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Did Trump Cut Funding For The Cdc

Budget Would Thwart Progress

Trump threatens to cut funding of schools that don’t reopen

A few medical groups on Monday quickly criticized Trump’s proposals.

“In a time where our nation continues to face significant public health challenges including 2019 novel coronavirus, climate change, gun violence and costly chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer the administration should be investing more resources in better health, not cutting federal health budgets,” said Georges C. Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association, in a statement.

David J. Skorton, MD, chief executive and president of the Association of American Medical Colleges also urged increased investment in fighting disease.

“We must continue the bipartisan budget trajectory set forth by Congress over the last several years, not reverse course,” Skorton said in a statement.

Trump’s proposed cuts in medical research “would thwart scientific progress on strategies to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure medical conditions that affect countless patients nationwide,” he said.

In total, the new 2021 appropriations for HHS would fall by $9.46 billion to $85.667 billion under Trump’s proposal. Appropriations, also called discretionary budget authority, represents the operating budgets for federal agencies. These are decided through annual spending bills.

Congress has separate sets of laws for handling payments the federal government makes through Medicare and Medicaid. These are known as mandatory spending.

Budget Cuts Have Made The Us Less Ready For Coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to spread, the Trump administration has and imposed quarantines and travel restrictions. However, over the past three years the administration has weakened the offices in charge of preparing for and preventing this kind of outbreak.

Two years ago, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates warned that the world should be preparing for a pandemic in the same serious way it prepares for war. Gates, whose foundation has invested heavily in global health, suggested staging simulations, war games and preparedness exercises to simulate how diseases could spread and to identify the best response.

The Trump administration has done exactly the opposite: It has slashed funding for the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its infectious disease research. For fiscal year 2020, Trump proposed cutting the CDC budget by US$1.3 billion, nearly 20% below the 2019 level.

As a specialist in budgeting, I recognize that there are many claims on public resources. But when it comes to public health, I believe it is vital to invest early in prevention. Starving the CDC of critical funding will make it far harder for the government to react quickly to a public health emergency.

As of Jan. 31, 2020, cases of 2019-nCoV had been confirmed in China and 25 other countries. CDC



Trump’s Rift With Health Experts

Despite Pence’s effort to downplay the severity of Trump’s threats on Wednesday, the president’s tweets nonetheless represent an escalation of Trump’s battle with his own health experts over how to reopen the country.

Earlier this week, Trump directly contradicted the nation’s premier infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is also a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

“The current state is really not good,” Fauci said Tuesday on Facebook Live. “We are still knee deep in the first wave” of Covid-19 infections, he added.

When asked later in the day about Fauci’s assessment of the current state of the pandemic, Trump replied, “I disagree with him.”

“I think we are in a good place,” the president said in an interview with the “Full Court Press” show. “We’ve done a good job. I think we are going to be in two, three, four weeks … I think we are going to be in very good shape.”

For much of the day Tuesday, Trump and other top officials, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, hosted a series of conference calls and public events to push for school reopenings.

“Ultimately, it’s not a matter of if schools need to open, it’s a matter of how,” DeVos said during a conference call with the nation’s governors. “School must reopen, they must be fully operational.” Partial reopenings that combined in-person classes with online learning were unacceptable, she said.

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Massive Cuts To Science And Medicine In Trump Budget

The budget proposed by United States President Donald Trump calls for massive cuts to spending on medical and scientific research, public health and disease-prevention programs, and health insurance for low-income Americans and their children. It has drawn intense criticism from many corners, including scientists, physicians and politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties. The only good thing about this horror of a budget, according to one pundit, is that it will likely get eviscerated in Congress.

Under the proposed budget, formally delivered to Congress yesterday, the National Institutes of Health would see its annual budget shrink 18% from $31.8 billion to $26 billion. This includes cuts to the National Cancer Institute , National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute , and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases .

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would lose 17% of its budget, a cut of $1.2 billion. This news prompted former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden to and rebuke this assault on science that will devastate programs that protect Americans from many deadly conditions, including diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. He noted that the cuts would give the CDC its lowest budget in 20 years and lead to an increase in illness and deaths.

Deep cuts to science and medicine in Trump budget draw intense criticism.

Trumps New Budget Proposal Slashes Medicaid Medicare Pesky Cdc Funding

Did Donald Trump Cut the CDC Budget?

On Monday, Donald Trump unveiled his budget proposal for 2021, a submission that is less an order than it is a window into the presidents fantasies, given that it must be approved by Congress, which has historically rejected the White Houses budgets. Still, its a great opportunity for Americans, particularly those who may run against the president for office this fall, to see what sort of cuts he would put in place if there were nothing to stop him from acting on his basest instincts. And if you guessed that when left entirely to his own devices, the president would gut spending for the most vulnerable members of the nation, you guessed right!

During the last year President Barack Obama was in office, the deficit was less than $600 billion, but it has grown significantly since then.The 2017 GOP tax cuts and new domestic spending approved by bipartisan majorities in Congress have widened this gap markedly. However, the Trump administrations new budget summary contains the line: All administration policies will pay for themselves, including extending tax cut provisions expiring in 2025. Without action by Congress and the administration, tax cuts for families and individuals would expire at the end of 2025. Budget experts have projected that extending those tax cuts would reduce revenue by roughly $1 trillion.

Vanity Fair

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Mostly False: President Donald Trump Cut Funding To The Cdc Fired The Pandemic Response Team Refused Who Tests And Wasted Two Weeks Calling This Outbreak A Democrat Hoax

Explanation: Trump did attempt to cut the CDCs funding, but Congress prevented it from happening. While officials in charge of the U.S. response to pandemics did leave in 2018, its unclear if they were fired. The U.S. was not on a list of countries receiving COVID-19 tests from the WHO. But the U.S. does not usually rely on the agency for diagnostic tests, and the testing delay was due mainly to an error with the CDCs protocol. While Trump has called the Democratic response to the coronavirus a hoax, he has not used the term to describe the virus itself.

Trump Disbanded Nsc Pandemic Unit That Experts Had Praised

Public health and national security experts shake their heads when President Donald Trump says the coronavirus “came out of nowhere” and blindsided the world.

WASHINGTON — Public health and national security experts shake their heads when President Donald Trump says the coronavirus“came out of nowhere” and blindsided the world.

They’ve been warning about the next pandemic for years and criticized the Trump administration’s decision in 2018 to dismantle a National Security Council directorate at the White House charged with preparing for when, not if, another pandemic would hit the nation.

It would be nice if the office was still there, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Health, told Congress this week. I wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as a mistake . I would say we worked very well with that office.

The NSC directorate for global health and security and bio-defense survived the transition from President Barack Obama to Trump in 2017.

Trump’s elimination of the office suggested, along with his proposed budget cuts for the CDC, that he did not see the threat of pandemics in the same way that many experts in the field did.

One year later I was mystified when the White House dissolved the office, leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like COVID-19, Beth Cameron, the first director of the unit, wrote in an op-ed Friday in The Washington Post.

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The Proposal Cuts Funds For Preparedness Infectious Disease And Chronic Conditions

by Beth Mole – Feb 11, 2020 8:37 pm UTC

Amid an explosive outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China that has killed over 1,000 and sickened over 43,000 worldwide, US President Donald Trump proposed a nearly 19 percent budget cut to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionthe agency primarily tasked with preparing for and responding to such outbreaks and other serious health threats.

In the presidents proposed 2021 federal budget released Monday, the administration says that the changes to the CDCs funding are intended to re-focus CDCs core mission on preventing and controlling infectious diseases and other emerging public health issues, such as opioids.

The proposal reduces and consolidates CDC funding for programs under the chronic disease prevention and health promotion category. That includes programs addressing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, tobacco use, stroke, nutrition, physical activity, and arthritis.

Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Trump proposes cutting roughly $427 million in funding for the chronic disease categorya roughly 34.5 percent drop from enacted 2020 spending.

Areas of the CDCs budget that Trump proposed increasing included programs for influenza planning and response, tick-borne diseases, HIV/AIDS, and the opioid epidemic.

Trump Budget Proposal A Disinvestment In Us Health: Cuts To Cdc Hrsa

Trump Threatens To Cut Off Funds If Schools Dont Reopen In Fall | TODAY

Despite increasing health threats, the White House is calling for slashing hundreds of millions of dollars from the countrys lead public health agencies.

In February, President Donald Trump released his federal budget proposal for fiscal year 2021, calling for a cut of more than $693 million at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as a $742 million cut to programs at the Health Resources and Services Administration. Overall, the presidents budget proposes a 9% funding cut at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a 26% cut at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, massive cuts in Medicare and Medicaid spending, and funding decreases for safety net programs such as food and housing assistance.

This budget, put simply, is a disinvestment in the health of Americans, said APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, in a news release. We have an incredibly dedicated public health workforce that is ready to act. But we need federal investments to make that happen. An adequate and rational investment in the health of Americans is missing from this budget.

While White House budget proposals are typically considered dead on arrival meaning the final budget that makes it out of congressional negotiations and is signed into law will likely look nothing like Trumps proposal health advocates warn that it still serves as a starting point for negotiations.

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Did Trump Try To Cut The Cdc’s Budget As Democrats Claim: Analysis

The allegations come amid the emergency over the COVID-19 coronavirus.

President Donald Trump is taking heat from Democrats for proposing budget cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention amid growing fears about a new coronavirus outbreak in the United States, but administration officials say CDC funding has steadily increased since Trump took office.

An ABC News analysis of the presidents budget proposals compared to the congressionally approved spending plans ultimately enacted show both claims are true.

The president introduced his fiscal year 2021 budget proposal on Feb. 10, just 11 days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency of international concerns. The spending plan included a 16 percent reduction in CDC funding from the 2020 spending levels.

In fact, all of Trumps budget proposals have called for cuts to CDC funding, but Congress has intervened each time by passing spending bills with year-over-year increases for the CDC that Trump then signed into law.

During the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina Tuesday, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg accused the president of defunding the CDC, claiming the result is that we dont have the organization that we need.

Trump Budget Chief Holds Firm On Cdc Cuts Amid Virus Outbreak

Russ Vought, the acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, on Tuesday doubled down on proposed cuts to health services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Vought came under intense questioning from Rep. Matt Cartwright at a hearing about President Trumps 2021 budget request. It proposed cutting Health and Human Services funding by $9.5 billion, including a 15 percent cut of $1.2 billion to the CDC and a $35 million decrease to the Infectious Diseases Rapid Response Reserve Funds annual contribution.

The question I have is, are we prepared to fight pandemics if we cut from programs that are specifically designed to prepare for them, including the coronavirus? Cartwright asked.

Vought responded by saying Trump signed into law the $8.3 billion emergency supplemental package Congress approved last week.

That funding, a significant increase over the $2.5 billion emergency request the White House sent over, would be spread out over several years. The funding in question at the hearing was for next years spending. Cartwright pressed Vought as to whether he would amend the request.

The question is today, as we sit here and we know about coronavirus and the impact its taking on the people of the world and the economies of the world and the stock market and everything, as you sit here today, are you ready to take that back? he pressed.

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