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Can Trump Postpone The Election

Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein

Can Trump Delay The 2020 Election?

Although it was already known before Anonymous posted its recent video that Trump was friends with Epstein, the US President has recently always been quick to dismiss any kind of friendship. And yet, Donald Trump was pictured with Epstein at many events through the years and had once called him terrific.

Both moved in the same circles for years, but Trump insisted he only knew Epstein because of his own club in Palm Beach, where Trump was photographed with Epstein in 2001.

On the 31 May, Anonymous tweeted that it has uploaded documents which contain incriminating evidence against Donald Trump in the cases of Epsteins alleged sexual assault. The collective also claimed it has evidence that the British royal family had Princess Diana murdered. Many of these tweets have since disappeared, but screenshots are still circulating online.

How Are The Chances Of Moving The Us Elections Due To Covid

Even if the president and Congress wanted to delay the election, it would be a very tough climb legally, analysts said. Delaying a presidential election would be unprecedented the nation did not do so even during the Civil War and World War II.

Even if a legislation was passed to delay the U.S. Elections, setting a new election date will be challenging: The Constitution mandates that the new Congress must be sworn in on Jan. 3, and that the new presidents term must begin on Jan. 20. Those dates cannot be changed just by the passage of normal legislation.

What is the problem with the 2020 Elections?

President Trump is talking about delaying the November election because he is afraid of people voting by mail, Rep. Donna Shalala said in a tweet in which she included a link to a Florida government website with instructions on how to do so. You know what to do, she added.

Casting a ballot by mail isnt a new way to vote, but it is getting fresh attention as the coronavirus pandemic upends daily life.

The practice dates back to the Civil War, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technologys Election Data Lab, when soldiers were given the opportunity to vote from the battlefield. States began expanding absentee voting laws in the late 1800s to accommodate voters who were away from home or sick on Election Day.

What country did delay its elections?

Map generated on 27 July 2020 usingInternational IDEAs Electoral Risk Management Tool Article by IDEA

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Trumps Baseless Attacks On Mail

This isnt the first time Trump has taken aim at mail-in voting. Throughout the primary season, Trump repeatedly claimed that conducting elections via mail-in ballots guarantees fraudulent outcomes and tip the scales in favour of Democrats. There is NO WAY that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent, the president tweeted back in May, referring to the California primaries. Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed. The Governor of California is sending Ballots to millions of people, anyone

Its important to highlight that Trumps assertions regarding mail-in ballots as a fraud-inducing voting method are downright inaccurate, and bi-partisan experts from across the US have repeatedly attested to the contrary. Multiple studies have found that there is no widespread fraud in US elections, and that includes voting by mail, the CNN reported.

Responding to Trumps claim that mailing in ballots will benefit Democratic candidates, David J. Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research, stressed that both Democrats and Republicans have won elections through mail-in voting. Honestly, amongst election administrators its not . They know mail voting is secure, they know mail in voting will be preferred by a lot of people in this environment, and it helps them provide for in-person voting for the people who need it, he added.

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  • Can The President Postpone The Election?
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President Trump suggested that the election this fall may need to be postponed due to the coronavirus. While many have suggested mail-in voting as an answer to the problem, the president decried this option as rife with fraud. Can the president postpone the election? Lets take a look.

Who Controls The Election

To answer this question, we need to determine who is in charge of elections. The answer is a bit complicated, as control is split between the federal and state governments. The federal government decides when to hold federal elections. However, states actually run the elections.

The date of the presidential election is set by law as the first Tuesday of November following the first Monday of the month. To change this would require a new law passed by Congress. With Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, this is highly unlikely. Even the Republican-controlled Senate has declined to endorse a postponement of the election.

The states do not get to choose when to hold federal elections, but they control other aspects of the process. For example, the states will determine if they are going to allow mail-in voting. Some Democratic-controlled states have already opted to do just that. The states can also allow early voting, as some states have done for years. There are many tools at their disposal to make voting safer in the pandemic.

Could Congress Delay The Election

weve had elections every november since 1788 10 top republicans

Yes but its not easy. To move the date of the presidential election because of an emergency would require a change in federal law, which must be passed by both houses of Congress. That means the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and the Republican-controlled Senate would need to agree on a law, pass it before Nov. 3, and president Trump would need to sign it. It could then be challenged in the courts, like any federal law.

Even if that happened, Congress is limited by the constitution in the changes it can make to a presidential election. The 20th amendment states that presidential and vice-presidential terms must end at noon on the 20th day of January. So even if the election were delayed, Trumps term would still end on Jan. 20. And Congress cant delay an election indefinitely, per the CRS, because the constitution requires that US representatives be chosen every two years and senators every six years.

States have the power to influence presidential elections because they can choose how they appoint members of the electoral college. However, per the US Code, electoral college members must count their votes on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December next following their appointment and the states must send their votes to Congress by the fourth Wednesday in December.

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What About The Procedures For Voting In The November Election

While the date of the presidential election is set by federal law, the procedures for voting are generally controlled at the state level.

How Times reporters cover politics. We rely on our journalists to be independent observers. So while Times staff members may vote, they are not allowed to endorse or campaign for candidates or political causes. This includes participating in marches or rallies in support of a movement or giving money to, or raising money for, any political candidate or election cause.

Thats why the nation has such a complicated patchwork of voting regulations, with some states allowing early and absentee voting some permitting voting by mail or same-day voter registration others requiring certain kinds of identification for voters and many states doing few or none of those things.

Democrats included $3.6 billion in their latest coronavirus aid package to help states administer their elections safely during the pandemic. Republicans did not include any such funding in the proposal they rolled out this week.

Several states have tried to make it easier for voters to use mail-in ballots this year, helping them to avoid going to polling places on Election Day. In Michigan, for example, the secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, mailed absentee ballot applications to all 7.7 million registered voters for the states August primary election and the November general election.

Can The President Cancel Or Postpone An Election With An Executive Order

Short answer: No.

Article II of the Constitution empowers Congress to choose the timing of the general election. An 1845 federal law fixed the date as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

The Constitution sets the expiration of a presidential term in stone, and Congress has also set exact dates by which presidential electors must meet and transmit their votes, said Robert Tsai, a constitutional scholar and law professor at American University.

Only a change in federal law, passed by Congress, could alter the election timeline, Tsai said.

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Prince Andrew And Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew met Epstein in 1999. Last year, after a picture emerged of Prince Andrew with one of Epsteins accusers, he became part of the Epstein scandal. The picture was said to have been taken at Epsteins London address. Further claims were made against Prince Andrew, who has since said he only saw Epstein once or twice a year and stayed in a number of his residences, but cut ties with him in 2011 after a photo of the pair walking together attracted criticism.

The duke denied ever witnessing or suspecting any concerning behaviour from Epstein. That being said, the Duke of York has now been relieved of his public duties due to his involvement in the scandal and his friendship with the late Epstein.

If No President/vp Has Been Electednormal Rules Of Succession Kick In

Trump suggests delaying election over mail-in voting
This is the answer to all those “what if he refuses to go questions.” Assuming we keep the house, Nancy Pelosi would succeed. The senate president pro tempore thing is the kicker. It just goes to the LONGEST-SERVING member of the majority party. For Republicans, that’d be massively corrupt President Chuck Grassley, now 86. If Democrats got a majority in the senate, it’d be President Patrick Leahy, now 80. Next after him, if for instance he decided to resign rather than take on the rigors of the job, would come President Dianne Feinstein, now 86. They didn’t have antibiotics in the 1780s, and epidemic diseases actually rather often ravaged families and communities, making one think this one could have been given more thought. Of course, they also didn’t have stents and beta blockers, and longest-serving would have been assumed to equate to experience more than to extremely long in tooth. Our earliest congresses averaged quite young — their fathers sent them and remained at home to run things there.One thing we can be sure of, all this is being/has been extensively considered by the leaderships of both parties.

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More: How Experts Worry The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Cloud The 2020 General Election

Trump, trailing in polls in key battleground states, wouldn’t directly say at a press conference later Thursday if the move was under serious consideration, but he continued to sow doubt in the November election.

“I don’t want to delay. I want to have the election. But I also don’t want to have to wait for three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn’t mean anything,” he told reporters.

Not only have election experts debunked theories of widespread fraud with the use of mail ballots, it is also not within the power of the president to change the date of the election.

While individual states control their own primaries, the date of the general election has been a matter of federal law since 1845, and it would require an act of Congress to delay past the first Tuesday of November. The Constitution also mandates that the president’s term ends on Jan. 20 and the swearing in of the new president and vice president on that same date.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi citied those rules in a tweet of her own responding to the president.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also slapped down the idea, telling WNKY’s Max Winitz in an interview Thursday the date is set and citing past American elections that have taken place during crises.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss was quick to tweet a reminder that there has never been a successful move to “delay the election” for a president.

Trump Floats Delaying Election Despite Lack Of Authority To Do So

President Donald Trump explicitly floated delaying Novemberâs presidential election on Thursday, lending extraordinary voice to persistent concerns that he will seek to circumvent voting in a contest where he currently trails his opponent by double digits.

Hours later, Trump seemed to acknowledge the move was meant primarily to inject uncertainty into an election he appears determined to undermine, though didnât entirely back away from the notion of a delay.

Trump has no authority to delay an election, and the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for voting. Lawmakers from both parties said almost immediately there was no likelihood the election would be delayed and even some of Trumpâs allies said his message reflected the desperate flailing of a badly losing candidate.

Yet as toothless as it was, Trumpâs message did provide an opening â long feared by Democrats â that both he and his supporters might refuse to accept the presidential results. In questioning it ahead of time, Trump is priming those in his camp to doubt the legitimacy of whatever outcome emerges in the first weeks of November.

In his tweet on Thursday morning â coming 96 days before the election and minutes after the federal government reported the worst economic contraction in recorded history â Trump offered the suggestion because he claimed without evidence the contest will be flawed.

On Thursday, Trumpâs campaign said the President was offering a query.

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Anonymous Just Released Proof Tying Trump Naomi Campbell And Other Celebrities To Jeffrey Epstein

If you havent followed the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, heres a little recap for you. After working as a teacher, Epstein moved into high finance when he persuaded the father of one of his pupils to give him a job at Bear Stearns. He quickly rose through the company and set out on his own as a financial consultant after just five years with the bank.

In 2008, Epstein was charged with soliciting prostitution from underage girls, and served a short jail sentence thanks to a plea deal widely seen as too clement. While awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking, Epstein took his own life in his jail cell in New York in 2019.

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Trump Floats Delaying The Election  But Can He Actually Do That?

“Why would I do that? November 3. It’s a good number. I look forward to that election,” he added at the time.

But Trump’s likely opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, predicted at an April virtual fundraiser that Trump would try to delay the election.

“Mark my words: I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” Biden said.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, also didn’t rule out possibly delaying the election when asked in May, saying, “I’m not sure I can commit one way or the other, but right now that’s the plan.”

Though Trump cited mail-in voting fraud as his reason for seeking to delay the election, experts say there isn’t any evidence of widespread fraud with the practice.

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Does Trump Have A Point That Vote By Mail Will Lead To Fraud

Trump and other Republicans argue that voting by mail is dangerous because, unlike in-person, a person other than the voter takes custody of the ballot. But several studies have shown that mail-in voting does not lead to more fraud. A Washington Post analysis of 14.6m votes cast in three states that automatically mail a ballot to all voters found just 372 cases of double voting or voting on behalf of a dead person. A different study of voter fraud cases maintained by the conservative Heritage Foundation found just 143 cases of criminal convictions involving absentee ballots over the last 20 years. That amounts to 0.00006% of total votes cast during that period.

States have a number of measures in place to prevent fraud. Many states allow voters to track their mail-in ballots, giving them confidence that it was received in the mail. Many states compare the signature on the ballot to the one on file with election officials, a practice, if done carefully, that can prevent fraud. Some states restrict who can collect a mail-in ballot or even require ballots to be signed by a witness or notary .

As Defeats Pile Up Trump Tries To Delay Vote Count In Last

Please note: The Washington Post is providing this important election information free to all readers. Get election results and other major news delivered to your inbox by signing up for breaking news email alerts.

President Trump has abandoned his plan to win reelection by disqualifying enough ballots to reverse President-elect Joe Bidens wins in key battleground states, pivoting instead to a goal that appears equally unattainable: delaying a final count long enough to cast doubt on Bidens decisive victory.

On Wednesday, Trumps campaign wired $3 million to election officials in Wisconsin to start a recount in the states two largest counties. His personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, who has taken over the presidents legal team, asked a federal judge to consider ordering the Republican-controlled legislature in Pennsylvania to select the states electors. And Trump egged on a group of GOP lawmakers in Michigan who are pushing for an audit of the vote there before it is certified.

Giuliani has also told Trump and associates that his ambition is to pressure GOP lawmakers and officials across the political map to stall the vote certification in an effort to have Republican lawmakers pick electors and disrupt the electoral college when it convenes next month and Trump is encouraging of that plan, according to two senior Republicans who have conferred with Giuliani and spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter candidly.

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