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Is Trump On A Coin

Beautiful President Trump Gold Rounds

Russia releases silver Trump commemorative coin

These privately minted 1/4 oz Gold President Trump Rounds are .9999 pure gold, commemorating the 45th President of the United States. Get yours today – exclusively from Money Metals Exchange.

The obverse features the profile of President Donald Trump. The inscriptions read, “Donald J Trump” and “45th President.” The White House is pictured on the reverse, along with inscriptions, “The White House” and “1/4 Troy Oz .9999 Au”

Gold And Silver Plated President Trump 2020 Coin By Raw Conservatives

The Gold- and Silver-Plated President Trump 2020 Coin is a coin that allows supporters of the 44th president of the United States to show their comradery and support. The coin is only available for a limited time, but users have the opportunity to save it as a commemorative piece.


Get your own free Gold Trump coin at HERE!

The most widely gathered kind of Donald Trump collectible coins are the among his famous The Apprentice figurines. The figurines are available in both plastic and metal and many are highly valued today. The plastic version is more affordable than the metal, however they are both similarly lovely. Numerous collectors also choose to buy additional pieces from the series instead of just one coin. This enables them to develop a collection of Donald trump pieces. A few of these figurines have ended up being called The Apprentice wedding cake toppers.

Another popular Donald Trump collectible coin is the Donald trump basking pool coin. The Donald trump basking swimming pool is a plastic figurine that carefully resembles the real thing. It is offered independently and is usually offered with a certificate of authenticity. Included with the coin are an eight-page brochure about the origins of the Donald trump brand name and how it became so popular.

Are Trump Gold Coins A Wise Investment

The final decision on whether you want to invest in a Donald Trump Gold Coin is up to you. First, look at your current wealth portfolio: does it make sense to diversify into precious metals? Of course, choosing a Trump gold coin thats pure gold will always be a more robust investment than a gold-plated specimen, although they do have value for their commemorative nature.

In fact, many coins have relatively subjective values, which often means they can be worth more than just their meltdown value. Its the same concept as baseball cards: the paper theyre printed on is essentially worthless. However, the collectible value, or rather, the sentiment, makes them so valuable.

For example, an avid Trump supporter may find more value in a gold-plated coin than the amount of actual gold or other precious metals inside it. So, if youre a diehard numismatist, you might consider adding a few Trump gold coins or rounds to your collection. Their value could potentially skyrocket in the coming years.

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Are Trump Gold Coins Made From Pure Gold

With so many companies selling Trump gold coins, it can be hard to know whether the one you purchase is legitimate. However, the adage you get what you pay for rings true in this scenario. Any Trump coin that doesnt cost you much money is likely not pure gold.

However, there are some pure gold coins available. For example, Money Metals Exchange offers a privately minted ¼ ounce Donald Trump Gold Round thats .9999 pure gold.

The image on the gold round features Donald Trumps profile, with his name and 45th President as the text. The rear of the coin from Money Metals Exchange has an image of the White House and the inscription The White House along the top with 1/4 Troy Oz. .9999 Au across the bottom.

GovMint is another company that offers a one-ounce .9999 gold Trump coin, with only 299 pieces in this limited edition set. Interestingly enough, this coin is legal tender! In the Republic of Somalia, one coin is worth 10,000 shillings.

The front features Donald Trumps profile, with the words President of the United States and Trump 2020. Turn it over, and youll see the Somali coat of arms and the coins face value. Currently, the website has no price as it changes under market conditions.

Is There A Donald Trump Coin

US Donald Trump Gold Commemorative Coin " Second Presidential Term 2021 ...

July 28, 2016 by MAGA

Get your own free Gold Trump coin at HERE!

The most commonly gathered type of Donald Trump collectible coins are the one of his well-known The Apprentice figurines. The figurines are readily available in both plastic and metal and lots of are extremely valued today. The plastic version is much cheaper than the metal, however they are both similarly beautiful. Numerous collectors also prefer to purchase additional pieces from the series instead of simply one coin. This enables them to build up a collection of Donald trump pieces. A few of these figurines have ended up being called The Apprentice wedding cake toppers.

Another popular Donald Trump collectible coin is the Donald trump basking swimming pool coin. The Donald trump basking pool is a plastic figurine that closely resembles the genuine thing. It is sold independently and is normally offered with a certificate of authenticity. Included with the coin are an eight-page pamphlet about the origins of the Donald trump brand and how it ended up being so popular.

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Crypto Regulation Nearly There As Donald Trump Creates A Task Force On Market Integrity And Consumer Fraud

45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump signed an executive order which will help establish a task force on market integrity and consumer fraud. With this order Trump declared that, among others, crimes committed with cryptocurrency will become a part of the special consumer protection entity that will operate within the US Department of Justice . The entity bears the name of Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud and will look to handle enforcement of the law which regulates procurement and grant fraud, securities and commodities fraud, digital currency fraud, money laundering, health care fraud, tax fraud and other financial crimes.

The signing of the order has been reported by US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Consumer financial protection bureau, SEC, FTC and other local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies and departments will be operating within/together with this task force. The task force will be a continuation and expansion of similar efforts made during Obama administration which were initiated in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008.

Jay Clayton of the SEC took the stage after Mick Mulvaney from the consumer financial protection bureau and went on to explain the past and the future of SECs involvement in the financial law enforcement activities:

How are regular people making returns of as much as 27,144% in a year?

Columbia Space Shuttle Commemorative Products

Since February 1, 2003, a number of private firms have been marketing medallions and other coin-related products in remembrance of the Columbia Space Shuttle and that days tragic events. The United States Mint has received calls indicating that these products are confusing to consumers-many of whom believe that these items are legal tender coins colorized by the United States Mint, U.S. commemorative coins, or United States Mint official medals.

Under law, only Congress can direct the minting of an official, legal tender U.S. commemorative coin or official United States Mint medal whose proceeds may be used to assist a particular cause or organization. The United States Mint encourages the public to remember and honor the Columbia Space Shuttle and its crew in any way they can. We merely urge consumers who are considering the purchase of a medallion or coin-related item in their memory to be aware that they are not genuine United States Mint commemorative coins or medals, but privately manufactured medallions or privately colorized U.S. coins that the U.S. Government neither endorses nor sponsors.

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With Marketers Making A Buck

In the sprawling world of online advertising, one niche plays an outsize role in the sale of the Trump coin: affiliate marketers.

When someone buys the coin, most of the money goes to the seller. But a cut is shared with the affiliate marketer an independent worker who advertises products online for a cut of the profits.

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar business, with websites and YouTube channels earning hefty commissions by posting quality endorsements. But some affiliate marketers work at the margins. If a seller has some diet pills or conspiratorial e-books, they can offer the products to affiliate marketers, who will post ads and create websites, or use less ethical methods like creating fake social media accounts that can generate traffic to the sellers sales page.

ClickBank, a large affiliate network based in Idaho, listed the coin last year when sales were surging. The company wrote in a blog post that the Trump coin was its most popular product for October, and No. 2 in November.

Trump Family Threatens Legal Action Against Cryptocurrency Trumpcoin

President Trump does coin toss at Army-Navy football game

Have you heard of the cryptocurrency TrumpCoin?

Tweet may have been deleted

“Fraud Alert: It has come to our attention that someone is promoting a crypto currency called ‘TrumpCoin’ ,” tweeted the former president’s son Eric Trump. “This has NOTHING to do with our family, we do not authorize the use and we are in no way affiliated with this group.”

“Legal action will be taken,” he said.

TrumpCoin is an alternative cryptocurrency, which is also commonly referred to as an altcoin or memecoin. These types of cryptocurrencies are often connected to a theme in this case, Donald Trump and have no real utility.

Yet, people invest in memecoins believing that this memecoin will be the one to take off and make them rich. They’re sort of like those physical “collectable” gold bullion Trump Coins you see sold in TV infomercials.

It appears to have taken Eric Trump and the rest of the family quite a while to discover TrumpCoin. According to the cryptocurrency’s website, TrumpCoin launched in February 2016 during the campaign season, well before Donald Trump was elected in November of that year.

CoinMarketCap, a crypto listing source, has trading data for TrumpCoin going back to March 2016. According to this data, there are around 6.6 million coins currently circulating with a market cap of $1.8 million.

This morning, the TrumpCoin Twitter account released a statement saying it was “currently in direct communication” with Eric Trump.

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Donald Trump Calls Bitcoin A Scam Against The Dollar

Former US President Donald Trump has told Fox Business that he sees Bitcoin as a scam affecting the value of the US dollar.

Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam, Mr Trump said. I dont like it because its another currency competing against the dollar.

He added that he wanted the dollar to be the currency of the world.

His comments come on the back of news El Salvador plans to make the crypto-currency legal tender.

The price of Bitcoin has been falling steadily since early May and so far has not recovered.

The falls were widely attributed to China banning banned banks and payment firms from providing services related to crypto-currency transactions, as well as electric car maker Tesla announcing it would no longer accept the currency a week before that.

Is Bitcoin actually a threat to currency? Heres what experts we spoke to think.

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Guarantee And Shipping Details

With this incredible deal offered to US-based customers exclusively, the only thing that most people want to know is how long they have to wait for it to arrive. All orders go through a Colorado warehouse, which takes about 24 hours. Whether the order is processed through DHL, FedEx, or UPS, it shouldnt take more than three business days to arrive. Once the order is processed and shipped out, customers get a unique tracking link that shows exactly where their commemorative coin is as it goes through the mailing service.

Some customers may be concerned that a product of this quality and exclusivity could be lost or damaged in the mail. Luckily, every shipped package comes with free insurance. Plus, the coin has a lifetime warranty on the replacement. Even though it is accessible to users, the creators at the Raw Conservatives Store want to make sure that it is worth displaying in any collection.

The customer service team is available to address any questions that creators may have about this coin. Users dont have to worry about risking an investment because it costs nothing to purchase. Plus, this product will last for years with the insurance, tracking information, and lifetime warranty. If there are any concerns, the customer service team can be reached at any time on any day with an email.

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Token Of All Tokens: Could A $1t Coin Fix The Debt Limit

WASHINGTON Some politicians think theyve found a silver bullet for the impasse over the debt limit, except the bullet is made of platinum: Mint a $1 trillion coin, token of all tokens, and use it to flood the treasury with cash and drive Republicans crazy.

Even its serious proponents who are not that many call it a gimmick. They say it is an oddball way out of an oddball accounting problem that will have severe consequences to average peoples pocketbooks and the economy if it is not worked out in coming days.

But despite all the jokes about who should go on the face of the coin Chuck E. Cheese? Donald Trump, to tempt or taunt the GOP? theres scholarship behind it, too. However improbable, it is conceivable the government could turn $1 trillion into a coin of the realm without lawmakers having a say.

The only thing kookier would be a politically inflicted default, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va, said of the coin.

Are Trump Gold Coins Real

Donald Trump 2020 Keep America Great 45th President 24K Gold Clad ...

Trump gold coins are collectible coins you can purchase online from several private mints. However, they are not legitimate presidential coins from the U.S. Mint, as the last president featured in this series was George H. W. Bush.

Patriot Golden Coin is one such manufacturer of Trump gold plated coins. The website features the Donald J. Trump Foundation emblem and proclaims, We offer you a chance to help Donald Trump win the next election!

At its heart, the Trump gold coin is a tribute and commemoration to Donald Trumps legacy and four-year presidency. Investors have a few different options for purchasing these coins, as they come from private mints and manufacturers.

For example, there are plenty of cheap options made in China that you can buy by only paying for shipping and handling. However, these coins are just iron thats been painted gold. In contrast, the coins from Patriot Golden Coin are gold plated, also known as gold vermeil.

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Is Trump Coin A Scam Well What Does It Sound Like

TrumpCoin presents itself as a coin that supports President Donald Trump and his conservative supporters and Patriots. PatriotNodes and PoS mining is used in its crowdfunding blockchain to provide funding and recognition for Patriots.

The TrumpCoin Patriot, according to the whitepaper, values freedom, God, and family, and takes satisfaction in giving to society. They fight corruption, encourage integrity, protect our individual rights in a free society, and respect flags that symbolise freedom around the world. We refuse to be intimidated by leftist organisations. Patriots have given up their time, energy, jobs, families, and lives for the greater good.

Hold on, here comes the fun part!

Peckshield issued a warning regarding the $TRUMP coin on January 9th, stating that it is a high-risk token. Well, even if Peckshield hadnt alarmed us, what does the name of the coin sound like? And did you guys really forget where do the projects with similar names end up? Remember Squid token?

Stay *AWAY* from it!

#SCAM PeckShield has detected that $TRUMP is a high-risk token! The owner has the privilege of unlimited mint. Stay *AWAY* from it!


The twitter community reacted to the warning issued by peckshield on a similar note, many said its a honeypot scam.

Honeypots are smart contracts with a design flaw that allows an arbitrary user to drain Ether from the contract if the user pays a specific amount of Ether to the contract ahead of time.

Donald Trump: 45th President

First released in 2019, the President Trump Gold Rounds honor the achievements of the 45th President of the United States. While this President’s history is still being written, for the legions of Donald Trump supporters these rounds couldnt have been released soon enough.

The profile of President Trump is featured on the obverse of the round. The obverse also includes the inscription Donald J Trump along the top, as well the words 45th President right underneath his chin.

The reverse features the famous columns of the White House along with the weight and purity at the bottom.

These rounds come fresh from the mint, so its easy to get your hands on pristine quality bullion rounds while paying homage to the 45th president.

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What Is Gold Trump Coin

The Gold Trump Coin is a piece of political memorabilia that every Donald Trump fan should have in their collection. This coin was produced as an homage to Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. In honoring President Donald Trumps achievements, this gold coin offers a one-of-a-kind chance to build a collection of rare earth elements. Avoid doing so at all costs this is not to be confused with the gold coin used in monetary transactions.

These Trump coins are 1.5 inches in diameter and 1/8 of an inch thick. They are gold-plated. The bald eagle- the countrys emblem- is shown on the reverse of the gold coin, which also has a picture of President Donald Trump. The words Commander in Chief and Donald Trump together with the engraved phrases Keep America Great! and In God, We Trust on the coins reverse side make it very clear that this money is meant to be a tribute to the nations political and military leadership. A plastic cover also shields the products from dust and scuffs, extending the products projected lifetime. There is no question that it will look fabulous when put on the shelf.

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