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When Is The Next Trump Rally In Michigan

How About A Candidate For Governor

Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Michigan | NBC News

As for Michigan’s marquee race this election cycle the race for governor Trump has yet to endorse a candidate for the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer this fall.

Politically speaking, that makes some sense, given that no front-runner has emerged. But it’s still entirely possible the former president could make a decision sometime, possibly soon. And whatever his delay, it’s not for lack of suitors.

At least seven of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination were expected to attend Saturdays rally. That includes former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, Oakland County businessman Perry Johnson, Norton Shores businesswoman Tudor Dixon, Ottawa County real estate agent Ryan Kelley, Oakland County pastor Ralph Rebandt, Livingston County evangelist Bob Scott, and Grand Rapids businesswoman Donna Brandenburg.

As for the others, Kalamazoo chiropractor Garrett Soldano is on a spring break vacation with his two young sons and is unable to attend, and Michigan State Police Capt. Mike Brown, of Stevensville, cited a prior campaign commitment. Grand Haven financial adviser Michael Markey said he also would be on a previously scheduled family vacation Saturday.

Also, as of Friday, Oakland County businessman and former auto dealer Kevin Rinke said he hadn’t made a decision as to whether to attend, a spokeswoman said.

Trump’s ‘special Master’ Request Came Too Late To Prevent Doj Doc Review

One Michigan Republican who has already received Trumps Complete and Total Endorsement is Matthew DePerno, who is running to unseat Democrat Dana Nessel as the states attorney general. DePerno was one of the speakers at the rally on Tuesday, which was held in service of gathering the over 340,000 petition signatures needed to put an audit initiative before the state legislature. DePerno has said that if elected in 2022, he would move to prosecute Nessel, whom he has called a lawless attorney general, and Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has received countlessdeaththreats and was even the target of a terrorist kidnapping scheme. As he spoke about defending America First values on Tuesday, the hundreds in attendance began changing Lock her up!, presumably referring to Nessel.

I am running for attorney general to restore integrity, justice, and morality in Michigan, DePerno said to cheers on Tuesday.

DePerno was joined on Tuesday by several other audit-hungry Republicans, including current state Rep. Daire Rendon, who showed up sporting a Q button Kristina Karamo, Trumps pick for secretary of State who has long claimed the election was stolen Jon Rocha a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives and other former, current, and prospective elected officials. This isnt about overturning the election, Rocha said. This is about making sure were secure.

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Next Stop On Trumps Primary Warpath: Michigan

The next Republican facing a primary challenge backed by the former president is a supermarket scion from Grand Rapids whose first ad goes up today.

06/15/2022 05:00 AM EDT

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The next battle along former President Donald Trumps impeachment revenge warpath is a GOP primary contest in western Michigan featuring a lopsided fundraising contest that favors one of his biggest congressional enemies Rep. Peter Meijer.

Meijera first-term Republican who voted to impeach Trumpon Wednesday debuts his inaugural television ad of the cycle, shared first with POLITICO.

Titled Pure Michigan, it highlights Meijers Iraq deployment in the Army Reserves and hints that he supports some of the former presidents signature policies, including building a border wall, but without mentioning Trump. I am fighting for the values that run through every community and every person in West Michigan, Meijer says.

Im running on my record as a proven conservative who is committed to upholding the Constitution and delivering results for West Michigan, and our first TV ad underscores this dedication, Meijer told POLITICO in a statement.

Meijers primary campaign is yet another test of whether Trumps endorsement can elevate a MAGA challenger not just with voters but among donors, and of the former presidents sway in a district that skews suburban and Democratic.

A spokesperson for Gibbs did not immediately return a request for comment.

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Is Trump’s Coming To Michigan Controversial

It is. And here’s why: Trump’s endorsement of DePerno and Karamo comes ahead of an April 23 endorsement convention where the state Republican Party delegates will begin formally nominating candidates for down-ballot races, including attorney general and secretary of state. The nominees for other races, like governor or congressional seats, will be selected by the voters themselves during the Aug. 2 primary. And it’s not only Trump who has made endorsements, but also state party co-chair Meshawn Maddock, a staunch Trump supporter who is expected to be at the rally.

Taken together, that has quite a few Republicans either privately or publicly upset. Party leaders and officials typically don’t make endorsements ahead of primaries or the party’s selection, not wanting to make it seem as though they are trying to dictate an outcome. In the case of DePerno and Karamo, some Republicans are making the case that their pro-Trump stances are extreme to a point where more mainstream voters will reject them. That could keep the party from winning in what is otherwise expected to be a favorable year.

Where And When And Can I Still Get Tickets

Trumps Michigan campaign rally was the second most dishonest of his ...

Trump’s team is calling Saturday’s event one in a series of “Save America” rallies to be held around the U.S. It is being held at the Michigan Stars Sports Center, 65665 Powell Road, in Washington Township. Parking, which may be tight, opens at 8 a.m. Doors to the event open at 2 p.m. The event begins at 4 p.m. and Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. Don’t be surprised if it’s even later, however: That’s often the case with presidents, past or current.

For tickets, which are free and on a first-come, first-served basis, go to .

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Trumps Upcoming Rally Schedule: What Supporters Can Expect In 2022

The U.S. prides itself on being the largest democracy but the Capitol Hill riot that happened on Jan 6, 2021, went down in history as a blot on Americas democracy. Many people want to know what former President Donald Trump, under whose watch protestors stormed into Capitol Hill, has planned in 2022. What’s his upcoming rally schedule?

Trump is still widely popular among his support base. In fact, exceeded that of Biden in 2021. Not many former presidents have that much of a fan following even after leaving the White House.

Why Is Trump Back

His handlers say the rally is “a continuation of President Trumps unprecedented effort to advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters and highlighting America First candidates and causes.” In Michigan, he’s coming specifically to raise the profile of a couple of Republican candidates he has endorsed: Matthew DePerno, a lawyer who is running for the party’s nomination for state attorney general, and Kristina Karamo, who is running for the nomination for secretary of state, the chief elections officer in Michigan.

Both candidates, by the way, have been strong supporters of Trump’s unsupported claims that the 2020 election, including in Michigan, was corrupt and stolen from him.

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Who Else Has Trump Endorsed In Michigan And Will They Be There

Trump has made a bunch of endorsements this year and last, some of which have been pretty confusing. For instance, he endorsed state Rep. Steve Carra, R-Three Rivers, to run against U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, who voted to impeach Trump for instigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Trump dis-endorsed Carra and endorsed U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Holland Township, in that race. Trump has endorsed about 10 people running for state legislative seats, most if not all of whom have a tie to Maddock and her husband, as well as some other folks running for Congress. That includes businessman John James, who lost two races for U.S. Senate after being endorsed by Trump, who is running in a newly drawn Macomb County district.

Expect most of those locally who have been endorsed by Trump to be in attendance, though it’s only certain that two others are speaking U.S. Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Bruce Township, who represents the area where the rally is being held, and John Gibbs, a former Trump administration official who is running for the Republican nomination against U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Grand Rapids, who also voted to impeach Trump.

Also by the way: Trump’s endorsements in Michigan from his years as president did not pan out. Of the seven he made, according to the website Ballotpedia, only one McClain’s in 2020 was for a winning candidate.

Why Does The Free Press Call Trump’s Claims About 2020 Baseless

Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Michigan | NBC News

This gets a little complicated, but the long and short of it is that there has been no credible evidence found, in numerous audits, court cases and other efforts, to back up Trump’s claims of widespread election fraud in any state, including Michigan, where he made those allegations.

Democratic and Republican election challengers observed the vote count across Michigan, including in Detroit, where Trump wrongly claimed that invalid ballots appeared mysteriously in the middle of the night. Officials from both parties reviewed and certified the results. Courts rejected challenges to the outcome as based on misunderstanding, conspiracy and conjecture. Post-election audits confirmed that voting machines accurately read ballots. Trump’s own attorney general, William Barr, told Trump that a look into allegations of corruption in Detroit found them baseless.

A comprehensive investigation led by GOP lawmakers uncovered no evidence of widespread fraud and told voters they should have confidence that Joe Biden legitimately won Michigan. And a review in Michigan, nowhere near enough to have tipped the outcome of the election, which Biden won in the state by more than 154,000 votes.

Contact Todd Spangler:. Follow him on Twitter. Read more onMichigan politics and sign up for ourelections newsletter.

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Trump Rally Has Michigan Officials Worried About Building Safety Road Conditions

Fire department officials in Washington Township where former President Donald Trump will speak to supporters Saturday night are scrambling to ensure the safety of the event that could potentially draw thousands.

“I do not want to allow it,” said Rob Schmelzer, the townships assistant fire chief and fire marshal. “I have nothing against the past president. This has to do with the venue.”

Schmelzer and Washington Township Fire Chief Brian Tyrell said the rally falls outside the approved use of the Michigan Stars Sports Center space where the event will be held.

Tyrell said he is working with event organizers, Secret Service and the Macomb County Sheriffs Office, and added that off-duty officers will be on-site to provide fire protection and emergency medical services.

“Were still early in the planning, believe it or not, even though were only a few days out,” he said. “This came upon us very quickly, and were just going to do our best to plan for the worst case scenario.”

More: Donald Trump heading to Michigan to rally for GOP election deniers DePerno, Karamo

Trumps visit Saturday marks his first to Michigan since 2020 when he spoke in Grand Rapids on the eve of the election. He is coming to boost support for two Michigan candidates he has endorsed Matt DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state. The Michigan GOP will convene in late April to endorse candidates for statewide office ahead of this years November election.

Next Trump Rally Scheduled This Saturday April 2 In Washington Michigan

The upper-midwest MAGA battleground

Former President Trump will once again be holding a rally this weekend after a raucous event last weekend in Georgia.

This Saturday, Trump will be heading to the state of Michigan to headline a Save America rally in the town of Washington, a suburb north of Detroit in Macomb County.

Save America Rally in Washington, MichiganWhen: Saturday, April 2, 2022Time: Trump speaking at 7 pm ETWhere: Michigan Stars Sports Center

  • 4:00 pm Rally Starts
  • 7:00 pm Trump speaks

The stream and live video will be available from Newsmax, OAN, RSBN, and other online platforms. The venue doors will open at 2 pm local time in Michigan with numerous guests and candidates set to speak before Trump takes the stage around 7 pm.

Unlike previous rallies, the Michigan rally will be focused on state-level endorsements Trump has made. Specifically, two candidates in the GOP field for Attorney General and Secretary of State:

Former President Donald Trump announced Friday he plans to hold a rally in suburban Detroit on April 2 to support candidates he has endorsed in Michigans elections this year.

Trump is backing Matthew DePerno in the race for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state. Both are in competitive races for GOP nominations on April 23 when Republican delegates will endorse nominees at a state convention in Grand Rapids.

The event will mark Trumps first visit to Michigan since the night before the November 2020 presidential election.

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More Coverage Of The 2022 Midterm Elections

Both candidates have been vocal supporters of Mr. Trumps falsehoods about the 2020 election. Mr. DePerno was one of the lawyers involved in Republican challenges in Antrim County, Mich., where a quickly corrected human error on election night spawned a barrage of conspiracy theories. Ms. Karamo belongs to a slate of America First secretary of state candidates running across the country and campaigning, in part, on distorted views of the 2020 election.

In a statement, Mr. DePerno said hes proud that local and state party leaders have endorsed my campaign. Ms. Karamos campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump Comes To Michigan In April To Campaign For Deperno Karamo

Donald Trump Michigan Rally Speech Transcript October 17

Donald Trump disembarks from Air Force One upon arrival at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on June 25, 2020. TNS

Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally in Michigan to promote Republican candidates hes endorsed for 2022 elections.

Republican delegates will choose their nominees for attorney general, secretary of state and other races at an April 23 convention. Trump endorsed Matthew DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state, calling on Republican delegates to fall in line and unite around his picks.

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Trump Is Speaking Monday In Sanford Florida

Signing up for any event online does not guarantee a seat, as those are given first-come, first-served. Note that because of the pandemic, these events are subject to change.

His first event is a rally in Sanford, Florida scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Eastern on Monday, October 12.

The event is being held at Orlando Sanford International Airport and doors open at 4 p.m. Eastern.

Trump Family Dunks On Desantis: You’re ‘stealing’ Our Bit

The MAGA faithful remain certain that a rigged election explains Trumps 2020 loss and have launched efforts across battleground states to seize the levers of electoral power. Michigan Republicans selection of two Trump-backed candidates to key statewide election roles who, in the former presidents words during an April rally, make sure Michigan is not rigged and stolen again in 2024 is one front of that battle. But Maddocks removal and the events that followed in Michigan are a sign of an intervention one led by staunch conservatives, many of whom aided Trumps presidential ambitions in pursuit of their own political priorities, and now have some regrets.

And yet, there may not be much they can do to stop the Trump train speeding down the tracks. These people are perfectly positioned to do this if they had done it six years ago, says Jeff Timmer, a former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party and a vocal Trump critic. Now, the cancer has metastasized too much.

As the establishment strikes back, so too, do Trump loyalists. A billboard truck was parked outside of the Michigan state capitol building in Lansing on Thursday that depicted the GOP House Speaker as the devil and other GOP lawmakers as cowards. That was a strategic miscalculation, Timmer says. All theyre going to do is make him a bigger martyr.

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Trump Save America Rally Schedule

Former President Donald J. Trump will have numerous rallies scheduled throughout 2022 in the run-up to the midterm elections in November.

Here is a complete list of scheduled rallies as information becomes available. Information contained below includes start times, location, venue, tickets, and live stream information.

Subscribe to email updates to be notified when new events are scheduled.

Upcoming and recent Trump rallies and Freedom Tour stops are listed below on the event calendar.

Save America Rally in Waukesha, WisconsinWhen: Friday, August 5, 2022Time: Trump speaks at 7 pm CT Where: Waukesha County Fairgrounds

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