining mass appeal from young white female voters . From the very early days of the campaign, there were murmurings of conflict of interest. At the Republican National Convention in July 2016, Ivanka Trump wore a dress, jewelry, and shoes from her brand to introduce her father then still a candidate as a speaker. A photo of Trump standing in the outfit in front of a crowd was tweeted out by her company, recommending that followers Shop Ivankas look from her #RNC speech. The tweet linked to Trumps dress on sale at Macys for $138. It sold out the next day.

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Here Are All The Stores That Still Carry Ivanka Trump’s Brand

After Nordstrom publicly announced its decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s brand claiming it was “based on the brand’s performance,” it seemed as if major companies were also beginning to follow suit.

Shortly after Nordstrom’s decision, popular brands including Neiman Marcus, Belk, Jet, Gilt, ShopStyle and all stopped selling the first daughter’s line, which marked a major win for the #GrabYourWallet campaign. While boycotters rejoiced the companies’ decision, Rosemary Young, a senior director of marketing, told Business Insider, “The Ivanka Trump brand continues to expand across categories and distribution with increased customer support, leading us to experience significant year-over-year revenue growth in 2016.”

Despite boycotters protesting Ivanka Trump’s line, there are still retailers contributing to the brand’s “significant growth.”

See below for a list of stores that still carry her products.

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Remembering My Friend The Iconic Ivana Trump

Ivanka Trump delivered an emotional eulogy for her mother Ivana on Wednesday, remembering the late businesswoman and New York City icon as a trailblazer who believed there was nothing she couldnt do in heels.

Growing up, my mother didnt tell me a woman could do anything she wanted to she showed me, Ivanka, 40, said in a moving speech during her moms funeral service at the St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church on the Upper East Side.

She was a trailblazer men and women alike, the former first daughter continued.

Wearing a black dress and pearl necklace, Ivanka remembered how, My mother once told me there was nothing she couldnt do in heels.

She taught us how to spear fish and then cook what we caught, the mom-of-three said.

My mom expanded our minds, she added.

Ivanka recalled following her mother the glamorous Czech-born businesswoman and ex-wife of former President Donald Trump around Trump Plaza as she oversaw daily operations in the 1980s, and called her pure fun when she was off the job.

Mom, Ill always love you today and every day. You were and always will be the light of our lives, Ivanka said, holding back tears.

At the private service, attended by roughly 100 mourners, Don Jr. called his mom fearless and independent for escaping the iron curtain of then-communist Czech Republic.

shattered so many norms, he said.

Ivana died last week at age 73 after a fall down the stairs at her Manhattan home.

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A Crack In The Ivanka Trump Brand

The presidents daughter is closing her ailing fashion linefurther proof that nothing is apolitical in the Trump era.

On Tuesday night, a visit to the website of the Ivanka Trump brand turned up a sharply cut floral dress and a pair of suede sandals on broad, three-inch heels. Bring on the heat unspooled in elegant italics across the sites landing page. By then, the message had acquired an awkward dual meaning. Earlier in the day, Ivanka Trump had acknowledged that she would be closing her apparel-and-accessories business, IT Collection, and laying off its employees. Trump publicly blamed her hectic schedule as an adviser to her father, President Donald Trump: After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, she said, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington. But the closure also comes at the end of an undeniably bad run for the fashion line, during which Nordstrom and other retailers stopped selling it, citing poor performance. In the end, it seemed, Ivanka Trump could not handle the heat.

Ivanka Trump Label Puts Stein Mart In The News

Ivanka Trump closing clothing company

Stein Mart will not be carrying Ivanka Trumps clothing line, nor another label that has apparently been placed into the presidents daughters line.

Its been a busy week for the Jacksonville-based department store chain as news broke that it has been selling Ivanka Trumps clothing that had been relabeled as Adrienne Vittadini Studio. Ivanka Trumps label has been the subject of a boycott since the fall and had been dropped by several chains, which attributed their actions to slow sales.

The Business of Fashion first broke the story this week that Stein Mart has been selling Ivanka Trump clothes under the AVS label. G-III Apparel Group, the company that owns the right to manufacture and distribute Ivanka Trump apparel, told Business of Fashion that it sold the relabeled merchandise to Stein Mart without the knowledge of the brand. G-III wouldnt say if the relabeled clothes were sold anywhere other than Stein Mart.

Linda Tasseff, Stein Marts director of investor relations, said the chain has been selling both labels, Ivanka Trump and Adrienne Vittadini Studio, for some time and that an equal number of customers said they wanted and didnt want the store to carry Trump merchandise.

Part of that corrective action involves Stein Mart, which operates 290 stores in 31 states.

Tasseff said Wednesday that G-III has asked Stein Mart to return all merchandise with the Adrienne Vittadini Studio label.

Roger Bull: 359-4296

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Ivanka Trump Is Shutting Down Her Clothing Line

Ivanka Trumps clothing and footwear company will wind down, the company confirmed.

After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington, so making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners, Trump said in an emailed statement.

The news comes in the wake of several big-name department stores dropping the brand from their lineups. Hudsons Bay Co. said earlier this month that it would stop selling Ivanka Trumps goods at its Canadian namesake stores, citing slow sales.

Nordstrom Inc. in February 2017 said it would stop selling the first daughters fashion line at its department stores. The move prompted backlash from her father, President Donald Trump, who said on his personal Twitter account that Ivanka was being treated unfairly by the company.

Burlington Coat Factory Has A Few Dresses In

And, because were in New York City after all, Burlington Coat Factory is one floor above DSW in Union Square. I was on mission Ivanka.

At this point, I had perfected my script: ask the first employees I see where I could find Ivanka Trump clothing. Two sales associates were sitting at the front of the store. Upon asking, one woman told me, without skipping a beat, No, we dont carry it, only for her to be corrected by her coworker Theyre all mixed in. You have to look through the racks.

And so, I did. I found a handful of dresses across all sizes. None were easy to find. Burlingtons website doesnt offer any products from her line.

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Here’s A List Of Trump Merchandise That’s Made In America It’s Very Short

Fashion & amp amp amp amp amp Lifestyle Editor, HuffPost

President Donald Trumps Made in America week kicked off Monday, and quickly received heavy and negative media attention. And its only natural that the president and his family have been called to task for the production of their own merchandise, most of which is made overseas.

Trump has spoken openly about the fact that many of his goods are imported, but has offered no real plan to rectify that practice to fall in line with his buy American, hire American rhetoric.

And then of course, theres Ivanka Trumps merchandise. Hardly a day goes by when one of the overseas factories that make her products arent making headlines.

Its difficult to navigate which, if any, products the family sells are actually made in America. But thanks to resources on the internet, we have some answers.

Ivanka Trumps Clothing Line Pulled From Yet Another Department Store

TK Maxx sells Ivanka Trump merchandise in Australia at cheaper prices

Another Ivanka Trump placement bites the dust. Trumps titular fashion line, Ivanka Trump, has been dropped by Hudsons Bay, a Canadian department store. The line can no longer be found on the stores website and will be gradually phased out of stores in the coming months.

Hudsons Bays decision should not come as a surprise to Canadians. According to the Guardian, an activist group called the Peeved Beavers have been leading demonstrations against the store over the past year. And, of course, it has also been faced with the ultimate kiss of death for any fashion line poor brand performance.

Hudson’s Bay is phasing out this brand through the fall based on its performance, Meghan Biango, a Hudsons Bay representative, told Refinery29. As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes.

Hudsons Bay is not the first store to drop Ivanka Trumps line. Following the 2016 election, many merchandisers that carry Ivanka Trumps label have faced intense pressure from the #GrabYourWallet campaign, which pushes consumers to boycott stores that carry Trump products.

Shannon Coulter, who started #GrabYourWallet, seemed to feel encouraged by Hudsons Bays choice.

Never doubt that your voices and your choices matter, she wrote on Twitter. Keep fighting. Keep letting companies know that it’s not ok to do business with racists and extremists.

Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

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Ivanka Trump Shuts Down Her Namesake Clothing Brand

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Ivanka Trump, President Trumps daughter, said Tuesday that she is shutting down her namesake fashion brand amid drooping sales and her desire to focus on her role as a White House senior advisor.

Her line of moderately priced womens apparel, shoes, handbags and other goods initially sold well during 2016 as the presidential election took shape.

But after the election, her brand was caught in the polarizing political debate, with Trump supporters buying the goods in solidarity with her father and Trump opponents calling for boycotts of her products.

In the meantime, Ivanka Trumps merchandise was dropped by retailers such as Nordstrom Inc. due to flagging sales, but they continued to be carried by such national retailers as Macys Inc., the Lord & Taylor unit of Hudsons Bay Co. and

The products also were available at the firms website,, which was still operating late Tuesday. A pink floral summer dress sold for $128 shoulder bags ranged from $74 to $198.

After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington, so making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners, Ivanka Trump said in a statement.

As a privately held firm, Ivanka Trumps brand does not disclose sales or other financial information.



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