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Who Is The Best Candidate To Beat Trump

Lincoln Chafeewho Is He

Sam Donaldson: Bloomberg best candidate to beat Trump

The failson scion of a Rhode Island Republican family, Chafee served in the Senate as a Republican as governor, as an independent and then a Democrat and then ran for president as a Democrat in 2016.

Is he running? No. He filed papers to run for the Libertarian Party nomination on January 5, but dropped out on April 7.

Why did he want to run?

Who wanted him to run?

Could he have won the nomination? Given that he dropped his bid even without any serious rivals in the race, apparently not.

See Thats The Thing About Copy/paste Jobs Other People Can Track Them Down If Provoked

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à and critique your framing. As it happens, despite your and the LATÃs interest in the subject, Kamala Harris is not actually running for President. In addition the Ãregistered votersà poll cited does not discriminate between Dems and GOP, Right or Left, Independent and so forth. There is a chunk of voters who would not vote for a Black/Mixed-Race/Female/Democrat if she were the last candidate on the face of the Earth. Around here we call them MAGAts. They also will not vote for a White Male Democrat à but at least they wonÃt threaten to rape and murder him. The rest of the voters are Democrats and persuadable Independents. We can work with them when the time comes.As for her position as VP, you make it sound like sheÃs a drag on the ticket. Yet Joe Biden won handily à in part because of her positive pull on the Democratic base. But I note your concern.

Joseph R Biden Jr Former Vice President

Mr. Bidens argument about being the most electable candidate is increasingly not the subtext of his campaign its the text.

But it wasnt until the closing portion of the debate that he said Democrats had to be mindful of who can win and bring some coattails to ensure the party reclaims the Senate.

Who has the best chance, most likely chance, of defeating Donald Trump, who is the one most likely to do that? he asked, before continuing: Who can help elect Democrats to the United States Senate in states like North Carolina and Georgia and Arizona and other states?

For most of the night Thursday, however, he avoided stating why hed be the Democrat most likely to win against Mr. Trump, instead trumpeting his knowledge of foreign affairs and boasting that hes running on his near half-century in politics. With my experience comes judgment and a little bit of wisdom, Mr. Biden said.

Mr. Biden had one of his better debate performances Thursday, in part because he was able to make a succinct pitch for his viability and even more because he watched two of his most daunting rivals in Iowa, Mr. Buttigieg and Ms. Warren, tangle with each other.

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Whos Best To Beat Trump 7 Answers When 7 Democrats Debate

Making a case for the nomination, onstage together for one last time in 2019.

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By Jonathan Martin

WASHINGTON Senator Elizabeth Warren argued that Democrats would defeat President Trump if they draw the sharpest distinction with what she called the administrations corruption and suggested that Mayor Pete Buttigiegs high-dollar fund-raising would undermine their ability to do that. Mr. Buttigieg said his party could scarcely afford to hew to such purity tests in a race against Mr. Trump.

And Senator Amy Klobuchar was even less subtle, repeatedly citing her heartland roots to argue that Democrats could win only if they put a Midwesterner like her at the top of the ticket, while recalling that Mr. Buttigieg had been soundly defeated in his one statewide race in Indiana.

In Washington, those who make politics a vocation or an avocation are consumed with this weeks impeachment of Mr. Trump, the branding of a scarlet I upon his tenure. But on the other side of the country, on the Democratic debate stage in Los Angeles, the candidates circled around a different vowel, and a different word the E word.

As in: electability.

Or, rather, which of the candidates running can eject Mr. Trump from the White House next year, now that its clear Republican senators wont offer the votes to convict him.


Top 5 Democrats With The Best Chance To Beat Trump

Biden is the best candidate to beat Trump

Well rank each Democrat based on their current odds, display whether their chances have been going up or down since January 1, 2019, and provide some insight into the top 5 most likely Trump challengers. Some candidates didnt have odds to start the year or currently dont have odds at all and well indicate when thats the case.

1. Joe Biden

  • Then: +1400
  • % Change: +13.33%
  • The former Vice President saw his odds skyrocket after he officially made his announcement in late April. Biden is now not only the Democratic favorite but public money has also made him the biggest riser on the board since 2019 began. His national recognition and huge favorability Rust Belt where Trump won big in 2016 makes Biden the biggest threat to Trumps re-election bid.

2. Bernie Sanders

  • Then: +1400
  • % Change: +5.83%
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders comes second and is not far behind Biden. The Vermont US senator gained national attention in 2016 for his Democratic Socialism platform and became Hillary Clintons biggest challenger for the partys nomination. This time, the public knows who Bernie is, which is why hes received more first-quarter donations than any other Democratic candidate.

3. Kamala Harris

4. Pete Buttigieg

5. Elizabeth Warren

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Us Election : Meet The Democratic Candidates Vying To Take On Trump

Election season is getting under way and the race to become the Democratic challenger to Donald Trump is hotting up.

Last summer, there were nearly 30 serious candidates vying for the attention of the party’s supporters, but only two are still standing.

Here’s a brief guide to who they are, with some analysis on each of them from the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher.

Who are they? What are their key issues? What’s their secret weapon against President Trump? We’ve got it all covered.

How Huge Of A Turnout Surge Does Sanders Need To Be As Electable As A Moderate

The case that Bernie Sanders is just as electable as the more moderate candidates thus appears to rest on a leap of faith: that youth voter turnout would surge in the general election by double digits if and only if Bernie Sanders is nominated, compensating for the voters his nomination pushes to Trump among the rest of the electorate.

There are reasons to doubt a Sanders-driven youth turnout surge of this size would materialize. First, people who promise in surveys they will vote often dont, meaning the turnout estimates that Sanderss electability case rests upon are probably extremely inaccurate. Second, such a turnout surge is large in comparison to other effects on turnout. For example, Sanders would need to stimulate a youth turnout boost much larger than the turnout boost Barack Obamas presence on the ballot stimulated among black voters in 2008.

Third, Sanderss electability case requires this 11 percentage point turnout increase among young voters in 2020 to occur on top of any turnout increase that would otherwise occur if another Democrat were nominated.

And this enormous 11 percentage point turnout boost is only enough to make Sanders as electable as the more moderate candidates, given the other votes he loses to Trump. For him to be the most electable Democratic candidate based on his ability to inspire youth turnout, Sanderss nomination would need to increase youth turnout by even more.

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Ron Desantis Is Never Trumpers’ Best Hope Of Beating Trump

The Florida governor is flawed, but within normal parameters. The former president poses a unique threat.


Donald Trump is trying to hang on as the doddering boss of the Republican Party. Earlier this month, he threatened that his supporters may stay home in 2022 and 2024 unless others in the GOP validate his delusion that he beat Joe Biden.

Were the GOP base less easily duped, it would move on, as when George H. W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney lost White House bids. As president, Trump failed to build his border wall or bring home the troops. No 75-year-old candidate who lost the popular vote to general-election opponents as weak as Hillary Clinton and Biden portends future glory for his party. And Trump energizes intense opposition like no one else, uniting otherwise divided Democrats while alienating a faction of conservatives and independents who normally vote Republican. As if that weren’t enough, America would be weaker with him as president because he tears us apart.

The best way forward depends, in part, on how bad one believes Donald Trump himself to be for America. Is he no worse than any number of other populist demagogues who are capable of winning the White House, or is he sui generis, so that any likely alternative would damage America less?

Probably the latter.

Derek Thompson: The curious case of Florida’s pandemic response

Who Has The Best Chance To Beat Trump

Sen. Cory Booker: Joe Biden Is The Best Candidate To Beat Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Reflecting recent polls, readers dont agree on a particular candidate.

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To the Editor:

The election is going to be won or lost depending on which party gets voters to show up to vote, and who sits at home.

For over 30 years, the moderate wing has controlled the Democratic Party sometimes successfully, too often not. Moderates have wasted valuable time and effort trying to negotiate with Republicans when Republicans see negotiation as a sign of weakness. Rather than leading with ideas, Democratic leaders check the latest polls before making a decision. Far too often they have run timid instead of standing up for what they believe.

Now we are faced with the most important election of our lives, and moderates are telling us how terrible it will be if we nominate a liberal. I dont agree with Bernie Sanders on a lot of issues and would much rather see Elizabeth Warren as the leader of the liberal wing of the party, but both have the passion and fight to stand up for what they believe.

If we want minorities and young people to show up on Election Day, I would trust either of them over Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg or Joe Biden.

I fear that a moderate candidate will lose to President Trump.

John HallinanStoughton, Wis.

To the Editor:

Tim Taylor

Re The Democrat Who Can Beat Trump, by Adam Jentleson :

Charles BeckerNovato, Calif.

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Leslie Hodge

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The Democratic National Convention Starts Monday Heres What You Need To Know

Sanders and Buttigieg again virtually tied in New Hampshireâs primary on Feb. 11. Biden came in fifth, the choice of only one out of every 12 voters.

As Sanders and Buttigieg dueled for delegates, it was Sanders who got the biggest boost in the polls. His rise coincided with his big win in the Feb. 22 Nevada caucuses, where the avowed democratic socialist showed strong appeal among Hispanic voters and got nearly half the votes overall. Media reports were routinely referring to him as the front-runner.

But Biden stayed alive in Nevada, finishing second with 20%. It was enough to carry him to South Carolina and redemption.

Clyburnâs crucial contribution

Joe Biden celebrates his win in the South Carolina primary on Feb. 29, 2020. An endorsement from Rep. James Clyburn proved pivotal.hide caption

toggle caption

Joe Biden celebrates his win in the South Carolina primary on Feb. 29, 2020. An endorsement from Rep. James Clyburn proved pivotal.

South Carolinaâs first-in-the-South primary matters in the Democratic contest because it is the first event where African American voters with whom Biden had residual appeal as Obamaâs vice president carry outsize influence. As attention turned to the Palmetto State, its senior officeholder, James Clyburn, the highest ranking Black member of Congress as the House majority whip, announced his endorsement of Biden.

The longer comeback

Opinion: Democrats Need To Focus On Picking The Best Candidate To Beat Trump

Never forget that this whole sordid saga began because President Trump was desperate to smear Joe Bidens good name the way he smeared Hillary Clintons so desperate that he got himself impeached. To a shameful extent, however, Trump succeeded. And if craven Republicans wont punish this amoral and dangerous president at his trial, voters must do so emphatically in November.

Trumps arms-for-investigations shakedown of Ukraine was always about the election. He knew that Biden could wipe the floor with him, so he brought out the playbook he used in 2016. Her emails was replaced with Hunter Biden.

There is not a shred of evidence that Bidens son Hunter did anything more sinister than reap the benefits of having a famous and powerful father. If irony were not moldering in its grave, it would be rolling-on-the-floor laughing at the idea of Trump attacking anyone for nepotism, given his own grasping brood. Ivanka Trump is supposed to have gotten those China trademarks on merit? Jared Kushner is qualified to draw up a Middle East peace plan because he has read 25 books on the subject?

The whole thing is, in fact, rolling-on-the-floor laughable. But the Republican Party is willing to keep a straight face and pretend its not.

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Clyburn: My Biden Endorsement Was Meant To Create A ‘surge’

The same holds true for my good friend Joe. He had run for president three times and never won a single primary. Just a few days ago, his 2020 effort also seemed to be struggling after disappointing finishes in Iowa , New Hampshire and Nevada . People were beginning efforts to nudge him out. But Joe knows, like I know, we ought not to apply baseball rules to critical life decisions.

Failures to win past presidential primaries are not the only challenges that Joe has had to overcome. Losing a wife and a baby in a horrific 1972 automobile accident and then sitting for weeks at the bedside of the two sons who survived the ordeal is a tough way to celebrate being elected to the United States Senate at the tender age of 29. Later, Joe would lose one of those sons to brain cancer in the prime of his life.

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