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Can Joe Biden Beat Trump In 2020

Opinionkamala Harris’ Candidacy Requires A Nuanced Debate About Her Record Race And Gender Is The Left Ready

Joe Biden beats Donald Trump to win US presidential election | US election 2020

When it comes to Bidens likability, he soars among almost every demographic and is more favorable than Donald Trump . However, Biden also sits atop all the potential 2020 candidates as the only candidate with a favorability over 50 percent, according to late December Quinnipiac polling.

Biden has a track record of working across the aisle to get things done. Biden was the guy who negotiated the fiscal cliff deal with Senator Mitch McConnell as well as a major part of the 2010 deal that extended the Bush tax cuts, because he doesnt view Republicans as enemies, he knows he needs to work with them in order to get things done. This is exactly the right tone that needs to be set on the campaign trail especially as Republican voters in general and Trump supporters in particular feel vilified by the media.

Just this week, he responded to criticism of himself in the New York Times for being bipartisan saying, I read in the New York Times today that one of my problems if I were to run for president, I like Republicans. OK, well bless me father for I have sinned.

Opinionbernie Sanders’ Fans Can’t Be Allowed To Poison Another Democratic Primary With Personal Attacks

To put it bluntly, Biden has everything he needs to run against Trump and actually win he just needs to officially throw his hat in the ring and convince others in the field to move aside so as to not fall victim to a tough primary the likes of which the Republican Party saw in 2008, 2012 and 2016. All the resources of the Democratic party ought to go toward defeating Trump, not fighting one another.

As a former Republican voter who denounced the party once Trump became its nominee, Ive often been asked who my ideal candidate would be, and the answer has always been rather simple: A ticket with Joe Biden at the top, because he is a no-nonsense guy who understands the needs of everyday Americans and knows how to make the government work for the people.

Not only does Bidens likability and down-to-earth personality make him the ideal candidate, he is the right candidate for the moment and that moment is a dire one. Its time to return common sense, bipartisanship and stability back to our government and to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in particular.

Rather than crowding the field, Democrats should encourage someone like Biden to run if theyre serious about taking back the White House, or they will simply tear themselves apart and hand the election to Trump on a platter.

Hillary Was The Easiest Candidate That Donald Trump Could Have Faced

This was probably the most important factor that tipped the election. The first 2 points that we discussed along with having Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate was a lethal combination. Theres something about Hillary that rubs a lot of people in the wrong way. And its not only Republicans many Democrats dont like her either. Bernie Sanders didnt help with this likability problem at all. More like the contrary, he hurt Hillary a lot during the Democratic primary by labeling her as part of the establishment and working more for the big corporations than the working class. DT had it easy in the debates to pick on her. Whether it was Bengazi, her husband, their foundation, or the damn emails DT was always painting the picture of a career and corrupt politician that felt entitled to be President. This made a lot of Democrats stay home. Many thought Theres no way Im voting for Donald Trump but Im not going to vote for Hillary either. I think most of the Democrats that did this never thought, not even in their wildest nightmare, that DT could actually win. Thats why they decided to stay home.

So, thats it? Joe Biden is poised to win this election no matter how, right? Not so fast!

The problem with Joe Biden isJoe Biden.

Of course, Im ignoring many other present and future aspects that will influence the election. Including the huge elephant in the room, the pandemic that has the whole world in a full lockdown .

1 The poor response that DT had to it .

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Can Joe Biden Beat President Trump In The Us Election

Could Joe Biden be the next US President? He was President Barack Obamas Vice President for eight years, previously serving 36 years a Democratic Senator, so has plenty of experience to draw upon . His policy goals include affordable healthcare and tackling climate change. He would also, if elected, be the oldest President of the United States. Can he convince US citizens?

President Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. President Trump has already had the experience of being President of the United States, and he is certainly one of the most controversial presidents in recent memory. He increasingly been portraying himself as a wartime president in the fight against the coronavirus and has declared international organisations such as the WHO to be the enemy. Nevertheless, recent polling has not been good for President Trump, and he can no longer rely on his record on the economy given unemployment has surged during the pandemic.

Can Joe Biden beat President Trump in the US election? Or will Trump win a second term? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and well take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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Regrets: Trump Would Beat Biden Today More Women And Blacks Support

The Biden Candidacy: Part II Can Joe Biden Defeat President Trump in ...

A slew of new polls have come out this week showing the shrinking support for and approval of President Joe Biden, his average now below 50%.

But today, Rasmussen Reports is issuing the capper, telling Secrets that in an election do-over, Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump.

The details of the survey, which samples more Democrats than Republicans, showed that Trump would win more women and blacks than he did in 2020 when he lost to Biden, 46.8%-51.3%.

A sizable 14% would choose some other candidate, though none were named.

The survey comes at a key point in Bidens presidency. He is now under fire for bungling Americas withdrawal from Afghanistan, increasing inflation, and spiraling crime.

Several other surveys out this week have shown his approval rating underwater, a place Trump floated for much of his presidency.

Today, Axios headlined, Bidens average approval rating drops below 50% for first time. It cited poll trackers from FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics.

The site added, This marks a precipitous decline from the FiveThirtyEight peak of 55.1% in March and the RCP peak of 55.7% in April.

Despite showing Trump edging Biden in an election today, most told Rasmussen that they do not regret their 2020 vote. Some 89% said so, led by 95% of Republicans. For Democrats, it was less, 87%.

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Arizona To Build Own Wall Frustrated Over Biden Inaction On Border Crisis

If the next presidential election were held today, former President Donald Trump would defeat President Biden by six percentage points and Vice President Kamala Harris by 11 percentage points, according to a new poll.

The 45th president would unseat Biden by a 47% to 41% margin, according to the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll published by The Hill. However, 12% of voters are undecided.

Harris going up against Trump would produce an even worse result for Democrats 49% would vote for the former president compared to 38% for the veep.

Neither Trump nor Biden has officially thrown his hat into the 2024 ring, but both have hinted that they would run again.

The truth is I ran twice, I won twice and I just did better the second time. And now, we just might have to do it again, Trump told supporters at a rally in Georgia Saturday night.

Biden said last week that he would be very fortunate to face Trump again in 2024.

The next election, Id be very fortunate if I had that same man running against me, the president said during a news conference in Brussels on Thursday after meeting with NATO allies about the Ukraine invasion.

Biden defeated Trump in 2020 with 306 Electoral College votes to Trumps 232, winning the battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He also won the popular vote count by more than 7 million.

If Biden, 79, and Trump, 75, opt not to run again, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the favorite to carry the GOP standard.

Us Election Results : Joe Biden’s Defeat Of Donald Trump

Georgia recertifies election results, confirming Bidens victory, despite Trumps continued refusal to formally concede

Tue 8 Dec 2020 10.21 GMT Last modified on Thu 21 Jan 2021 03.18 GMT

Tue 8 Dec 2020 10.21 GMT Last modified on Thu 21 Jan 2021 03.18 GMT

The race for the presidency is usually decided in a small number of key battleground states that switch party allegiance between elections.

2 months ago

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When Does Joe Biden Become President

LIVE: Americans Celebrate as Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump to Win 2020 Election

First the votes need to be certified in each of the states. Thats usually a formality and happens in the next few weeks.

Its written in the US Constitution that the new term of office begins on 20 January at noon.

It happens at a ceremony called the inauguration which takes place in the capital, Washington DC. The new president and vice-president take an oath of office administered by the Supreme Court chief justice.

So expect to see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inaugurated on 20 January 2021.

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Did Biden Win By A Little Or A Lot The Answer Is Yes

WASHINGTON With the Electoral College tallies last week, the 2020 presidential race is finally over, but Democrats and Republicans continue to argue about the results. And one debate in particular lingers: Did President-elect Joe Biden win by a little or by a lot?

The answer is … yes, depending on how you measure the votes. And closer looks at this year’s election and past races show why the Electoral College/popular vote divide is increasingly worrying in a sharply divided nation.

Let’s start with 2020. Looking at the popular vote, Biden won by a sizable margin.

Biden’s 4.5-point victory margin is the second largest since 2000. Only Barack Obama’s 7-point win in 2008 was bigger. The same is true of Biden’s margin of 7 million popular votes. Obama won by 10 million in 2008. And, of course, the 81 million votes Biden won is by far the most any presidential candidate has ever received.

But if you look just at the states that put Biden over the top in the Electoral College, he won by fewer votes than Trump did in 2016.

Throughout Trump’s time in the White House, much has been made of how he won the presidency by under 78,000 votes in three states. And that point was true. Trump won because of narrow margins in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

But the margins this year were even tighter in the three states that put Biden over the top in the Electoral College. He won Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin by a total of less than 45,000 votes.

Rural Areas: Trump Gains But Not By Enough

There are a lot of ways to slice the election results .

You can look at the raw votes each candidate won. You can look at the percentage each got. You can look at the net difference between candidates votes.

Biden got a larger percentage of votes in many of Pennsylvanias smaller, largely white rural counties than Clinton did, but in many of them, Trump actually received more net votes this year than in 2016. The counties were a little less red but Trump still received a boost from them.

Consider your favorite Thanksgiving pie, and how you slice it. If you bought a much larger pie this year, even a smaller slice of it can be much more pie than you had last year.

So in Cambria County in Southwest Pennsylvania, where Trump held a mid-October rally, his share of the two-party vote dipped ever so slightly, from 69.1% to 68.89%, but he still picked up 2,964 votes.

Thats a small increase, but similar small increases, added together across the states many rural areas, kept Trump competitive.

The problem for the president was he needed to run up the score even more in these places. Instead, by boosting the Democratic share of the vote, Biden prevented Trump from running away with even greater margins in rural and small-town Pennsylvania.

Chipping away at it, as Shippensburg University political science professor Alison Dagnes said.

Trump did lose a little better than two-ish points, and that matters, Dagnes said. Every vote adds up.

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The Country Changes And So Does Biden

Bidens agenda, at this point, places him well to the left of Hillary Clinton in 2016, or Barack Obama in 2012, or Joe Biden in 2008. This is something of a surprise given Bidens history as a relatively centrist Democrat in his final Senate term, he was the 26th most liberal member of the Senate Democratic caucus, placing him smack in the middle and, in some quarters, its occasioned mistrust. Biden has such a long record in politics that hes been on multiple sides of myriad issues, and hypocrisy, or insincerity, is always an easy conclusion.

So, too, is the fear that Biden is a secret conservative. Whos the real Biden the one who cosponsored a balanced-budget amendment in 1995, or the one who is explicitly tying his administration to FDRs legacy in 2020? The politician who voted against the first Iraq War, or for the second?

But another read of Bidens career is that as the country changes, he changes, and he does so proudly. That, to him, is the job of a politician to absorb the disagreements and needs of a fractured, diverse country and use the channels and institutions of politics to steadily perfect the union.

Biden is a politician, in the truest, deepest sense of the term

This would be Joe Biden’s America

Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022

Opinionjulin Castro May Not Beat Trump In 2020 But He Is The Face Of Future Presidential Politics

Page: Can Joe Biden

He added: From where I come from, I dont know how you get anything done. I dont know how you get anything done unless you start talking to one another again.

The eventual Democratic nominee would also have to appeal to young voters, who have been the most disaffected by Trumps presidency and Biden polls best among voters under the age of 35 with a 60 percent favorability. It also doesnt hurt that upon Bidens return to the social platform Instagram late last summer, he drew over one million followers and we all know social media is key to reaching young people in todays campaign atmosphere.

Whichever Democrat candidate becomes the nominee will also need to have a name recognition that matches that of Trump, and Biden can handily compete with that as the former vice president of the United States and a long time senator.

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Demographic Profiles Of Trump And Biden Voters

As was the case in the 2016 and 2018 elections, the Democratic voting coalition in 2020 looked quite different from the Republican coalition in several respects. Overall, Biden voters were younger, more racially and ethnically diverse, and less likely to live in rural areas than Trump voters.

In 2020, 85% of voters who cast a ballot for Trump were White non-Hispanic this compares with just 61% of Biden voters. These differences are roughly consistent with the share of White voters in each partys coalition in 2016.

Nearly two-in-ten voters who cast a ballot for Biden in the 2020 election were Black, identical to the share of Clinton voters in 2016 who were Black. That is significantly higher than the share of Trump voters who were Black .

The community profiles of Trump and Biden voters are similar in some fundamental ways to the previous two elections but more voters who cast ballots for Biden in 2020 say they live in a suburban area compared with Clintons 2016 voters.

Overall, urban voters continue to constitute a larger share of the Democratic coalition compared with the Republican coalition. And rural voters remain a significantly larger portion of the Republican electorate.

However, when comparing Clintons voters with Bidens, there are some significant shifts. In 2016, about half of Clintons voters described their communities as suburban , while 32% said they were from an urban area and 19% were from a rural area.

Opinioni’ve Been Talking About Beto O’rourke Since 2017 He’s A 2020 Democratic Frontrunner For A Reason

Furthermore, there are two key demographics that swung for Trump in the 2016 election that Democrats need to win back in 2020: Independent voters and most importantly, suburban female voters. In the 2016 election, over 47 percent of Trumps voters were women a statistic that still shocks many pundits and analysts to this day. But due to the rhetoric and blunders of the White House, nearly 30 percent of those women now have a very poor impression of Trump according to a recent Pew Research Poll.

Worse than just their sentiments toward Trump, though, suburban women who catapulted him into the White House swung blue in the midterm elections. A USA Today analysis of the 2018 midterm election found more than 80 suburban counties and cities with high incomes and large number of college-educated voters voted more Democratic than in 2016. These gains were huge for Democrats, but this demographic could change again in 2020 if Republicans were to get smart about their candidates, rhetoric, and strategy, which no one expects.

These suburban and college-educated women who are increasingly aligning themselves with the Democratic party also describe themselves as mostly moderates looking for a government that compromises.

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