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What Does Trump Stand For

‘america First’ And Reasserting Us Sovereignty

What Does Donald Trump Really Stand For?

As with trade, Mr Trump has also promised to put “America First” in US foreign policy.

In the White House’s words, that means “reasserting American sovereignty and the right of all nations to determine their own futures”, with a focus on ensuring security and prosperity.

What has that meant in practice?

It has included stepping away from some large multilateral agreements like the Paris climate accord or pulling back from some multilateral organisations, like the World Health Organization.

He has challenged some international alliances, pushing for North Atlantic Treaty Organization members to boost their defence spending in the military alliance.

And he has recently reiterated a promise to bring down US troop levels overseas – which are currently at about the same level as when he took office – specifically in places like Germany and Afghanistan.

Critics have said he has created tensions with historically close US allies while reaching out to adversaries like North Korea and Russia.

He has had foreign policy successes, recently helping to broker a deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates to normalise relations.

And he has touted the killings of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State group, and Iran’s powerful military commander, Gen Qasem Soleimani.

Joe Biden: Fracking And Coal

Despite a Trump-aligned ad campaign declaring Bidens intention to immediately eliminate fracking and coal, Biden has said only that he wants the United States to replace fossil fuels with clean energy by 2050, according to Biden has tried to perform a balancing act on the issue, espousing his disdain for dirty fossil fuels to environmentalists while acknowledging that the industry provides jobs across America and that fracking has helped the U.S. become a top global energy provider.

Trump Named Three Supreme Court Justices

Although Republicans had a majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Trumps administration had a rocky start. Although he succeeded in getting Neil Gorsuch confirmed as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court , efforts to repeal Obamacare did not succeed. Controversy over both the presidents actions and tweets took attention and energy away from his plans for major improvements in Americas infrastructure and tax reform, though tax changes eventually were implemented by Congress in December 2017.

Trump was given another opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice when Justice Anthony Kennedy, who had often cast a decisive swing vote in close cases, announced his retirement. Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh a former Kennedy clerk who served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Considered much more conservative than Kennedy, Kavanaugh was confirmed on Oct. 6, 2018, after highly contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

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Joe Biden: Marijuana Legalization

Another reason liberals are skeptical of Biden on criminal justice reform is for his stance on marijuana, which is still classified federally alongside heroin as a Schedule 1 narcoticand just like all drugs, minorities are far more likely to be prosecuted and incarcerated for possessing or selling it than white people. Biden advocates for decriminalization, which is farther than any other president has been willing to go, but it is not the same thing as legalization, which most Americans now support. Biden recently outraged advocates when he cited the long-debunked gateway drug theory when it seems that pot should be an easy issue for a Democratnearly four out of five people in Bidens party support full legalization.

Donald Trump: School Choice

What does GOP stand for and what does the Tea Party mean?

President Trump said recently that school choice is the civil rights statement of the year, according to Forbes. Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are strong proponents of charter schools and vouchers for private schoolsthey recently required public schools to use emergency CARES Act funds on private schools in their districts.

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The Energy In This Party Is On The Left

In an interview with Mr. Sanders, my colleague Elizabeth Bruenig asked the senator why progressives like her shouldnt give in to despair: Yes, support for Medicare for all has crawled upward during the pandemic, but both the Democratic Party and Mr. Biden still oppose the policy, and his announcement that he would be running with Ms. Harris caused a stock market rally. If gains made in the realm of ideas dont translate into democratic power, what difference do they make? Ms. Bruenig asked.

Mr. Sanders, however, was hopeful. Despite the lefts failure to capture the nomination for the second time in four years, it plainly exerts more influence over the party than it did in 2016. That much was evident in Mr. Bidens decision in March to endorse both a pared-down version of Mr. Sanderss proposal to make four-year public colleges tuition-free and Senator Elizabeth Warrens plan to reform bankruptcy laws. After Mr. Sanders dropped out, Mr. Biden continued to tack left, adopting significantly more ambitious proposals to expand caregiving programs, close the racial wealth gap and stop climate change.

As Waleed Shahid, the communications director for Justice Democrats, told Vox, Mr. Bidens is the most progressive platform of any Democratic nominee in the modern history of the party.

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Joe Biden: Racial Justice

Joe Bidens platform for racial justice is directly tied to his platform for reopening the economy, as he has stated that economic equality must be at the heart of any move toward racial equality. His Build Back Better agenda includes a 26-page plan for increasing resources for minority entrepreneurs, reforming opportunity zones, and addressing racial disparities in housing and homeownership. In terms of symbolic measures, he has said that Confederate statues belong not in public squares, but in museums.

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Donald Trump: Climate Change

According to The New York Times, President Trump believes that mandates, initiatives, and regulations on climate change would be a threat to jobs, not an opportunityit was he who removed the United States from the Paris Agreement. He has worked to eliminate or weaken virtually every Obama-era initiative to combat climate change, to deregulate fossil fuel development, and to declaw the EPA. He has gone back and forth between acknowledging climate change and calling it a hoax, and has made wild aspersions about green energy and technology, including the idea that windmills cause cancer.

Donald Trump: Health Care

Trust Index: What does Trump stand to lose if hes impeached before Bidens inauguration?

Donald Trump ran on repealing the ACA immediately after being sworn in as his most pressing priority and replacing it with something much better. He kept true to his word in that heand his allies in the Republican Partyconsistently undermined and attacked Obamacare, but the ACA remains law despite the fact that the GOP controlled all three chambers of power for two years. Trump has promised that he was about to unveil a new and better plan at least 15 times during his presidency, but as of Aug. 7, he has yet to present an alternative to the ACA.

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So What Does Trump Actually Believe

that Mr Trump tends to conflate climate change with environmentalism more generally.

“He doesn’t really understand what climate change is about,” says Professor Michael Gerrard, an environmental law professor at the University of Columbia.

Meanwhile, Joseph Goffman, executive director of Harvard’s Environmental Law Programme, argues that Mr Trump “believes nothing on climate change – he’s a climate nihilist”.

Mr Trump’s position is based on his need to appeal to “the part of the Republican establishment that rejects climate policy,” Mr Goffman, who previously worked as Democratic staff director on the Senate environmental committee, adds.

Joseph Pinion, a Republican strategist who has called for more action on climate change, also argues that Mr Trump looks at the issue from a political, rather than a moral perspective.

“He’s not going to win running on the environment,” Mr Pinion says. “In America, climate is not an issue, so the reason it is not an issue for President Trump is because he cares about winning. And the reason Democrats are OK with it not being a priority for them, is because they want to beat him.”

“Ultimately it doesn’t matter what President Trump believes, what matters is what he’s doing – we need to recognise climate change is not a priority of his administration.”

Joe Biden: Lgbtq+ Rights

Although he voted for the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, Vice President Joe Biden beat his boss to the punch when he came out in favor of same-sex marriage several days before Barack Obama in 2012. Bidens official policy web page touts the great strides the LGBTQ+ community made during the Obama presidency and pledges a commitment to extending that progress if he should be elected. His policy outline includes reforms and protections in areas like workplace and housing discrimination, the military, health care, and youth initiatives.

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Donald Trump: Racial Justice

President Trump has claimed publicly and repeatedly that nobody has done more for Black Americans than I have, according to Business Insiderwhen asked about his commitment to racial justice, he frequently pivots to touting minority unemployment statistics before the coronavirus shutdown. In reality, he stoked racial animosity from the outset of his campaign, refused initially to criticize white supremacists at Charlottesville, Virginia, denounced the Black Lives Matter movement, and castigated even peaceful racial justice protestors as terrorists, criminals, anarchists, and angry mobs. He has defended Confederate statues and symbols, come out strongly against renaming military installations named for Confederate generals, and, most recently, refused to attend memorial services for civil rights icon John Lewis.

Joe Biden: School Choice

What Does Donald Trump Really Stand For?

President Trump has attempted to paint Joe Biden as being against school choice and in favor of abolishing charter schools. According to, thats not trueBiden opposes only federal funding for a small number of for-profit charter schools and vouchers for private school tuition. The former vice president does, however, support parents and students being given the choice between different public schools, successful charter schools, and magnet schools.

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Donald Trump: Foreign Aid And Diplomacy

From his campaign throughout his presidency, President Trump has condemned many historic international agreements and treaties as being unfair to the United States, who he says carries a disproportionate burden for the benefit of member nations who dont pull their own weight. He has feuded with many of Americas traditional allies, reduced foreign aid, made aid contingent on recipient nations conforming to U.S. policy, attacked entrenched international institutions like the United Nations, and withdrew or threatened to withdraw the U.S. from several major agreements and treaties.

Joe Biden: Reopening The Economy

Biden has proposed an eight-point plan for reopening the economy. It involves guaranteed testing to all workers, as well as guaranteed paid sick leave to all those who fall ill. The plan also calls for a national contact tracing network, special protections for older Americans, a Safe for Shoppers program, and a program that supports schools and child care.

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Body Language Analysis : Why Is Donald Trump Leaning Forward Nonverbal And Emotional Intelligence

In the past several days, its been reported that Donald Trump has been standing weird. Although the Presidents leaning-forward posture has been displayed in the past, recently this stance has been used more consistently. Why? What are the body language ramifications?

Donald Trump is standing with this posture primarily because he has specially crafted, lift shoes. His added 2.53.5 inch heel-height causes him to lean forward. This configuration is accentuated by his obesity.

Trump is quite self-conscious about his height. President Trumps claimed height is 6’3″ yet, this is demonstrably false. In the above photo, taken on the morning of his inauguration, Trump is clearly approximately 0.5 inch shorter than President Obama .

Its notable that Ronny Jackson, M.D. Trumps White House physician for the first 15 months of his administration also served the same role for Barack Obama. President Obamas height, per Jacksons medical reports, was listed at 6’1″.

Both Trump and Obama have been routinely photographed standing next to many athletes thus, we can use these others registered heights as cross-checks. Heres an image of Trump standing next to Tiger Woods . Woods reported height is 6’1″.

Heres another photo Donald Trump leaning forward during a political rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on 27 April 2019. Take note of how his arms hang with a forward angle, relative to his torso, rather than along side of his body.

Media Inquires and Group Appearances

Donald Trump: Abortion And Reproductive Rights

Trump India visit: What does India stand to gain?

Donald Trump experienced the opposite evolution as Bidenhe was vocally and unrepentantly in favor of abortion rights for years before his political ascent, but has now emerged as what Politico reporter Gabby Orr dubbed the new GOP standard in the abortion fight. From saying women should be punished for having abortions to appointing scores of staunchly anti-abortion federal judges, Trump has been a darling of the hardline anti-abortion movement. Many prominent religious conservatives justify their support of Trumpwho has lived most of his life counter to their stated core principlesby pointing to his stances and actions on the abortion issue.

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What Exactly Does The Republican Party Stand For

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox made a really important point in a recent podcast interview with conservative commentator Matt Lewis.

“There’s more to being a conservative than just ‘owning the libs,'” Cox told Lewis. “I believe in a Republican Party and a conservatism that is about opportunity for everyone. We don’t do that with these fake controversies, these false choices we keep presenting people.”

Cox doesn’t mention Donald Trump in that quote, but the former President is all over it. Trump and his brood — most notably his eldest son and namesake Donald Trump Jr. — have steered the GOP over the last four years into a box canyon populated by memes and misogyny.

But as Cox notes, posting altered videos that make President Joe Biden look old or mocking International Women’s Day — isn’t a policy position, much less a party platform.

“There’s not much interesting policy work going on on the right,” he told Lewis. “It seems we’ve just defined ourselves in opposition to whatever it is the left is doing.”

Video: These Senate retirements show why Trump is still powerful

And yet, Cox is in the minority within his party on that view. Or at least, he is in the minority in his willingness to voice an opinion that runs counter to the cult of Trump that continues to seize the GOP.

Jonathan V. Last, writing in the Bulwark, made a similar point in writing about why Sen. Lisa Murkowski continues to be a Republican.

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