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How Do I Get A Message To President Trump

Letter: Trump Had Nothing To Do With The Capitol Riot

Gravitas: Iran demands Trump be “prosecuted and killed”

Democrats, and a few Republicans, are making issues against President Donald Trump stating cheating occurring in the elections. This is nothing new. Al Gore finally stopped pursuing the George Bush Jr. presidency while Hillary Clinton for four years made a fool of herself.

President Trump had nothing to do with the Capitol riot. I watched and listened to the events in front of the White House before President Trump over an hour late speech. The riot started before, not after, his speech. Capitol guards seen on camera allowed rioters into the building.

Having knowledge of a possible Capitol riot, why would Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Washington, D.C., official stop President Trump from sending in the National Guard. Where was President Trump? In the White House basement with Secret Service personnel.

Illinois lady on C-SPAN stated: âI am and have been proud to call Donald Trump president.â President Trump loves our country. Wanted to make America great again. What are Bidenâs previous and present plans?

Donna R. Becker

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Trump Accuses Biden Of Nonsense Energy Policy After Oil Reserve Tap

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated Thanksgiving with a holiday message that hinted at a potential comeback bid in 2024.

A very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great againand we will all do it together, Trump said in a statement that played off his campaign slogan Make America Great Again.

Trump added: America will never fail, and we will never allow it to go in the wrong direction. Too many generations of greatness are counting on us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead!

Trump left office 10 months ago and has publicly toyed with a rematch against Biden. Although Biden bested Trump by more than 7 million votes nationwide, the Electoral College would have been tied if Trump gained just 43,000 votes in three swing states.

A separate Thanksgiving email blast attributed to Trump by the fundraising department of his Save America PAC solicited contributions by citing soaring inflation.

We have a lot to be thankful for, but unfortunately, RECORD HIGH INFLATION is not one of those things. Biden took the beautiful, strong economy I built and lit it up in flames. The price of your Thanksgiving meal has gone up 14%.Despicable, that statement said.

It saddens me to think that YOU are paying the price for Joe Bidens terrible leadership.

Its unclear if Trump actually writes or reviews the PACs voluminous and often emotive fundraising appeals.

In Contrast With Trump Biden Relies On Disciplined Surrogates To Get His Message Out

White House press secretary Jen Psakis first press conference marked a significant change in tone from the previous administration. The Trump presidency was plagued by four years of escalating tension and deepening cynicism between communications staff and the media, often the result of mutual mistrust and the presidents frequent attacks on the press. From his first days in office, former President Trump account over the tools available to his communications team, giving him total control over his message and a channel directly to his followers.

Hours after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president, Psaki took the first question of her first press briefing. Asked whether she saw her primary role as promoting the interests of the president or providing the unvarnished truth to reporters, she responded in part, I have deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracythere will be moments when we disagreebut we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people.

Bidens senior communications staff made history as the first all-female communications team but that landmark will likely prove less memorable than the dramatic shift in strategy that has marked Bidens communications approach in his first 100 days.

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Melania Trump Wears Slogan Jacket

When or how did Melania Trump become a billboard? When I saw the first lady Melania Trump wearing a slogan jacket reading I dont really care do u ?, I can say I wasnt too shocked. Since in life I have always said you lie down with the dogs and youll wake up with the fleas .

First and foremost darlings this is a fashion blog not a political site. However sometimes these two fields cant help but cross paths. Here on this blog I have written several times on politics and am proud to put across my points of view. While I dont claim to be a political pundit I have certain political views and educate myself accordingly.

Here are a list of my political posts in case you want to check them out

Therefore my friends I will occasionally cover political issues , but always through fashions eye.

Trump Mobilizing More Democrats Than Republicans

Donald Trump shares message to jail senior Republicans

Gallup included a new question in this poll to gauge how much of a factor Trump is in mobilizing voters this year. Among registered voters, 36% say they are more likely to vote in the midterm elections because of their feelings about Trump, while 63% say their feelings about the president make no difference in whether they vote. While Trumps impact on mobilizing voters may seem somewhat low given his effect on voters candidate choice in the question above, these questions are measuring two distinct things intention to vote and vote choice. Whereas voters may be more motivated to cast their ballot for a specific candidate because of their feelings about Trump, they may have intended to vote regardless of who occupies the White House.

Democratic voters are more likely than Republican voters to say they will cast a ballot because of their feelings about Trump 44% to 29%, respectively. Republican voters skew older and are generally more likely to vote than Democratic voters, regardless of who is president. Yet, a majority of each partys voters still say Trump will not make a difference in whether they vote this year.

More likely

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Former President Trump First Lady Respond To Colby Hs Students Handwritten Letter

WICHITA, Kan. â A project for students at Colby High School showed the power of long-distance communication â the old-fashioned way. Throughout the school year, students in Yancey Walkers class have been writing handwritten notes to former teachers, people who have influenced them and even celebrities.

This week, a surprise response put a spotlight on the project. Colby Public Schools on Tuesday shared a response one student from former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

The positive-in-tone response encourages and challenges the student.

Thank you for your wonderful letter. We are inspired by your kind words and heartened by your support, the return letter from the Trumps reads.

Our Nations bright future relies upon your leadership, commitment and character. Do your best each day, enjoy learning, and never give up. Always remember you have family, friends, teachers and coaches who care about you, and will help you reach your full potential. May God bless you and your family.

President Trump and the First Lady sign off by saying, With very best wishes, with their signatures below.

Colby Public Schools said the inspiration for having students send handwritten letters began with Walker, now an English and Journalism teacher and head girls basketball coach at Colby High School, watching his mother and her love for handwriting daily.

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  • Wichita, KS 67219

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Schiff Book Reveals How Republican Loyalty To Trump Threatened Democracy

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is best known for being the chief prosecutor in President Donald Trumps first impeachment trial, which ended with an acquittal. But in his new book, Midnight in Washington, Schiff connects that episode to others in our recent history, including the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Schiff joins Judy Woodruff with more.

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Capitol Police Officer: Trump Supporters Are Being Lied To

Mitch McConnells entire being is and always has been focused on winning elections. Every move he makes and every thing he says is part of a broader effort to ensure that his side winds up with more seats and therefore more control than the other guys.

I do think we need to be thinking about the future and not the past. I think the American people are focusing on this administration, what its doing to the country, and its my hope the 22 election will be a referendum on the performance of the current administration, not a rehash of suggestions about what may have happened in 2020.

But Didn’t The Trump Campaign Say It Was In Compliance With The Tcpa And Fcc Guidelines

Donald Trumpâs social media app âtruth socialâ available online, users begin posting

Yes, and that’s accurate. But that’s largely because the legal guidelines around these kinds of P2P text messages aren’t clear.

The TCPA and FCC have rules about abuse on autodialer systems that can automatically send messages or make phone calls. But there isn’t any guidance on these systems because they’re run by humans.

The CTIA’s statement about requiring opt-out language and prior consent are part of recommended guidelines to the industry for players like the carriers and senders like political campaigns. But the trade group has no ability to enforce these guidelines, which are more like mutually agreed upon practices than firm laws.

An upcoming may offer some guidance on the legal definition of phone spam.

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Is This Really The Suppression Of Political Speech

A lot of these systems are flagged automatically or occur when customer complaints come in, so thats a hard case to make. Theres no evidence that the carriers or their partners are flagging and blocking these messages for reasons other than preventing spam.

The telecom companies are also far more reserved when it comes to staking out a political position, with the carriers previously having praised Trump for his large corporate tax cut in 2017.

When it comes to combatting spam, the motivation is primarily driven by the need to eliminate something most people find annoying.

Hannity To Meadows: Yes Sir

In addition to the texts the committee has released, CNN and other news organizations have previously published selections of text messages Meadows received from Lee, Roy, Trump Jr., Perry and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wife, Ginni Thomas.

The logs obtained by CNN include numerous messages from official White House cell phone numbers. Some have been identified by CNN, others are unknown.

There are also numerous group texts with Trumps inner circle. The various group chats include Meadows, Ivanka Trump, Trump Jr. and Kushner, as well as top advisers such as Hope Hicks, campaign manager Bill Stepien, Miller and Scavino, among others.

Some texts only include links to news reports and social media. Others appear to contain content that was cut-and-pasted and forwarded. The logs do not contain images or attachments.

Meadows messages also include dozens of exchanges with Fox hosts, as well as journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Politico, Bloomberg, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN.

Among Meadows most frequent interactions were those with Foxs Sean Hannity, a well-known friend of Trump. Throughout the logs, Hannity both gives advice and asks for direction.

On the afternoon of Election Day, Hannity texted Meadows to ask about turnout in North Carolina.

Meadows responded: Stress every vote matters. Get out and vote.

Got it. Everywhere, Hannity said.

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Explainer How Will Trump Get His Message Out Without Social Media

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures while campaigning for Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on the eve of the run-off election to decide both of Georgias Senate seats, in Dalton, Georgia, U.S., January 4, 2021. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

WASHINGTON, Jan 11 The decision by tech companies to clamp down on President Donald Trumps ability to speak to followers through mainstream social media may force him to tap more traditional methods of communication or more isolated conservative online channels during his final days in office, experts say.

Twitter Inc , Facebook Inc , Alphabet Inc-owned Google , Apple Inc and Inc took their strongest actions yet against Trump to limit his reach, fearing continued violence stemming from his posts after his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol building last week. They were joined by smaller tech companies including Twitch, Snapchat, Reddit, Shopify and TikTok. read more

Trump, who has without evidence challenged the validity of Democratic President-elect Joe Bidens Nov. 3 election victory, praised and egged on supporters before they laid siege on Wednesday to the Capitol, where lawmakers were certifying the Electoral College vote for Biden. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died in the assault. read more

The platform has 12 million users and Trumps sons Donald Jr. and Eric are active on it, but it will now have to find a new Web host to replace Amazon to even stay in business.


Its Good To See Murdoch Publicly Push Trump To Drop Conspiracies About The 2020 Election Perhaps Those Who Work For Him Can Echo That Message

Donald Trump Boasts He

For more than a year now, weve heard some in conservative circles question the authenticity of the 2020 presidential election. In November 2020, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to become president. Thats a fact. But with Trump leading the way and many along for the ride the disproven Big Lie that the presidency was stolen and that our election system is rigged continues to erode the countrys trust in democracy. It already stained one of the hallmarks of our country: the peaceful transition of power.

Sure, its easy to dismiss the likes of a pillow guy and Rudy Giuliani as crackpots pushing goofball conspiracy theories about faulty voting machines and stuffed ballot boxes and dead people voting. But when legitimate news outlets question or amplify the baseless possibilities of unfair elections, the damage is incalculable.

Thats why its a tad frustrating to now hear Rupert Murdoch the executive chairman of News Corp. who oversees outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post saying its time for Trump to let go of the past.

Its not that Murdoch is wrong. In fact, hes right. It just would have been nice if Murdoch made a big deal about this in November 2020 instead of November 2021.

Wait, wasnt it less than a month ago when The Wall Street Journals opinion section once again claiming the election was rigged?

And isnt Fox News being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for things said on the air?

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